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20230927 12:45 Dale Car insurances going up dramatically. With drug use and no insurance Insurance companies increase rates. Electric going up 30% in Maryland. I really do not like 2023.
20230927 10:10 badanov OP2309-22-5

Parts of trailers 47th Separate Air Assault Battalion were landed by parachute in Malden, with orders to attack and clear the town of La Trinite.

Separatist forces led by a pair of civilian criminal command operatives took over the town only hours before, and began to round up potential opponents of their occupation.

The task force had orders to locate and extract three civilians held captive by the separatists. The three civilians had been detained by separatist forces who were planning to either evacuate the prisoners or execute them.

The tactical plan for the attack was for 4th and 3rd Squads to attack north from the west side of town, while command Squad and 2nd Squad attacked North from the east side.

2nd Squad made contact first, encountering heavy enemy forces including a heavy machine gun technical. Command squad, in the meantime, attacked north along the main highway as 3rd Squad and 4th Squads probed to the northeast.

2nd Squad began to encounter heavy resistance. Casualties began to mount. Command squad continued its attack north eventually eliminating or stopping several enemy infantry attacks.

Commander, instead of establishing a solid line and awaiting enemy counterattacks, decided to locate and release the three civilian prisoners. The prisoners had been badly mistreated, so command squad rendered first aid.

At that point commander decided to request retreat orders and withdraw from town with the prisoners. However, by that time all rifle squads had suffered heavy casualties. Remnants of 2nd Squad was folded into 3rd Squad and ordered out of town, along with 4th Squad.

Losses were catastrophic. 2nd Squad was virtually wiped out while 3rd Squad and 4th Squad each lost seven. Command Squad lost no one.

Field counts of enemy losses included two technicals. The prisoners were evacuated with the task force, and then debriefed.

20230927 06:31 Skidmark Heat's making me cranky.
20230926 13:00 Dale Local Billionaire friend secured 100 workers for reclamation work. They all showed up, Mexicans.

Walgreens another pharmacy having 3-7 day wait for RX's.

Help wanted signs everywhere also but few want to work.

Walmart in the southern region going back to cashiers because thefts have increase excessively.
20230926 12:00 Skidmark Help situation is the worst I have ever seen it.

UPS hiring over 100,000 holiday workers

Hope they can find them.
20230925 00:14 trailing wife There are Help Wanted signs everywhere I go in Cincinnati, Dale.
20230924 01:22 Dale Just today; DQ closed Mondays and Tuesdays. CVS three days behind on RX's. Pharmacist never showed up one day. Chiefs never showed up to work at I believe it was Texas Grill house. Help situation is the worst I have ever seen it. Western Maryland area.
20230923 12:52 badanov
20230923 12:34 badanov OP2309-22-1

1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, launched a defensive combat operation in western and central Leskovets, starting with the village of Salash.

And Salash, the task force fought off attacks from Wagner, Russian speaking militia, and Spanish-speaking militia, as well as light armored vehicles, including BRDMs, BTRs, and Wagner operated gunships.

In Granichak, the task force fought off infantry and armor attacks, but was heavily damaged by enemy light wheeled armor. Commander of the task force and his second in command both were killed in action.

Battalion Commander also was killed in action by an enemy gunship. When the second in command was killed the operation was canceled, as command and communications had broken down.

Losses were moderate. Command Squad and 2nd Squad each lost three, Plus one T-72 was destroyed.

Field counts of enemy vehicle losses included 5 BMPs, three BTR-80As, one T-55 tank and one BRDM.

20230920 21:54 badanov OP2309-15-5

Parts of 3rd Battalion, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was sent to Velike Hydice in Sumava with orders to recapture the town.

Only a few hours before, separatist forces had taken over the town and were in the process of terrorizing locals using a Russian speaking PMC group.

Brigade operations staff ordered the task force to eliminate the Russian PMC group, as well as eliminate the civilian criminal command operatives which were leading the takeover.

The overland march to the objective area took more than an hour. Both Scout cars assigned to the operation had encountered and were destroyed by a pair of enemy technicals, using recoilless rifles and heavy machine gun fire.

The tactical plan for the operation was for 3rd and 4th Rifle Squads to attack north from the east side of the quarry, while command Squad and 2nd Squad attacked north from the east side of the quarry.

The commander ordered artillery fire on the remaining technical, a Humvee. Two artillery missions later, the enemy MRAP was still in operation, so the commander ordered smoke coverage from artillery and launched an assault on the position.

Having successfully eliminated the enemy block, the commander ordered 2nd Squad to hunt and eliminate the Russian PMCs, while the rest of the task force advances north with orders to stop at the river.

However, enemy counter attacks came from the northeast and from the river, including technicals. 2nd Squad came under a severe crossfire and was wiped out.

Upon learning that, the commander ordered the task force to pull back starting with 3rd Squad and 4th Squad. Cabana Squad then retreated and returned to base.

Losses were catastrophic. Three rifle squads were wiped out. Command Squad lost five.

Field counts of enemy losses included four technicals.

Brigade and battalion operation staff have determined that additional combat operations should be launched in the area.

20230920 19:14 Deacon Blues
20230918 07:49 Mercutio Mistyped my nik this am as Mr Cutio...

I may change ...
20230918 01:49 badanov Infantry antitank battle:

20230916 19:30 Skidmark So many Truths
20230915 13:34 badanov News report by ChNN's Svetlana Federova

20230915 13:31 badanov ChNN news report by Yelena Ivanova

20230909 11:47 Skidmark
20230908 14:23 badanov OP2309-1-6

A task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade marched on an area two kilometers south of Adamow.

Battalion Recon staff found out, through electronic intercepts and other communications means, that a separatist were conducting a buildup of forces in that area.

The tactical plan was for the rifle Force to attack along a broad front from south to North with the tanks and the Scout cars in the middle providing heavy fire support. However, 2nd and 3rd Squads both had problems getting to the area of operation on on time.

When 3rd Squad got into position Commander ordered the attack, hitting the enemy bunker and eliminating one of the two criminal commanders, stripping her of intelligence documents and a cell phone.

Command Squad continued pressing north until it reached the three supply trucks that the separatists had brought with them. As commander was destroying the three supply trucks, enemy reinforcements arrived, forcing Command Squad to hastily retreat.

The task force successfully completed its missions, but was unable to locate the main criminal commander, just his minder.

Losses were mild. Command Squad lost five, and one BRDM was destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included two technicals.

20230904 23:08 badanov News text:

A news report which appeared in Chernogorsk Pravda on Sunday, said that elements of the Chernarus defense ministry and Chernarus Intelligence Agency have been working to identify Mexican drug cartel plaza bosses to be kidnapped and executed.

According to the report, the Chernarus spy agency has been operating in Mexico since 2016.

Unnamed sources within the Chernarus strategic command, Chernarus Coastal Operations Group, ordered this latest activity after it was found that some Mexican drug cartels have been supplying Chernarusian criminal gangs with drugs and women.

20230904 22:39 3dc link to musk tweet
20230904 11:05 Deacon Blues There may be no place like home but President Joe Biden says he cannot go to his.
Unprompted, Biden approached reporters Sunday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, after he went to Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church to say he was not on vacation.
“I have no home to go to,” said Biden, who lives at the White House on weekdays and spends most weekends in Delaware, where he has two homes.
The U.S. Secret Service has been doing work on his longtime primary residence in Wilmington, Delaware, to make it more secure “in a good way,” he said.
It has been at least a few months since he last spent a night there.“So I have no place to go when I come to Delaware, except here, right now,” he said, speaking of his other home, in Rehoboth Beach. “I'm only here for one day.”Biden arrived on the Delaware coast on Saturday night after he spent the early part of the day in Florida surveying damage from Hurricane Idalia. He had been scheduled to spend Labor Day weekend here, but changed his plans after the storm.
He travels to Philadelphia on Monday to speak at an AFL-CIO rally.
Two weeks ago, he and his family spent a week on vacation in Nevada's Lake Tahoe region. The Republican National Committee regularly criticizes Biden for vacating the White House on weekends.He first told reporters about the security upgrades to his Wilmington home in April, when he went to the beach house after returning from a trip to Ireland.
Asked Sunday if he was saying that he's homeless, Biden said that was not the case.“No, I'm not homeless,” he said. “I just have one home. I have a beautiful home. I'm down here for the day because I can't go home home.”
20230903 00:10 badanov Going live in around 30 mins:

20230902 08:51 badanov OP2309-1-1

A task force formed from 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade marched on Granichak in Leskovets, with orders to attack and clear the town of separatist forces.

While on the road march to the objective 2nd Squad was ambushed by an enemy foot patrol, which inflicted heavy casualties, forcing the commander to modify his original tactical plan.

The tactical plan originally was for 2nd Squad to Dismount south of town and attack on the east side of the objective while command Squad moved up a northwest/southeast road and attack from the southeast.

Instead, second Squad was forced to abandon their vehicle, and attack from the south as dismounted infantry, while Command Squad penetrated the town's defenses from the southeast. The task force's scout cars and tanks attacked from the south.

Command Squad with the help of RPG gunners quickly cleared the east side of town while the scout cars and the tanks fired on and eliminated enemy Infantry in central and west sectors of town.

Commander located and eliminated a female minder, who was part of the criminal command group, but the task force was unable to locate the main Commander. Commander concluded that the enemy commander must have run off.

After that, the town fell quickly.

Losses were moderate. Command Squad lost two while second Squad lost seven. Field counts of enemy losses included BMPs.

20230902 06:06 badanov
20230901 07:40 badanov Fred's antispam routines doesn't let me post my Steam friendly name. You can go to here to see it.
20230901 01:34 badanov This is the invite link:
20230901 01:06 DarthVader Or send it to mmurray821
20230901 01:05 DarthVader badanov, the discord link is showing up as "No Text Channels". You have an invite link?
20230831 15:57 badanov OP2308-25-6

A task force from second battalion Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Stari Sobor.

Supporting the attack was one SU-25 ground interdiction fighter. Additionally the task force had a three 122mm artillery gun battery available for fire support. To counter enemy artillery, supporting the task force was assigned a target acquisition battery.

The tactical plan for the attack was to split the force and two, with 3rd Squad and 4th Squad attacking from the east, while Command Squad and 2nd Squad attacked from the west. The two scout cars were parked 600 meters south of town.

Task Force Commander used artillery early in the battle to destroy an enemy heavy machine gun technical in town. The forces converged quickly and cleared the town of enemy forces.

The commander located the lead member of the criminal command group, stripping him of intelligence documents. Commander located and eliminated a female minder taking her cell phone and some intelligence documents.

The town quickly fell and the task force received its orders to withdraw. As the commander was destroying enemy vehicles, two enemy rifle squads approached from the northwest and the northeast.

The commander tried to engage the northwest force first with rifle fire, then opted to use artillery to slow them down, and to engage the second force to the northeast.

In the end the commander used smoke artillery to cover the withdrawal of his of his unit, as the rest of the task force had already withdrawn south.

Losses were high. Command Squad lost two while 2nd Squad lost seven. 3rd Squad lost five, while 4th Squad lost one. The SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down with the loss of the pilot

Field counts of enemy losses included two Humvees and five technicals.

20230830 17:10 3dc Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice president at Pfizer, tells Dr. Drew that the experimental mRNA injections rolled out en masse from late 2020 onwards, were deliberately designed to cause blood clots, in addition to the immune system attacking itself.

"My contention is that there are multiple deliberate toxicities built into these materials."

Full interview:

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20230830 10:28 badanov After the failures of the previous operation in Rosche, Chernarus 2nd Army Corps commander ordered a subsequent operation, this time focusing on Mehre, Gross Lidern, and Klein Lidern.

The first attack took place in Mehre, where command squad exchanged gunfire with Russian mercenaries and Russian naval infantry special forces for several minutes, before pushing into town.

Command located a female criminal command operative and eliminated her, taking intelligence materials including a cell phone from her. The leader of the criminal element could not be located.

Additionally, a dead drop of intelligence materials left by friendly local operatives were seized.

The task force spent nearly two hours in town defending against enemy counterattacks. During that time both scout cars were destroyed, and the task force commander was eliminated.

In the attack on Gross Lidern, the task force quickly pushed to the northern edge of town, where they were attacked by Russian militia and Spanish speaking militia.

When the enemy counterattacks stopped the task force marched on to Klein Lidern. There, command squad launched an attack on enemy infantry positions on the west side. Command squad was forced to retreat due to losses.

At that point, second squad became the lead element, which returned for a renewed attack. Losses were very high in that assault, so 2nd squad retreated.

A much truncated second squad launched a new attack from the north into the northwest successfully penetrating to the northern edge of town. It was at that point that the operation was concluded successfully.

Command of the task force returned to command squad which then ordered the task force to retreat.

Losses were high. Command squad lost five, while second squad lost eight. Both scout cars were destroyed. One T-72 was abandoned, and one T-55 was destroyed. One MI-24 gunship was destroyed.

Enemy losses were heavy. Field counts of enemy losses included four BTR-80As, three T-34s, three BRDMs, two technicals and two BMPs.

20230829 15:23 badanov OP2308-25-1 Following the destruction of the task force from 10th Tank Brigade, 43rd Army Corps commander ordered 2nd Bn Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment into Rosche to conduct a wide area operation.

Schliekau was attacked first. The task force swept through the town quickly, establishing a defensive position on the north side of town. The task force fought off attacks from enemy rifles and from enemy light armor.

In Hanstedt the task force was heavily assault by enemy armor and infantry, including an enemy MI-8 gunship. Losses in Hanstedt began to pile up.

In the final attack on Ratzlingen, the task force failed to complete because of heavy losses in infantry and vehicles. The task force commander called a retreat back to base.

Losses were moderate. Both T-72s and one T-55 were destroyed, along with one BRDM scout car and both MI-24 gunships.

Enemy losses were heavy. Field counts of enemy losses included six BMPs, four BTR-80As, three MI-8 gunships, three AA technicals, one BRDM and one T-34 tank.

20230829 14:56 badanov OP2308-18-3 2nd Bn Chernarus 19th was sent to the town of Rassau with orders to clear the town and eliminate a pair of criminal command operatives.

The task force advanced on a broad front from the south. The task force quickly penetrated the defensive zone in the town. Commander located and eliminatedtwo criminal command operatives seizing intelligence materials from their bodies.

The enemy counterattack was especially fierce. The task force fought off several armored attacks including from BMPs.

In the end task force was forced to withdraw across open ground, losing all of its armored vehicles The retreating remnants rendezvoused with trucks and were transported back to base.

Losses were very heavy. Command squad lost. 2nd squad lost nine and third squad lost six.

And field counts of enemy losses included three BMPs one BTR and one BRDM.