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20220927 20:05 badanov
20220927 13:17 Frank G To your room, Deacon

/Ghost of Pappy
20220927 09:02 Deacon Blues I met a guy who has tatoos all over his back. He said when he sees someone sad he shows them th tatoos and lets them color them in. I said why would you do that? He said sometimes people just need a shoulder to crayon.
20220926 15:34 Dron That'll be around 1630 here. Roger Wilco.
20220926 15:26 badanov 1100 hrs EST.

And I'm counting on it
20220926 15:21 Dron I already booked a date. I told her we're going to the movies.
20220926 15:20 Dron I'll call in friends, crash your chat. 🤠 Expect idiocy.
20220926 15:19 Dron What's a good time for you ?
20220926 15:15 badanov Not to mention I've never done a live stream before
20220926 15:11 badanov I'll post the link here by Friday.

There will be bumps along the way.

Especially, with regard to the mike.
20220926 15:09 badanov Yeah, that's usually the downfall.

I'll stream a session on Saturday.

What's a good time for you?
20220926 14:45 Dron Oh, the specs! I will need to fix my desktop first I think. Its SMPS blew out and the bloody thing has been sitting there nagging me to take it to the pc guy. This 2gb piece of shit laptop won't cut it. 😁

Sure. Me and my pals will tune in to that Saturday thing anyway. And we'll spread the word.
20220926 14:17 badanov Also $30 on Steam
20220926 14:15 badanov Arma 3 is $30 from BI
20220926 14:11 badanov Let me know. If you back out, I will host a streaming feed Saturday morning, so you can watch.
20220926 14:09 badanov If you take on the role of a BRDM commander, you best follow my instructions exactly, if you expect to survive.

You'll be ordered to go ahead of the task force, and deploy well ahead of the task force.

It is an MP game, so you'll respawn on the spot you died, sans your armored vehicle.
20220926 14:08 Dron Oh ok. I'll get a copy. I have friends. And an account. I have funky friends.
20220926 14:06 Dron Buy ARMA 3! You're talking to a class-A cheapskate thug who smokes cigar butts left behind by guests!
20220926 14:05 badanov If you take the role of a Czech spook, you'll need to hang back with my squad if it is a meeting engagement. There is a chance in a meeting engagement that enemy covering forces could filter down to the route of march.

I really have no clue where and when, but there is a chance.
20220926 13:20 badanov So, if you don't want to do that I can live stream a game.
20220926 13:19 badanov You must have a Steam account to buy Arma 3
20220926 13:03 Dron Do I have to install steam though?
20220926 13:02 Dron Will do, badanov. I'll set up and explore till then, see if I can get a shot off without dying.
20220926 12:53 Skidmark Looks like McDill is gonna flood.
20220926 12:41 Dale Quick update today. Two 37 year Railroad workers indicated no union settlement as yet. Could take six months. Must have all unions approve.

Blue def problem so trucks will not operate without it. So that takes care of automated systems.

BP 500 acre refinery in OHIO will perhaps never be rebuilt. 20 cent increase in fuel costs. Sunoco and Marathon both tried to purchase Volero but both failed.
20220926 12:34 badanov I'd like to do this Saturday morning. Once you get a Steam name, lemme know so I can send you a list of mods you'll need.
20220926 12:00 badanov It's doable.

You'll be cast into the role of a Czech Army uniformed spook, with a small staff and a Land Rover for transport.
20220926 11:57 Skidmark "War, as a spectator sport."
Shades of Rollerball!
20220926 11:39 badanov You might be able to watch through Steam, but I think it would be better just to watch a live stream.

Even to just spectate means a multiplayer game. I can set one up in the Leskovets terrain where by you can ride around as a civilian in an older Range Rover, dressed as a journalist.

Let me see what I can do.

Stand by.
20220926 11:27 Dron It sold a couple of solutions to some armies and even police around Asia. Now the BISim isca separate division of Bohemia, aside from the entertainment one. I bet it brings in even more money.

The Unreal people have been trying to get in on the action, probably the only ones to buy their million dollar set up will be the ⬠.
20220926 11:23 Dron I haven't played a game in a year myself. Was looking for something anyway. I saw the Bohemia guys set up their training sim at one of our junior leader camps for officers.

Lookit these poor schmucks. All training on our then new VR simulator trainer thingy. And the spectacled geek in camos is from Bohemia interactive. 🙃

20220926 11:14 Dron *ghost left to just roam around
20220926 11:13 Dron No no. I meant in the game. Do we have to be in control of one guy all the time? Or can they all just go do their thing and we can hang back and watch? Have you played doorkickers? Or remember in rainbow six there was this plan phase were you could opt for all to be bots and just spectate. Or like when you die, you become a ghost left to just riam around.

But a better way is to use a drone. If it's in the game. Like, cover your war from every angle.

I just watched the whole skirmish again. That night scene with the tank is so ... cinematic.
20220926 10:30 badanov I don't have a webcam.
20220926 10:25 badanov I never live streamed before. I don't like to use my recorded voice because it is too soft, and nasally.

But I could give it a whirl.

I would prefer to do it on the weekends for the mobile scenarios.
20220926 10:21 badanov I can set an instant premier through youtube, through which you can spectate.
20220926 06:13 Dron Is there a way to spectate? Can we add drones and set waypoints for them or control them and 'film' the war? I'm installing this ARMA3 thingy just to experiment when I get the time.
20220926 05:46 Dron You had a birthday, TW? Belated happy Birthday 🎂!
20220926 05:45 Dron This is awesome, badanov. Chatter's loud enough, the bangs and booms are crisper. Finally these people are actually shown winning! And good shooting, man. You're like the Terminator!👍 Sending 40 mike mikes at 'em before they can digest the 7.62s! I think you scaled up the visuals too, right? Graphics seem crisper overall.
20220926 03:28 badanov
20220926 03:04 trailing wife May your year be as sweet as apples and honey, Frank G.

Time keeps moving faster than than I’m ready to deal with — I still haven’t thanked everyone on Facebook for their kind birthday wishes.
20220926 03:03 badanov I took almost three hours of footage and cut it down to 44 minutes. I didn't use Filmora, nor any of the bells and whistles that come with Moviemaker, but I think I improved the basics, somewhat...

I'm happy with it.
20220926 02:55 badanov A mobile task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade road marched to Rhode in Werferlingen with orders to intercept a separatist armor heavy force Sunday morning.

The enemy threw several tanks against the CDF forces at Rhode, and several infantry assaults as well. By the time the order to retreat came down, the area around Rhode was littered with burning enemy tanks.

Casualties were light. Scout 1 was destroyed by an enemy T-55. Command squad lost two.

Field counts of enemy losses included four T-55 tanks, three T-34s, one BMP and one BRDM scout car.

A film is available.
20220925 16:33 Frank G Blessed rosh hashanah, TW
20220924 16:11 Matt Newsmax is reporting a possible coup in China. Or at least something going on.
20220924 12:48 badanov
20220924 12:31 badanov Software has a steep learning curve just to do the stuff that I normally.

That's assuming I can do even a small bit of the stuff you're speaking of.
20220924 02:33 Dron I would make small films if I were you, badanov. Completely dub the field chatter with snappy stuff and use cuts and music and blurs and blooms. That'll get even the attention deficited fortnite streamer crowd to watch.
20220924 02:27 Dron If you paid you get more support in the form of monthly effect packs, new fonts, updates etc. And you don't have to scrounge around for some stolen effect pack on heavily viruses sites. 🙃 Whatever you need is on the server. I think. Also there's no tension about some little proxy server thingy running in the back doing Gawd knows what. You won't regret paying. All YouTube content folks have this.
20220924 00:53 badanov Too late
20220924 00:41 Dron I never pay for apps I won't be using commercially. I just buy windows licenses and that too grudgingly. And wondershare is Chinese. No shame in robbing them.
20220923 17:52 badanov The film certainly is a lot crisper with Filmora.

Pricey though.
20220923 17:50 Dron Oh that old thing. I mean, I only remember an old one which came with XP.
20220923 17:35 badanov I use Microsoft Movie Maker. Does everything I need it to do.
20220923 17:33 Dron Filmora! I worked on a pirated copy, because it was just for one little thing. Then I uninstalled it. I don't know what the current version can do. Some YouTube gal recommended it for noobs.
20220923 17:27 Dron I forget the name of this software. It was super easy to slow down a section, to cut your vid in clips, to add a score from any MP3. Add fades to the audio and video. And subtitles, arrows what have you.
20220923 10:51 Dron 😎👍
20220923 10:22 badanov I drove the M-60 with a 105mm main gun. I was too young and too dumb to appreciate it.
20220923 09:44 Dron Big, hulking, rolling machines. A big 120 mm destroyer that'll compensate for any dick size in the world. What's not to love about tanks. I once smoked a reefer inside an old tank that's supposed to be haunted, waiting for the ghost to show up. It's pretty cramped in there.
20220923 09:36 Dron Long periods of inactivity between frantic you-won't-see-home-again moments. Story of my life. Oh, I've rode in the back of trucks. In the Thar desert no less. 🦂

A full two days of just getting there and you don't wanna get in again after the op. The wuss gummint here wouldn't risk choppers be seen so close to the paki borders.

Our 18 Mech Inf, once assisted us in interdiction of bad guys along our western borders. Saw what a tracked CMT actually does to enemies and just loved it.
20220923 09:03 badanov I think I will include a version of that former in my video descriptions.
20220923 09:00 badanov That is pretty close. I found in the army that if I took off my boots and socks inside the sleeping bag in the field when it is cold, they would be warm if I kept the by my feet.

My tank command/platoon sergeant didn't see it that way. One time he got so mad at me taking time in getting up, he grabbed the sleeping bag and shook me out onto the ground.

Oh well. At least the socks were warm when I put them on.
20220923 08:56 badanov I know nothing about filmmaking. I thought that making the film a continuous, contiguous film was better than jumping around. I don't want to confuse the viewer, but I do want to encourage a potential Arma 3 player he can do better than what the film conveys.

Meeting engagements such as this most recent film includes long periods of inactivity, and often a great deal of the actual action is taking place elsewhere. Command squad takes the middle, where enemy infantry is most likely to converge. (This is, after all, at its base, a first person shooter) A properly set line against an enemy's line of march could potentially result in the advancing enemy being caught in a cross fire by all three rifle squads as they approach the objective. I mess that part up, by randomizing where the advancing enemy infantry will wind up: anywhere within a 300 meter radius of the objective.

This is an armored battle, tank versus tank. Neither side have sufficient forces to cover the entire area, so the task force has to deploy in such a way it can catch the enemy before he filters in behind the line. When the enemy does that, things can crater for the Good Guys in a helluva hurry.

Sometimes the Good Guys will be able to intercept the enemy, but not always. To me, that's the nature of warfare, especially mobile warfare. Some days you get the bear, some days he gets you. You do the most you can without endangering the task force and still accomplish the mission. And with the preferred outcome of surviving the battle.

It is as close I can get to Admiral Chester Nimitz's principle of calculated risk, to prevail operationally, as I can.

As far as the approach marches are concerned. That is unavoidable. Some of these maps are 20 kms square, and the objective can be as far away as seven or eight kilometers. Some approach marches can take upwards of 40 minutes. The forward zone, a marshaling point, as it were, is far away from where the the enemy is.

In light infantry scenarios, approach marches can take an hour. It is a mundane task to drive to a battle in convoy. In mobile meeting engagements there is the possibility the enemy will send screening forces ahead to locate and harass friendly forces. Sometimes they will and sometimes the task force will run into them on the march back.

Sorry about this shotgun way of explanation.
20220923 06:16 Dron Thanks for the vids, badanov. I just enjoy the sounds of simulated war. And it's more fun than the faked tactical victories being televised in the news these days.🙃 Here's Ukraine firing at Russian interlopers, here's Donbas people hugging Azov troops, here's Putin crying like a baby!
20220923 06:10 Dron Grunts bitching in back.

"You know what the plan is?"

"I think it's to just get there."

"I know right... giggle..."

After a few minutes of stop and go.

"Hey, driver could you get us anywhere there's a fight any time soon?"

"Shut yer trap, Jojo."

Another kilometre.

"Oh look! Banger is takin' a detour! Whoa! Why can't we go with him?"

Another kilometre.

"Driver, you have it floored, right?"

Driver applies brakes.

"Okay, Jojo. Out! Get out! You'll continue on foot from here!"

"Just m-m-me?"

"Yeah, Jojo. Go and recon on foot while we go in the vehicle."
20220923 06:05 Dron Y'know you could use some jump cuts, slow mo and ... music. Like the tank comes in seen from a low angle and slow mo hits. Then it speeds up again.

These guys driving to the engagement area could be dubbed.
20220923 03:05 badanov Chernarus Defense Forces September 11th Meeting Engagement

20220921 17:51 Dale Lard shortage has occurred. Gibbels chips has stopped production until end of November.Doritos also reduced inventory(#1 selling item) Fuel allotments difficult. 2-3 hour waits to fill tankers. Diesel particularity sketchy. Fire at BP refinery will impact supplies."Fire at Ohio oil refinery kills 2 people, causes plant to shut down. BP owned oil refinery shuts down after fire kills 2 workers, cause of fire unknown". Then we have 16 containers filled with overstock inventory at local Walmart. Manager complained because of inventory was to be conducted on everything.
20220921 14:31 Dron Hmmm... commendable. Your game is a grownup's game, sir. Salute.

I like the ones where I have god like power and zero responsibility. A 2-3 hr lapse into delinquency lying on the floor and mashing the gamepad.
20220921 13:55 badanov I have a system when it comes to these games:

If I am wining more than half the time, I am doing it wrong.
20220921 11:16 Dron Heh heh. Can't help being silly. I hope the Russians have the good sense to stand down and insist they be allowed to leave with what dignity they have left. 😁

Yeah They did fire around 80+ shots to get nearer and nearer the 🎯. As scfi says it's more of an exercise in guncraft and shooting than display of warfighter prowess.
20220921 10:58 badanov Early Wednesday morning aviation overflights in Chernarus reported an enemy troops build up 2.5 kms northeast of Sosnovka at Dichina, including a fortified position. Brigade command issued the order for a new task force to attack and to clear the troop concentration.

The task force commander launched two armor probes using two BRDM scout cars, inflicting damage on at least two technicals. Command squad and 2nd squad then advanced quickly clearing a path onto the hill Veresnik.

Before the battle, a vehicle could be seen burning in the distance. It was reported through electronic means that the separatist forces there had commandeered a bus and executed all the civilian passengers.

Once the hill and the fortified position were clear, the commander located the mass execution site and took photos.

When the commander returned to the hill, the enemy launched a counterattack with Russian local levies, and Spanish and Serb speaking militia, wiping out command squad.

3rd squad commander took command of the operation, clearing the remaining enemy from the hill. 2nd squad was nearly wiped out by enemy counterattacks and vehicle reinforcements. The order to retreat was issued, and the task force returned to base.

20220921 08:50 badanov CDF forces are going out again.
20220921 08:29 badanov Pretty good, Dron.
20220921 08:25 badanov Shooting at 4.4 miles presents problem of target discrimination.

Great. You can hit a target at that range at some point, after several shots.

But not even heavy armor has the range with their main guns primarily because of target discrimination.

As an application, sniping at an opponent is hard not because of the range, but because no target in combat stands still long enough for the slug to arrive on time and on target.
20220921 08:19 badanov If 2nd battalion had tanks, the outcome could have been different. As it is, the only armor they had for this operation was a pair of BRDM scout cars borrowed from the brigade recon company.

The only support they had aside from the SU-25 ground interdiction fighter, was counterbattery and target acquisition units on the southern coast.

I have a tendency to press too hard, too fast. The final approach for command squad was across an open field, beyond which the town was in defilade, without careful consideration of what would happen when topping the defilade.

Pressing 2nd squad across an open field without realizing they were up against vehicle with an M-2 heavy machine gun was the other mistake.
20220921 01:44 Dron For me just their building the perfect rifle was an adventure worthy of the effort. And y'all shall need shooters with such god-like range, when the leftist cavalries encamp about anyway.
20220921 01:24 SCFI Reading about the 4.4 miles shot at

I note that many of the comments asked "what's the point" and "what use is this?"

I suspect the commenters missed the point, it's information that's gleaned from this that's valuable. Among other things, the information will help improve the accuracy of shorter shoots, even as little as 500 feet or less. The information is valuable and cam be used elsewhere.

It's like that old saying, "some learn by reading, some learn by observation, but there's always a few that just have to pee on the electric fence themselves!"

Which one are you?.

20220921 01:10 Dron BBC - inshallah the news

War correspondents in Sosnovka report a grim wipeout of Chernarussian forces by dug-in pro-Russian forces in an operation. It is being reported by the military that the occupying force may be Russian Special Forces. However, some experts differ, insisting that they are mercenary specialists or separatists.

In Russian media, the narrative for hours has been about ridding Sosnovka, a historic part of the Murmask Oblast, of invading Chernarussian forces. Until they were informed that the site of conflict is actually a village of the same name in Chernarus. Moscow went silent after that.

'Thugs! They're all thugs!' Shouts Nina Dobrev, an elderly teacher sitting in the rubble of what was once the local school.

'Drove their stupid tank right through my classroom! What education can we give our children with these people fighting all the time? Thugs! Both of them! Treating life like a video game!'

A military analyst from Moscow, Olgev Rhinoplastov claims the Chernarus forces may be Nazis.

'Have you seen their driving skills? It's like they drive BMWs when not driving tanks!'

However, UK intelligence says that ridiculous as it may be, it may very well snowball into a repeat of the September Crisis of 2009 when Chernarus and Pro-Russian forces clashed in towns and villages for months, leaving bodies and dead cattle and much pollution in the air.

'That thing too began from just such bloody foolery.' Says the un-named UK intelligence officer, tapping his pipe on his desk.

'It is another giant Russian mistake. The idiot interior ministry goons were ordered to Sonovska in Murmask to quell some local nonsense. They drove all the way into Chernarus, past Sosnovy to a little hamlet a few kilometres down from Zelenogorsk! Fools!'

In Russia, President Putin has dismissed the interior minister, and is negotiating a purchase of the latest navigation and GPS equipment from Israel.
20220920 20:27 badanov On Monday night, task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to conduct an attack and clear operation in Sosnovka in Chernarus.

The short version is that the task force ran into a buzz saw, with command squad and 2nd squad being wiped out.

Command squad lost two because of enemy artillery fire, and more than half of its force after a gunfight with Russian interior ministry special forces troops.

2nd squad ran into a heavy machine gun technical. Scout 2 BRDM scout car suffered a crew hit and was ordered to bail out, and join 3nd squad as infantry.

During the operation, Bn command ordered a new attack on enemy troops at a nearby location, but instead the commander requested and received orders to retreat back to base.
20220919 13:23 Dale ttps://
20220919 04:38 Dron Congratulations, Pan. I've always admired the kind of people that have a desire to serve human life. To... mend people. Not like some of us destructive freaks. Godspeed to your kid.
20220918 20:22 badanov A task force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade were ordered to Wallbeck in Werferlingen with orders to provide cover for the evacuation of friendly forces stranded there.

In relief operations such as this speed is the most important factor, so one BRDM scout car and two tanks quickly arrived at the town first, followed by the three motorized rifle squads. Scout 1 and Tank 1 were both sent forward, with Tank 2 held back.

During the road march, the two relieved rifle squads were ordered to the southern edge of town as two transport trucks arrived. The rifle squads, due to the heavy fire from enemy forces, were forced to cross the river to reach their transports.

Command squad crossed the river into town at the southern bridge, dismounted, then proceeded north to make contact with enemy forces. Command squad fought an engagement with Wagner military contractors, and later with Serb speaking militia.

Enemy infantry also attacked 2nd squad, destroying it with an RPG shot, and later Tank 1, also destroying it. Two BRDMs crossed the northern bridge, the first eliminating half of command squad, and the second only minutes later, wiping out command squad.

The evacuation of friendly forces failed. The commander should have moved to secure the northern bridge as well as the southern bridge, preventing the BRDMs from entering town. Losses still would have been high, but command squad would have survived.

Enemy losses were mild with the loss of two BRDM scout cars and one BTR-80A. A film will be available soon.
20220918 16:45 Dale Good luck there for your son 49. Should he work in ER make sure there are security. The meth heads coming down many of the times are violent.

Internet and phone service intermittent. Lowe's, Webstruant convince stores etc. This in a thirty to 40 mile radius. Going on three days now.
20220918 10:31 badanov Last Friday, an emergency task force assembled from 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Damyanovo in Leskovets with the task for intercepting an enemy force moving to take the town.

An infantry attack on the town already was in progress when the task force's scout cars arrived, Also enemy technicals were attempting to enter town from the north.

The task force was deployed in an outer arc facing north with all tanks on the northern face of the arc.

Command squad took the brunt of the initial infantry attacks, including from Russian interior ministry special forces, Russian speaking militia, and from Wagner military contractors.

The separatists also attacked twice using Wagner operated MI-8 gunships both of which were shot down before they could do any damage.

When the order arrived to retreat, the task force retreated in poor order suffering casualties from infiltrating special forces.

Losses were high. Command squad lost five, while 2nd squad lost four. Reinforcing Motorized Rifle Squad 1 was used to round out losses by command squad.

Enemy losses were very heavy. Field counts included four technicals, five BRDM scout cars, two BTR-80As and one T-55 tank.
20220917 15:24 Dale Local hospital here has lost Doctors and a large number of Nurses. Very unhappy basically. The Nurses are not going elsewhere, they are quitting.
20220917 15:21 Dale RR update. Strike not settled. Some voted for and some against but as as I understand some changed their vote against. OH, they go back to work but could still strike two weeks for now.
20220917 14:48 49 Pan TW, emergency med.
20220917 11:30 Deacon Blues What do you get if you cross a vampire and a snowman?

20220917 10:05 Frank G Congrats, Pan!
20220916 21:13 trailing wife So the oldest passed his first round of medical boards!

Congratulations to your young man, 49 Pan! What does he plan to do with all that knowledge?
20220916 11:50 Dale Break time. Deacon man what's happening?.
20220916 08:27 49 Pan Skid, from his pops. Not really sure who that is, mailman possibly...
20220916 07:35 Skidmark Who does he get the big feet from?
20220915 15:03 49 Pan So the oldest passed his first round of medical boards! The first really tough cut in med school, so I’m told. He gets the intel from his momma, tenacity from pops. On his way!
20220915 12:10 Dron Here's the future. OpenAI Codex
The concept I was talking about, applied to coding itself. Fascinates me.
20220915 10:16 badanov Perl, with which I am familiar, does make provisions for loops and subroutines, but often they involve reading external files, especially if conditions change or must change.

The inclusion of databases has made it and a number of other languages much more flexible eliminating the need for loops and subroutines.
20220915 10:06 Dron It is all fascinating. I always wanted to build Skynet but was never good with loops and variables and libraries. 🤖
20220915 10:05 Dron My friend is working at this thing called Dall-E in 'cisco. They are teaching AI to create art by using what they call neurons (universally recognised images and reference packets as I understand) and analysing language.
20220915 09:17 badanov Their scripting language to me is so arcane, I can't make heads or tails of it.

But I did learn their shell language which I use about 99 percent of the time.
20220915 09:16 badanov Indeed.
20220915 08:40 Dron And kudos to those ARMA guys who've made it so easy with their scripting support or what have you.
20220915 08:39 Dron Computed critters. Such simple stupid things. Yet sometimes they can almost elicit a reaction from us like only a person can.
20220915 08:36 Dron Fascinating. I always find it interesting how NPCs and such simulacra behaves. If you ever want to read a hard sci-fi brain twister, badanov, do check out The Flicker Men by Ted Kosmatka.
20220915 08:03 badanov No.

I wrote a "stop" command inside the bots where they stay unless certain conditions are met.

When the player (or in the case of a multiplayer environment, a designated player) comes within a one meter radius of the civilian, the stop command becomes go and the bot can move, and the blindfold is removed. The bot then can be escorted to safety, which in the Livonia mission, safety was the BRDM scout car.

In this case I neglected to include the stop command in the other female bot, so, fearing for her life when the lead is flying, she ran off.
20220915 05:26 Dron Bots can do that? Disappear off the map? Hide somewhere? That's good AI or a glitch?
20220914 18:53 badanov What actually happened was the other female bot ran off for reasons unknown.

Makes a good story though.
20220914 18:40 Dale About four days in talks in DC. CSX strike highly likely. Nowhere even close for agreement. 20 years working for CSX in Cumberland and no raise.Came back from vacation and 400 laid off leaving a work force of 80. As Deacon said never knew where to be sent to work. Different union in Florida settled for 1.8 million. UPS is supposed to strike now also. Congress can order CSX back to work but they are said to be reluctant to do so. 2 billion a day losses. All these unions plus other unions striking could this be Biden's October surprise where he rides in to save the day before elections. Travel nurses being sent to Nursing strikes where one earns $4000/ week.
20220914 17:34 badanov I can issue the accusation, but that means I can't have my shot as well.😋
20220914 16:52 Dron I'll bet even you can't write a program for that complexity. This is not the Sims!
20220914 16:48 badanov I think she was fucking the mayor's husband, so, broken hearted, the mayor ran off...
20220914 16:22 Dron Hmmm not bad.

This low poly goth of Livonia,
was carried off for a quickie to Estonia.
But this valiant commander,
complete slavic Iskander,
He rescued her! [blaring philharmonia 🎶]
20220914 14:32 badanov The mayor;s girlfriend:

20220914 14:30 Dron 😸
20220914 14:29 badanov The photo of the in-game character was much more fetching.
20220914 14:26 badanov I gotta change that name.
20220914 12:43 Dron BBC (inshallah the news)

Nada Mamula was a renowned Serbian singer who sang fir Radio Sarajevo. Sometime in 2001 she faked her death and joined a criminal outfit that does regime change for hire. She finally met her end in an operation by Chernarus armed forces. She was 80, in good health and capable of leading armed battalions.
20220914 12:33 Dron Dragon Bruinsma in jollier times.
20220914 11:53 Dron The Radacz mayor sounds like Katie Hill.
20220914 04:42 badanov On September 13th, a light infantry task force was ordered to Radacz in Livonia after an armed separatist force entered town two days before.

Leading that attack were two criminal operatives, Dragon Bruinsma and Nada Mamula, who immediately began to conduct political arrests, among them the town mayor, her husband and her girlfriend.

Battalion recon staff, through email, direct texts and electronic intercepts managed to locate where the two were being held. Operations staff also designated the two criminal operatives for elimination.

The tactical plan called for the task force, one scout car, two tanks and three light rifle squads, to attack from the southeast on a broad front. The tanks and the scout car would advance first, followed by the infantry.

Command squad ran into a buzz saw, against local levies and against French speaking operators. They took heavy casualties, enough to stop their advance into town. Command squad relinquished overall command to 2nd squad, then retreated back to south of town

2nd squad closed to the location of the two operatives, finding Dragon Bruinsma, but finding Nada Mamula missing. As 2nd squad commander was heading back, he received a report on the location of an armed civilian female.

Commander then went to the location, eliminated Nada Mamula, then seized documents and a cell phone from her person. It appeared that Nada Mamula ran out of ammunition and her security detail was killed defending her.

When the commander released the prisoners, he found only the mayor's husband and the mayor's girlfriend. He was unable to find the mayor. The surviving prisoners were placed aboard a BRDM scout car and driven back to base.

Casualties for the operation were high, with command squad losing six, 2nd squad losing three and 3rd squad losing four. The attack operation was considered a success.
20220914 04:19 badanov On September 11th, 2022, Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade operations staff issues a warning order to 1st Bn about separatist movements towards Batensen in Rosche.

In its initial contact at Batensen, the scout car section of the assembled task force was ambushed by an enemy BTR-80A, which was subsequently destroyed by the time the task force tanks closed to town. One scout car was destroyed in the initial contact.

The task force deployed in town in a fire sack pointing north. The enemy attacked with light armor and with a Wagner operated MI-8 gunship, which was shot down by Tank 2. There were casualties.

Brigade command cancelled the operation, ordering the task force further north towards an open field. Despite its coverage, the task force let two tanks through its line which eventually destroyed Reinforcing Rifle Squad 1. Several tank vs tank battles took place as well.

In the new objective, command squad was hit particularly hard forcing command squad back into town. Commander also ordered the task force to retreat back as well. By the time the retreat order came through, the task force was back at the original objective.

Losses were light. Command squad lost five. No vehicles were destroyed, although Tank 2 was damaged and field repaired before withdrawing south.

Enemy losses were high with at least three BRDM scout cars, two BMPs and three tanks, one of them a T-55. Brigade recon staff does not expect the separatists to attack again in the near future.

A film will be available soon.
20220914 00:58 Skidmark Pan, I was thinking it could be used to launch a 'sticky beacon', not primary ordinance. Prob with LGB illuminators is staying with the target, under duress.
20220913 12:42 Deacon Blues My wife asked me if I had seen the dog bowl. I said no but I have seen him catch a frisbee.
20220913 12:34 Deacon Blues Thanks, Pan. I'm going to a protein spike specialist next Monday. We will see.
20220913 11:59 49 Pan Oh, Deacon, if you do take the Ivermectin look up the entire protocol that goes with it. Its not extensive, but necessary. If you need it I can send it to you.
20220913 11:56 49 Pan Deacon, Your rant is exceptional. When the shots first came out we did a bunch of research on it. I could not get to why the RNA shots had been sitting without approvals for so long. The spin that it was almost ready was a lie. They knew of the protein spikes. When the side effects were talked about we got a lot of flack, but now we are seeing it. I have to assume the USG knew of these side effects and took them as acceptable risks for the population. Otherwise they would not have indemnified the manufacturers from legal actions. Now we have a long list of side effects that are either short term, showing within the first month, and longer term ones, like your living through. The short term ones we are pretty familiar with, myocarditis, micro blood clots, and some others. The longer term ones are starting to show, long blood clots, Sudden adult deaths, Herpes and shingles. They are looking at all Viruses for spikes, like polio and others. This is going to be a very interesting time in vaccine cause and effects.
20220913 11:33 Deacon Blues Do you need a current license to drive an electric car?
20220913 11:26 Deacon Blues What's Irish and sits outside your home? Paddy O'Furniture
20220913 10:11 badanov It took five minutes just for the tank commander to issue his harangue about how you drive the tank.
20220913 09:29 badanov I did manage to program a delay in the repair of up to 10 minutes, but under certain circumstances, not the one in the video.
20220913 09:23 49 Pan Skid, at 200 fps they have a little ways to go. Thats about the speed of an old daisy BB gun. But they are on the right track. Second is the rifling. I wonder how they will fix that. Look cool though. Dewalt can market it with their battery...
20220913 08:51 Dron Article in National Geographic [excerpt]

The Chernarus Armoured corps train the most efficient and masterful crews in the world.

"The Nadezhdino engineer's academy produces the best of the best." Claims Golvit Ramovkin, Commandant.

Known to repair and refit tracks within 4-5 minutes, these men are known as the Pit Crews of tank warfare. Braving bullets, working like machines even with bullets and shrapnel passing through them sometimes, they get the job done. I ask the commandant about the limp in his leg as we part. He laughs.

"The driver of the A20 I was repairing was a complete dweeb. Crunchie!" He says, showing me his wooden leg.
20220913 00:28 badanov
20220912 15:59 3dc Skidmark. A hand held coil gun doesn't sound healthy. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that beast firing. It could wreck my stent.
20220912 15:49 badanov 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to intercept an armor heavy separatist affiliated force in Schlieckau in Rosche last Friday.

Some enemy forces entered town before CDF forces arrived, delaying defense of the town. During room clearing operations, new orders were transmitted ordering the task force one kilometer north to Molbath.

Contact began immediately with the loss of the task force's two scout cars. 2nd squad's BTR was damaged as well, and abandoned.

In Molbath, the three tanks were swamped with enemy armor. The task force lost all its heavy armor. The total loss for the task forces was six vehicles out of nine.

The losses were so heavy and the need to retreat back to Schlieckau so urgent, command was unable to assess enemy losses, but they had to be heavy, judging by the sheer amount of gunfire by the tanks' main guns.

A video is available.
20220912 09:09 Skidmark
20220911 19:54 Jan Hard to talk about the horrible Oregon Ducks loss in Georgia last week, but the good news was a lot of Run Herschel Run t-shirts were seen in the crowd, something good to come away with at least.
20220911 18:05 3dc Wretchard: If the Kremlin leaves orphan clients all around the world, who will adopt?
20220911 13:24 Dron My Son Hunter is out. Anybody watch it? Funny RW indie production about the Biden laptop snafu. Some wicked snark.
20220911 10:24 Skidmark
20220910 14:04 Skidmark
20220910 13:41 Dale Frank I had the chicken pox and remember it well. Hot summer that year with only fans to cool. Italian neighbors put olive oil on their kids so they shined in the sun. I think that trick worked.
20220910 13:38 Dale Way to go Deaconman. Unfortunately very true. Most are stricken for a long time perhaps forever.

Rail strike is on. Shutdown Thursday September 15th that evening. Nowhere near any agreement. Called to Washington DC to appear to be doing something. Biden will direct all to return to work but in a day or two millions lost each day.
20220909 20:38 Frank G I don't even know if I had the Chicken Pox, and my Mom doesn't remember
20220909 16:40 SCFI With the death of Queen Elisabeth II, the united kingdom is facing a massive monetary issue of having to repaint all their ship names from "Her Majesty's Ship (name)" to "His Majesty's Ship (name)"

20220909 14:48 Deacon Blues
20220909 13:53 Skidmark That's a shitload of good detail DB.
20220909 13:22 Deacon Blues I've been fighting shingles for 10 weeks. Case Study: mRNA-Generated Spike Proteins Found In Shingles Lesions 3 Months After Vaccination. I had the Moderna vaccine. Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines make spike proteins. The body will see those spike proteins as foreign and mount an immune response. That immune response is subsequently enlisted if the body ever meets the spike protein on the actual Sars-CoV-2 virus.
mRNA is short for messenger RiboNucleic Acid. It is a single-stranded molecule of RNA. It is transcribed from a DNA template. The role of mRNA is to make proteins:

The role of mRNA is to carry protein information from the DNA in a cell’s nucleus to the cell’s cytoplasm (watery interior), where the protein-making machinery reads the mRNA sequence and translates each three-base codon into its corresponding amino acid in a growing protein chain.
Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines make spike proteins. The body will see those spike proteins as foreign and mount an immune response. That immune response is subsequently enlisted if the body ever meets the spike protein on the actual Sars-CoV-2 virus.
For some reason (see below*) the vaccinated person’s body keeps producing spike protein long after it’s necessary. That may be a problem because scientists are finding the spike protein itself can be toxic. Here’s a case where the spike protein was found in shingles lesions months after vaccination.
Since the campaign of vaccination against COVID-19 was started, a wide variety of cutaneous adverse effects after vaccination has been documented worldwide. Varicella zoster virus (VZV) reactivation was reportedly the most frequent cutaneous reaction in men after administration of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, especially BNT162b2.…
A patient, who had persistent skin lesions after BNT162b2 vaccination for such a long duration over 3 months, was investigated for VZV virus and any involvement of vaccine-derived spike protein.…
The diagnosis of VZV infection was made for these lesions using PCR analyses and immunohistochemistry. Strikingly, the vaccine-encoded spike protein of the COVID-19 virus was expressed in the vesicular keratinocytes and endothelial cells in the dermis.
Endothelial cells are blood-vessel-lining cells. What is the spike protein doing in blood vessels and skin, far from the injection site, 3 months later? (Indeed, this man suffered from vasculitis or inflamed blood vessels also.) The CDC assured us that the body gets rid of the mRNA in a few days and the spike in a few weeks.
Also curious is why anyone would experience a reactivation of herpes zoster or shingles after a vaccine:
VZV reactivation frequently arises under immune-exhaustion, such as aging, or immunocompromised conditions caused by immunosuppressive drugs, HIV infection, or malignancies.
Does the vaccine suppress the immune response? Yes, if this study is anything to go by:
Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs, Food and Chemical Toxicology, June 2022
The authors of this shingles study suggest that the spike protein itself may be responsible for immunosuppression:
The SP [spike protein] could be the culprit for immunosuppression that allowed VZV reactivation and its persistence, as well as skin vasculopathy and thrombosis.
By the way, this was a Japanese study. Physicians in this country don’t as a rule study or discuss the effects of the covid vaccine (or at least don’t let on). They risk losing their medical licenses if they do.
No one knows how long the body will continue manufacturing spike protein from the injected mRNA. This man may be dealing with these painful lesions for an indefinite amount of time.
Shingles is just one side effect of the mRNA vaccines. Effects differ depending upon where the mRNA travels, where the spike protein travels. (We were told it didn’t travel.) Skin cells regenerate, fortunately. Cardiac cells not so much. I feel for the young people who are experiencing heart inflammation (myocarditis) from the vaccine. That will be an injury that will follow them into adulthood.
Evidence suggests Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine prevent the spike proteins from attaching to the ACT2 receptors. That is why the are effective against the covid virus.
20220909 01:09 Dron 😁
20220908 21:16 badanov On a good day, silliness is my business.
20220908 21:00 trailing wife Y’all are very, very silly. :-)
20220907 10:19 Dron The most Chernophobic reporters anywhere.
20220907 10:17 Dron You think they care for facts, badanov? They're the Daily Nail! And they won't let their sick readers down.
20220907 08:50 badanov Not included in the after action report was that the second in command failed to recover the documents and cell phone from the dead commander's body.

Be interesting to explain, in the midst of a firefight, where every shooter has a machine gun, and where the 10 seconds it took to take the phone from the dead operative is an eternity, how the late commander had time to do anything, but pack his shit up and continue the operation.
20220907 03:30 Dron The Daily Nail : Where America gets its coffin hammered.

A whistleblower in the Chernarus infantry has accused a now deceased unit commander of doing much more than stripping Usnija Redzepova's body.

"Bad deeds were done," says the unnamed source with a strange leer.

"It wasn't just about the documents. He went at her like the American G-Men in Melania Trump's closet. Unfortunately, before I could complain, the commander had been killed by some tortilla eaters with guns."

Senior brass in Chernarus have been sorely displeased with the performance and cohesion of their squads for some time. An investigation is being ordered into the recurring losses.
20220906 21:36 badanov A task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to make a nocturnal attack on a separatist position at The Factory in Chernarus Monday night.

Recon overflights and electronic intercepts indicated that the separatist force had brought a Russian speaking private contractor team with them. This was a clear indication the separatists were planning to use them to do their dirty work.

The tactical plan called for 3rd squad, with support from the scout cars, to attack from the northwest, with their objective being eliminating the contractor group, while command squad and 2nd squad attacked from the south east.

Shortly after the enemy launched an artillery attack, the 1st Army Corps target acquisition and counterbattery battery responded to the artillery attack, ending the enemy artillery attack.

The first to breach the enemy's defensive perimeter was command squad, followed by 2nd squad. The rifle fire exchange was very intense as CDF troops methodically cleared the compound.

The commander located Usnija Redzepova, second in command of Matija Depreradovich, stripping her dead body of documents and her cell phone. The commander could not located Depreradovich. Subsequent to this the commander was killed in a firefight with Spanish speaking militia.

2nd squad leader took over as second in overall command, and completed the operation of clearing the compound of enemy forces. Two separate enemy counter attacks took place, one at the gate of the Factory and one north. Both were defeated.

The task force retreated in good order when the retreat order came down. Casualties for this type of operation were moderate, with command squad losing four, 2nd squad losing five and 3rd squad losing four.

Only one of the two scout cars made it to the area of operation, eventually losing the vehicle commander. Air Support 1 lost its gunner and returned to Balota.
20220906 14:54 Dale Update a senior CSX yard master indicated a strike is possible but for how long or what demands is unknown.
20220906 14:52 Dale Here yes but UK, Germany and France are actively pursuing the science. Next we will hear of water shortages here to discourage. SCFI I have been a supporter of this science for many years now. With this current administration I have very low opinion for their abilities. They have hydrogen powered trash trucks in Germany now. China is also actively engaged in the pursuit of this technology.
20220906 00:35 SCFI Dale, regarding the hydrogen discussion we had a while back, it's looking like that hydrogen powered cars will not happen due to the electric cars mandate.

20220905 19:33 SCFI Skid, it's just proof that gun laws works, no guns involved!

20220905 10:20 Skidmark More and more stabbings.
20220905 07:26 badanov I recently concluded involvement with a multiplayer group, NATO versus Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). I acted as a Chernarusian naval infantry commander (CNF).

Also I took on the role as a NATO artillery commander, a role I enjoyed very much.

The players were young and multinational (~ early 30s). One trio was from Sweden. (Of all places) The Swedes played the USMC.

They/we were there to fuck up the PLA, same as me. We had a great time being totally immersed in the strategy and tactics, and the gameplay, which is the Holy Grail of military computer gaming.

I had to quit because the server was allowing the PLA to do things NATO wasn't allowed.
20220905 07:02 badanov TW: The exchange reminded me of my tabletop gaming days about 20 years before, when we didn't have computers, and we were forced to role play to make the game interesting.

I want to avoid personal contact with the younger crowd in Steam and in Arma 3 mainly because of the optics. But also I want to demonstrate to the younger crowd about wargaming, so I do what I do: make stuff up for game play.
20220905 03:38 trailing wife A wonderful tale! badanov, what would have happened if you’d given him something totally made up?

I recall muck4doo having fun with Nigerian scammers...
20220904 02:09 badanov From Dec. 2017:

I am on Steam, with a name of GRU, the acronym of the Russian military intelligence agency. It has been my email name for as long as I can remember.

Early one morning a (I assume) young man in Niger, of all places, whose name is Totally Communist messaged me on the Steam messenger app:

TC: (In Russian) Are you Russian?
Me: (In English) No
Me: I know bit of Russian language, but ethnically, I am not Russian.
TC: Western spy!
TC: Give me American's nuke codes!

That exchange, which took place last week totally made my day. Better than a big breakfast, better than sex.
20220903 17:53 Dale The attack on the Ukrainian nuclear station by river has new twist. 30- + caught by Russians in open water. Attacked by air and artillery 4 survivors. Spoke fluent Russian(no big deal) but were dressed in Russian uniforms. Attack was to occur before inspections of plant. The English PM was pushing hard for this attack.
20220903 11:08 Deacon Blues Dale, my source is also several current CSX employees. According to them they are not curently on strike but will be by Sept 15 unless things change. These people work in the Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia, East Tennessee, East North Carolina, western South Carolina corridor. It may be that some CSX people are already on strike. I'm not impunging your source, just comparing it with mine. I worked with these people for 2 years and still have contacts with them. They are still working. Engineers and conductors. As you say, we shall see.
20220903 08:20 badanov Part of the brigade recon company unloading in eastern Chernarus, part of 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade, returning to east Chernarus after redesignation and training as a light mountain brigade.

20220903 03:01 Dale Deaconman my source is current worker with CSX. Serious fellow not prone to flights of fancy. We will see.

Walmart having major inventory issues. Billions I am told. Customers just purchasing basics. Canceled orders and so on. This might impact holiday inventory and sales.
20220903 00:12 Skidmark Deadline to block freight rail strike looms before Biden
20220903 00:10 Skidmark California Rail Strike Could Leave Hundreds of Thousands Stranded
20220902 17:27 Deacon Blues September 15th is the deadline.
20220902 17:26 Deacon Blues Dale my CSX contacts tell me they are not on strike.
20220902 10:50 Deacon Blues Dale I will ask my CSX buddies about the strike.
20220902 09:13 Dale No idea how long.
20220902 09:11 Dale Country wide CSX rail strike. Other systems will also. September 15th.
20220902 03:17 Skidmark Time to release the inner Mountain Man, DB.
20220901 20:03 Frank G Sorry, DB
20220901 16:13 Dale Sorry to hear that Deaconman. Perhaps a bucket list is in order. A lady I know wrote a book and had made over 50,000 dollars. She said I had no idea sex sells so well. I had to cut back on my gaming. i developed extreme political rages>. ##!!@@(($$###......
20220901 13:03 Deacon Blues Just got a layoff notice. As of Sept 9 I will be unemployed.
20220901 12:19 Skidmark Can't imagine his command would allow him to be put at risk like that.
20220901 11:36 49 Pan My kid is in the Army and they want him to be in a promotional video for the Army. He does not want to do it. Want to remain private. Can the Army legally force him?
20220830 09:30 Deacon Blues In the past few days Facebook has shown a lot of adds for Democrat candidates but none for Republicans. The adds contain grossly incorrect information.
20220829 17:26 Skidmark Do YOU suffer from 'gamer rage'? Over HALF of people who regularly play video games experience bouts of extreme, uncontrollable anger at least once a week - with Xbox gamers the most likely to fly off the handle