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20181216 00:11 branislavahof ***SPAM? 1*** dicusesenlassy
20181212 13:05 Deacon Blues Commodore Frank has to win Snark of the Day on the Tennessee earthquake story.
20181211 22:11 trailing wife Congratulations, Snowy Thing — enjoy having a useful toy.
20181211 18:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain I finally got my recent laptop fixed. I got a new one for 80 bucks and swapped the hard drive out.Whee.
20181211 07:47 Deacon Blues I worked there 23 years ago. All 3 sites. Very interesting work.
20181211 00:02 Glenmore Brother-in-law works at ORNL - nuclear spallation lab fiber optics tech.
20181210 20:34 Thing From Snowy Mountain Deacon, I was going to suggest picking up something like Autocad Fusion or Inventor during your downtime, but if you have a job offer already, I guess that works too.
20181210 14:00 Deacon Blues They won't know about gubamint funding until after the first of the year. Has something to do with lithium.
20181210 11:40 trailing wife Just got off phone with a guy. May be going back to Oak Ridge.

But you weren’t to start being laid off until Thursday, Deacon Blues. This is carrying efficiency a bit far.
20181210 11:14 Deacon Blues Just got off phone with a guy. May be going back to Oak Ridge.
20181210 09:02 Deacon Blues That's right, Snowman. Been doing it for 27 years.
20181209 23:44 Glenmore The Dems now control the House and have enough excuses to get the Impeachment they want. They have no chance of getting a conviction, but I am not convinced that just the Impeachment won't be enough to cost Trump his re-election chances.
20181209 18:00 trailing wife The Dems are frenzied because none of their hopeless ideas have worked, and the next one also won’t. Honestly, it’s embarrassing to watch them make such fools of themselves.
20181209 17:10 49 Pan The Dems cries for jail time and impeachment is at a frenzy. They need to understand the civil war they will start. They misunderstood the election, now they are misjudginging this. This, however wont be a few spoiled millennials burning down the nearest starbucks. They will find war, not protests, not Fox news rhetoric, but war...
20181208 13:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain In the meantime... you use 3d cad programs a lot at work, right?
20181208 13:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain I hope things improve soon Deacon.
20181208 12:41 Deacon Blues The was a Viking named Rudolph the Red. One evening he looked out the window and told his wife, "It's going to rain tomorrow". She said, "How do you know that?" He said ,"Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear".
20181208 10:55 trailing wife I’m sorry to hear that, Deacon Blues.

TWIB noted, swksvolFF.
20181207 15:28 swksvolFF Dang Deacon, sorry.

TWIB in for Sunday.
20181206 11:40 3dc