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20220810 06:57 3dc
20220810 05:35 3dc
20220810 05:32 3dc
20220810 01:59 Dron The last such thingy I played was to do with the CIA sending an operator to build a resistance against a drug lord in Mexico, off his lieutenants, etc. I forget the name. But I could play it with a pad. Tom Clancy's something?
20220810 01:35 Dron I can't play these things to save my life. I've tried. I just can't come to grips with the mouse as the aiming thing. The wife is pretty good at all this. I enjoy just watching.
20220810 01:22 Dron Oh I understand, badanov. I saw your other vids too. I like the whole engine, the near accurate mechanics of the thing, the whole concept.

Think of me as the slimy European fake news reporter doing whatever the hell he pleases. 🙃
20220810 00:38 badanov I recently added an MI-8 Wagner-crewed gunship to the list of vehicle which could arrive in meeting engagements.
20220810 00:21 badanov If the vehicles didn't get stuck, it would be a mess, There are about six times as many vehicles of all types, tanks, wheeled armored vehicles, technicals, that get released during a meeting engagement scenario.

Six times as many vehicles as I have on the board.

Usually in meeting engagement, its the retreat that does the real damage, as enemy vehicles filter passed the task force.
20220810 00:15 badanov I agree, the squad mates moving into the line of fire is pretty funny.
20220810 00:14 badanov The area where the meeting engagement takes place is heavily wooded, which means sometimes the armored vehicles get stuck/never arrive.

I've done QC on the scenario and that is the only explanation I have.

Also in many meeting engagement scenarios, command squad sometimes gets to see little action. It's the nature of the meeting engagement.
20220810 00:07 SCFI Between Badanov and Dron, we have the making of a great military novel here! :)

20220809 23:42 Dron 😁
20220809 23:40 Dron Daily Nail: Where the World gets its coffin hammered.

An increasing number of military personnel have taken voluntary retirement or been dismissed for medical reasons by the Chernarus Forces. An ex-colonel with the 44 Armoured, Yvan Javs, tells a story of long waits in the dark and uneventful hunts for enemies that never show up.

"I see green everywhere now. And I can't see in the dark at all. They discharged me early. Are your eyes blue? I... can't tell."

Another member of the Chernarus Defense Forces, Stuk Yevgenny, who was currently admitted to the Chernogorsk Psychiatric Wing, has developed a loathing of roads and driving.

"He gets violent when we talk about driving, or even if some patient makes vroom vroom sounds," says the resident specialist. "When he was admitted he was mumbling about a driver who drove like a grandmother wearing NVGs, causing two hour missions to take six hours each."

The current mental condition of the military is one major concern for the Defense Forces, which is why the Ministry of Defense is mulling better training, diet and equipment, alongwith a special program to re-acclimatize soldiers with unaided dark adapted vision. Some soldiers were even reported to have been dismissed for refusing to take cover and who instead kept running infront of engaged marksmen for no reason.

"It's the... green that does it to you," mumbles Yvan, looking forlornly out of the window.
20220809 18:23 badanov 💪
20220809 17:48 Dron Wow, finally a video!
20220808 21:52 badanov Chernarus Defense Forces meeting engagement in Leskovets, Saturday August 6th, 2022

20220806 00:23 trailing wife At least some diesel is getting through, Dale.

Was the Jaguar pace car electric? I should read the article, but I’m going a little mad with the nonsense in Israel/Gaza, even though Fred, Besoeker, and Frank G. did all the work.
20220805 09:20 Dale
20220805 02:03 badanov A light rifle task force formed from 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade, was ordered to counterattack a separatist affiliated force which took over the village of Groznovo in Beketov Thursday night.

The separatists were led by two criminal operatives, Milorad Arrdizone and Usnija Redzepova, both of whom were busily trying to establish their control over the area by jailing locals.

The tactical plan for the attack involved the three rifle squads being supported by two BRDM scout cars, with air support consisting of two SU-25 ground interdiction fighters and one MI-24 gunship.

Initially, the two scout cars came under heavy machine gun fire and were forced back to take a hull down position as the three rifle squads were transported to their start points.

Enemy rifle fire was very heavy, especially against command squad. Commander was wounded but was aided by the squad medic. Command squad pressed further into town.

Being wounded, the command broke into the building where two prisoners being being held, and shot them and the guards. Mercifully in his assault on the building where the criminal operatives were hiding, he was killed.

The second in command was killed as well in the assault. The new commander broke into the building, killing the remaining guard, a Serb speaking militia machine gunner. He then stripped documents from both operatives.

Command squad continued clearing out the enemy units in the village, which included Wagner operatives. The gunship and the SU-25s did a good job of keeping enemy vehicles at bay.

When the order came down to retreat, the enemy was bearing down from the north with reinforcements.

Many of the enemy's light infantry reinforcements were blocking the main route of retreat, forcing command squad to conduct a separate operation to suppress these forces, forcing them back. One by one, CDF units retreated safely.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost four, while 2nd and 3rd squad lost one each. The gunship was shot down with the loss of the gunner. The pilot was evacuated with command squad.
20220804 05:38 3dc Note the PLA launched multiple DF ballistic missiles into Taiwan's waters.
20220804 05:36 3dc Note
20220803 14:19 Dale 8-3-22 today fuel dispatcher indicated he had received his allotment of fuel today. Three stores out of fuel and one Volaro out of fuel also. Fuel trucks waited to be filled for 2 hours. Tomorrow refuel trucks until that allotment runs out. Diesel still seems to be available.
20220801 12:24 Skidmark
20220801 12:17 Skidmark Mondays

20220731 11:41 Dron Yes, I remember your post. And his sketches.
20220731 09:45 badanov Here is the original The Guardian story
20220731 09:39 badanov I reported on/wrote about a graphic artist (Sergey Zakharov, if I recall correctly) who resided in Donetsk city back in 2015.

He also had a habit of writing graffiti in Donetsk city from which he ran afoul of some of the separatists.

To express their gratitude to him for his not so complimentary art, they detained him, then proceeded to beat the shit out of him for days before they cut him loose.

Later, in Kiev, he produced a graphic comic of his time in Donetsk. Seemed a nice enough fella: he just didn't know when to speak and when to STFU.
20220731 03:49 Dron Poor guy just wanted to play his shitty little piano. It's hell there in the arma world! 🙃
20220730 17:45 badanov Wait'll the separatists rounds his ass up for a nice, but short bus ride out of town.
20220730 15:50 Deacon Blues I have a new name for Monkeypox. Schlong Covid
20220730 14:05 Dale Seems to be missed completely in our media.In your face Pelosi will incur much more than she has bargained for in her visit to Taiwan. You don't bluff China. Our military has taken measures in anticipation of major new conflict with China. My Fema contact has told me many flights of material on the way to Taiwan at this time.
20220730 13:39 Dron Daily Nail: Where America gets it's coffin hammered.

Bohdan Jivic, the celebrated Livonian pianist and music composer from Adamów, has decided he has had enough. In a strongly worded letter to the Chernarus government, Jivic expressed sore displeasure at being constantly disturbed with sounds of gunfire, explosions, and cursing in multiple languages, and also random grenades thrown through his windows.

As a member of the Adamów Town Council, Jivic also made a reference to a certain Russian leader in a council speech when he said 'Either finish off these separatists or get the hell out! Don't drag things like that Putin!'

Adamów is one of the most peaceful towns in Livonia, situated on the banks of the Biel river, it is home to a small population. It's only attraction is Bohdan Jivic's humble home where he lives with his piano.
20220729 10:27 badanov A rifle task force composed of elements of 2n Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade received a warning order that separatists were moving across the river towards Adamow in Livionia.

After marching north for nearly an hour, the task force was deployed in an east-west line just south of the northern edge of town. Tank 2 was on the western wing, while Scout 1 and Tank 1 were on the eastern wing.

The eastern deployment was attacked several times, as separatist affiliated light rifle squads attempted to filter into town. 2nd squad took the worst of the attacks, which nearly over ran its position several times near the abandoned machine shop.

3rd squad, along with Scout 1 held the northeastern road leading into town, with Tank 1 providing support. Every attack separatist affiliated forces made were in this tiny area, and every attack was repulsed.

Until the moment the retreat order was issued no enemy vehicle attempted to enter town, save for one heavy machine gun technical, which was quickly put out of action.

The retreat plan was for Scout 1 to move to the southern edge of town, then 3rd squad to move south to link up with Scout 1. Command squad moved from its position in the middle of the deployment to cover the northeastern road, so 2nd squad would be covered when it left.

On its movement, command squad caught a firefight against Serb speaking militia, which were pushed away from town. As command squad left to link up with Scout 1, Wagner operators appeared. Another firefight ensued. The Wagner operators were defeated.

The retreat from town went in good order, as all units withdrew to rally 1, about one kilometer south of Adamow. As command squad was moving south it located an enemy T-55 tank. Despite several RPG shots, it could not be defeated.

Tank 1 moved by road to destroy the enemy tank. As the tanks continued south, they found another T-55, which also was destroyed.

Casualties were moderate. 2nd squad lost four, which 3rd squad lost zero. Command squad lost three. Field counts of enemy losses included two T-55 tanks and one heavy machine gun technical.
20220727 17:58 badanov A task force of the Chernarus Defense Forces 48th Separate Air Assault Battalion was landed by parachute in Malden by C-47 air transport, with orders to attack and clear the locale of St Louis Sunday night.

In addition to the four squads that were landed, the task force also had two Hellenic air force A-7 attack aircraft as air support. The parachute landing was costly with every squad losing at least one rifleman.

The tactical plan was for the task force to attack from the southwest, with 2nd squad and the weapons squad to take up positions along the main highway, while command squad and 3rd squad advanced along the southern edge of town.

A battery of ZU-23 AA technicals was deployed on the west side of town. Commander requested an air strike against the position, which eventually wiping out the AA guns.

Command squad attacked along the southern edge of town encountering French and Serb speaking militia. The commander was moving to find and eliminate the criminal command group hiding in town.

As command squad was assaulting through town, 2nd squad and weapons squad were taking the brunt of enemy quick reaction forces, being whittled down to three each. During this time the commander was killed

The second in command found the female criminal operative and seized documents on her person. Since the attacks against the CDF infantry block were so heavy, the commander decided to abandon the task of clearing town, instead opting to retreat back to the west.

Trying to gain contact with the remnants of the two squads, command squad encountered a Russian speaking militia squad, wiping them out with rifle and grenade fire. It took several minutes before the two squads were able to contact the commander.

3nd squad in the meantime was holding its position on the southern edge of town against rifle attacks. Commander tried several times to order them away, but they resisted.

Command squad retreated out of town and back to the coastal rendezvous. Eventually 3rd squad, after suffering heavy losses, managed to retreat out of town.

Casualties were near catastrophic. Command squad lost eight, while 2nd squad and weapons squad each lost nine.
20220727 09:47 trailing wife I do understand that sometimes money just accumulates, but it definitely is a risk factor, Seeking Cure. I’m very glad I don’t have that particular temptation.
20220727 02:48 SCFI From:

#5 He's 'not had sex in ages'

Is ages defined as years, months, or hours, Seeking Cure?

With the super rich, probably minutes.

20220726 13:35 badanov Or STP
20220726 13:28 Dale Several contacts have indicated NE fuel seems to have too much Ethanol. Valve repairs dramatically have increased. Check your oil and if it increases Ethanol is getting past valve seals into oil. Valve repair and excessive ware results. Lower performance and fewer miles traveled. Recommend treatment from Ford garage is to add Lucus oil stabilizer. Mud bogger uses in his equipment for his races. Just adds layer on seal for better sealing,.
20220725 21:41 badanov

A mobile task force assembled from elements of 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade, and sent to South Schoental to block movement of a separatist mixed armor force.

The tactical plan for the defense of South Schoental was for the two scout cars to deploy along the west and eastern edges of the main east-west highway. Tank 2 deployed on a north-south road, while Tank 1 defended on the eastern edge of town.

Infantry and technicals attacked on the eastern side first, with Scout 2 defending. By field count, no fewer than five vehicles attempted to push through that area.

The main attack came from the north along the main north-south highway, as several infantry group attempted to infiltrate, included a Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs special forces group.

Enemy infantry attacks were put down quickly by rifle counterfire from command and 2nd squad.

The enemy attacked with armor along the same road. Tank 2 stopped a T-34/85 tank, but enemy armor kept coming. Towards the end of the mission, both tanks defending were destroyed, one by a traffic accident.

Commander was forced to call a retreat deeper into the built up area as one T-55 tank attempted to overrun command squad's position.

Losses were heavy. Both tanks and both BRDM scour cars were destroyed or abandoned. Field counts of enemy losses included one T-34/85, one BMP, and at least five technicals.
20220724 08:03 badanov I remember moddatabase in relation to Arma 3. Some madders use/used it.

As far as coding is concerned, most of the design is based on what militaries would do in a given situation. That has to be coded coz otherwise the bots would stand around with their rifles.
20220724 01:26 Dron Reminds of this game I tinkered with during a whole year of surgeries and medication. Mech Commander 2. I had even learnt to make my own missions in the supplied editor. I loved making real explody set pieces and fierce battles. There were limits to the engine but the editor was simple. No coding, just drag and drop, paint tilesets, place triggers for the AI, etc. The fun was in making the backstories for the fight and giving people objectives. House Steiner going after House this or that, or space pirates of some kind, or a stash of alien tech has been found an' everyone's fighting over it. I later put all the stuff I made on this site called moddatabase as user Skorpion9. The guys there kept asking for more missions for months but I hadda let them down. I really wish I could get back to something like this.
20220723 18:39 badanov he has been charged with raising an absolute bitch.

LOL. Wait'll he sees the data dump from her cell phone.
20220723 18:32 badanov In each scenario there are up to six different types of missions, starting with an attack and clear mission, then civilian evacuation protection mission, tank recovery mission, meeting engagement, relief of stranded friendly forces, and then attack on enemy troop concentrations.

Within each of those are a number of locations. For the first two, and the fourth and fifth are tied to built up areas.

The enemy force mix is randomized in an SQF film, as is the mission selection. Some missions are more common than others: meeting engagements are twice as likely as town clearing and troop concentration clearing missions, which in turn are twice as common as civilian evacuation and tank recovery missions.

In addition to town clearing and troop concentrations, there is a possibility of a side mission. Destroy supply vehicles, destroy enemy mortar battery and destroy AA battery are twice as likely as prisoner rescue, grabbing a stolen document dead drop, and another which escapes me at the moment.

Add to state the variability of start times and the weather, all of which is prepared in the SQF file. You never play the same missions twice in a row, at least you're not sp'osed to.

Now, depending on the terrain, in attack and clear missions and meeting engagements there is a 50 percent chance the mission will be cancelled and then extended to another nearby location.

In all missions enemy quick reaction forces compositions are randomized, depending on the unit. Their arrival is randomized, depending on the unit type. Mobile scenario, the possibility of meeting armor is about 50 percent higher than in light infantry scenarios.

In meeting engagements there are an additional four wave of QRFs, all mobile vehicles, which tied to location of the player. So in a meeting engagement, you may be successful in pushing an enemy back, but you may have to face additional QRFs in the retreat.

20220723 16:20 Dron You are doing all this in SQF, badanov? How are you doing such detail? It takes people days to set up a simple scenario. You must have sat down and planned the whole campaign, each op and... wait, are there random AI led events too?
20220723 16:10 Dron An' that's how things're done in ze Republic of Chernarus. And I like it.
20220723 16:09 Dron All shares of Romkin's in Stajsic Enterprises are forfeited by the Chernarus Ministry of Industry and Trade. Despite his repeated claims of alliegance to the Republic, he has been charged with raising an absolute bitch.
20220723 15:52 badanov This is on a stock information panel about the female element of the criminal operatives:

She is his companion and record keeper. She has witnessed and participated in his crimes. Because of that, she is targeted for elimination. She will be the only civilian sporting a black backpack.
20220723 12:48 Dron I got curious and tried to look up Jelena Stajsic

And you won't find anything, SCFI. We're just two crazy campers. 🥳
20220723 11:00 Deacon Blues If anyone has not gotten a shingles vaccine I would strongly suggest getting it.
20220723 09:55 badanov Pretty good, Dron. 😍
20220723 09:54 badanov Did the same thing with African names for a Ugandan special forces campaign.
20220723 09:52 badanov Don't bother.

I took a list of Slavic entertainers and politicians, and put their first and last names on a spreadsheet.

Then I took the last names of about five to seven of them, moving them down to the next five to seven.

Then voila! New names of people no one has ever heard of before. Those now are the names of the Bad Guys and Bad Gals.
20220723 09:25 SCFI "I got curios..."

20220723 08:57 SCFI Wow! I goy curious and tried to look up Jelena Stajsic. What I discovered is that the name "Jelena Stajsic" is apparently as common as "Jane Smith"!

I just couldn't find any information on this 'Jelena Stajsic' that Dron is referring to.

Dron, if you could give us a link or two to this person you're referring to, it would be much appreciated!

20220723 04:55 Dron In the News: Huge uproar in Livonian Federal Legislative Council with death of Jelena Stajsic, who was the daughter of prominent Livonian tycoon, Romkin Stajsic. She had allegedly cut all ties with her family and was aiding Pogorevkan separatists. 😁
20220723 00:28 SCFI Thanks Skid, now it makes more sense! :)

20220722 18:43 badanov A task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the village of west Mahre in Rosche Friday night. Brigade recon staff said that separatist troops there were being led by two criminal operatives, Dusan Curuvija and Jelena Stajsic.

The task force commander also was alerted that friendly local operatives had left a dead drop of stolen intelligence documents at the location. The commander also was instructed to eliminate the two operatives.

Originally, the tactical plan called for both rifle squad supported by their BMP IFVs to penetrate the separatists' security cordon by finding a breach in the wall surrounding the area. But, as it turned out, there was no breach.

Command squad maneuvered by foot around the east side searching for an opening when it ran into two squads of enemy, Wagner operators and Serb speaking militia. The commander was killed.

After several minutes, the task force second in command was able to enter west Mahre, to begin the search for the enemy operatives, who were reportedly killed. The commander tried to find the dead drop, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

The commander ordered a retreat on his own. Every unit withdrew safely and in good order. Casualties were moderate, with command squad losing seven.

Field counts of enemy losses included two T-34/85 tanks and one BMP-1 IFV. Documents and a cell phone were taken from the corpses of the two operatives included a list of enemy military contractors.
20220722 18:36 Skidmark Had some fun last night.
I live 4-10 miles from Nowhere, TX.

Four Sheriff's pickups with armed bed riders were riding around my neighborhood after sunset trying to use IR scopes (Ambient during the day @110-120, down to 102 by then) scanning the brush.

They told me, "We're looking for a white male. He's armed and dangerous. Don't approach, call us."

I gave them the pair of 3M cp spotlights I carry, went home, turned on the perimeter lights and up-armored with NV.

No word today.
20220722 18:24 badanov Better advice, Skid. Thank you.
20220722 18:15 Skidmark SCFI,
Bad asks: "how to repond"
My reply: "if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee"
Effectively, cut him off.

20220722 12:44 Dale Update. CVS Pharmacy now back in operation. Dentist checked and he lost 150 thousand but slowly funds are being restored.
20220722 10:40 SCFI Skidmark, I'm a bit confused but what does your post below "How" is responding to?

20220722 00:58 Skidmark How?
Matthew 18:8-35 KJV
20220722 00:28 Dale Huge increase in covid outbreak at this time. CVS Parmacy all vaccinated and boosters and place is closed due to WHAT? shall I say covid. So Biden vaccinated and two boosters and he is sick. Well as they say at least it is not as severe. This is replayed just about everywhere. Winter hasn't even arrived.
20220722 00:18 trailing wife Dron, you were clearly born for the life you now lead. It’s so nice when that happens.

I appear to have misspoken: it was not Mrs. OldSpook who was on occasion overly direct, but the old sergeant himself; reportedly he once tore a strip off the back of a general, which annoyed the gentleman considerably. It is apparently very freeing to be a civilian contractor.

Thank you for answering Aca Joe so poetically just before the rollover, when comments close.
20220721 17:35 Dale I am checking out White hat hackers.Then 401K's being destroyed.40K,50K,80k,100,000K, Loses over three months 100,000 with fund manager. Bit coin loss 100,000 and he hadn't checked his 401K. Dentist just lost $100,000. Not a word in news media just big profit margins for companies.
20220721 06:20 Dron When I was a tyke, TW, I made up my own board and paper game. You could only play it on checkered pages. Each box fit one infantry unit, bigger stuff would take up four to six boxes. Everything drawn in pencil. And I had this spinner thingy from some board game? That was the 'strategic menu', and whatever number you rolled was some grand attack thingy. And you had to make your own art, indicating blasts and blood in sketch pen and the tanks driving over infantry. At the end of any game the page was a work of totally delinquent psychotic art! 😀
20220721 06:11 Dron Mrs. OldSpook had been had been his handler... not always remember to be tactful, which got him in trouble from time to time

I can imagine. Handlers are usually pretty heartless. Must be a great lady. Love... what we all live for. And fun, without which things are shit.
20220721 02:10 trailing wife OldSpook — who sadly doesn’t much hang out here anymore after he and I bumped heads while Fred was enjoying his first serious illness — once said he and a bunch of his US SF buddies would meet up on (in?) MMPGs and apply their training. Or possibly it was that, while strangers in real life, they would recognize a common approach, form a team, and rampage through the imaginary landscape, accumulating all the points — I no longer remember exactly which.

You would like him, Dron — passionate, brilliant, languages and their dialects, Catholic by choice, Mrs. OldSpook had been his handler before making it personal. Did not always remember to be tactful, which got him in trouble from time to time.
20220720 18:50 badanov An emergency attack order from Chernarus 9th Separate Light Rifle Brigade operations staff concerned a recent separatist takeover of Pogorevka in Chernarus.

The two separatist commanders, Baki Matovic and Svetlana Zhukova, gathered up local residents with promises to evacuate them while the separatist build up the town to defend it, instead murdered about 18 of them.

The assembled task force had three main orders: eliminate the separatist commanders, clear Pogorevka and photograph the site of the massacre.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to maneuver to the east to avoiding enemy defensive artillery, while command squad maneuvered to the west. The plan called for both groups to attack simultaneously.

When 3rd squad was within 50 meters of the eastern edge of town, command squad launched his attack. Initially commander called artillery on an enemy heavy machine gun technicals.

Command squad closed to the western edge of town very quickly, but it ran into a buzz saw with enemy special forces and Spanish speaking militia defending. The two separatist commanders already were dead when command squad reached their hideout.

The commander seized documents and a cell phone from the corpse of Zhukova. By that time, enemy reinforcements were beginning to appear from the north. Commander then realized neither 2nd nor 3rd squads even made it into town.

Command squad was wiped out at this point, so command of the task force fell to 2nd squad commander. Since the mission revolved around the documents and the cell phone seized, the new commander was tasked with penetrating into town to find the data.

The new commander found the intel data, but by then, it was too late. 3rd squad, in the southern section of town, was down to two effectives, as was 2nd squad. The commander made the decision to attempt to sneak out of town to the east, where the cover was the best.
20220720 12:53 Dron I'm a W40K guy myself. Not an expert at the lore, just played on the PC. You're lucky you have the opportunity for this, man. I just take vicarious pleasure watching guys hash it out on YouTube sometimes in really well made table top W40K scenarios. So much fun to be had.
20220720 08:05 badanov The thing is, I discovered wargaming at the tender age of 40, and in the great bulk of those games, be they tabletop or electronic I always have played Russians or Soviets.

The folks at Bohemia Interactive came up with the fictional nation of Chernarus, a former Soviet mobocracy now in alliance with the west. With Arm2, then Arma 3 I could plays good guys using Soviet kit.

Since I learned to program in the game I have whittled down my time spent edited and replaced it with game play on numerous maps.

Yes, it keeps me entertained and t keeps my mind active with the gameplay and the programming.
20220720 06:45 Dron Sometimes I still lay myself down on the floor, doped with some opiate, playing samurai showdown on a neogeo emulator for hours. Mayhap a bit of the childhood will come back. I remember the giant battles I used to organize between two armies of action figures. A lot of Lego infrastructure would be demolished. Oh what we wouldn't give for just a bit of what we felt then.
20220720 06:38 Dron It keeps me entertained, Dron.

And isn't that all that matters? Believe me I understand. I have tried playing stuff. The wife's better at the newer stuff than me I'm afraid. RTS! I like 'em. I liked Command and Conquer. And turn based stuff like jagged alliance. Oh such sweet times. A beer, potato wafers, a friend on the LAN...
20220720 02:35 badanov It keeps me entertained, Dron.
20220720 00:09 Dron This is all totally rad, badanov. I hope you also have a log on hard drive of this whole thing. Because it'd make a great book. I know a guy worked in Bohemia. Did you know their subsidiary BISim helped make the sim course for tactics and strategic simulation training for the Indian Army training command? Also their Virtual Earth strategic sim's used now instead of the table top stuff. I'll bet if you approached Bohemia interactive they'd go for some licensed literature.
20220719 15:14 badanov A Chernarus naval special forces team conducted a daring dawn raid on Chalkeia Tuesday morning in Altis.

The team had orders to eliminate two criminal operatives, Enver Kadare and Olesya Mahendru, who had overstayed their welcome with local residents.

The team inserted via zodiac boat five kilometers from Chalkeia, then proceeded to march inland. The team encountered, but did not fight two enemy technicals on patrol south of town.

Two Hellenic air force F4 fighter-bombers attacked enemy troop concentrations, but they were shot down, with both pilots surviving.

The team penetrated the security cordon, located the two operatives and eliminated them. The commander seized documents from both Kadare and Mehendru, one being a list of murder victims. The commander also took a cell phone from Mehendru.

As the team exited town, the commander began plans to recover both pilots. As the team closed on the pilots' location, the commander was killed by long range rifle fire from Russian MVD special forces.

With both pilots, the team did not have sufficient room to evacuate them aboard the zodiac boat, so an assault transport boat was sent to pickup the two pilots.

The team then returned to ship safely.
20220719 13:48 Dale Seems a new problem has occurred. Lubricity issue. Mechanics are seeing big increase in burnt valves. Flex fuel or regular fuels. With diesels they just use a bit of ATF fluid. So your cheap gas might just have a larger amount of alcohol. Remember gasohol. Problems then as I recall.
20220719 11:01 Skidmark
20220719 06:17 badanov
20220718 21:33 SCFI Moral of the links that Skidmark provided below:

Don't buy a used electric car, it will end up costing almost as much, if not more than a new electric car due to the cost of replacing the battery pack.

Hydrogen powered cars still have a way to go before it hit the mass market at a reasonable affordable cost.

20220718 20:32 Dale When these batteries first came out they were very big and heavy. Price then was $20,000 at Advanced Auto. I was told just working on them was a $800 labor fee. Certification required, Computer with current programing and so on. Emergency workers taught how to handle and location of emergency shutoff switch.
20220718 14:01 Skidmark Florida family drives into electric car problem: a replacement battery costs more than vehicle itself
20220718 13:55 Skidmark Hyundai teases a hydrogen-powered drift car and a souped-up version of its new electric family motor
20220718 13:02 Dale Till today retail on regular was $4.59. Some were $3.99 but very few. Dispatcher indicated increase today but I forget. Between today or tomorrows delivery .18 to .20 cent increase. Sales flat. Repair shops very slow. Some talking about closing. Always slow after 4th. Then fair weeks and next back to school costs. 401's battered. Then winter. OH joy. I never understood the excitement of an affair week. I never had an affair one time.
20220717 23:05 Dron Musta missed it, SCFI. I'm dim that way. Monkey gods? I'm a zionist christian fanatic, bub. 🥳
20220717 16:02 Frank G Curse of the Dron? LOL
20220717 15:36 SCFI Sighhh.. I apparently got the curse of the Dron...

"..infrastructures at all."

"...good for and help America..."

Dron, I'm sorry I made fun of you pawning the keyboard. Could you get your monkey god to restore my hands please?

20220717 10:51 SCFI I agree with Dale, hydrogen is pretty safe when handled correctly. My issue with hydrogen fuel is the lack of a robust infrastructure and the seemly lack of will to build them in USA (and India as well.)

The Biden administration (and apparently democrats in general) is pushing electric vehicles in a big way, which tells me that there is little if no interest in developing a hydrogen infrastructure all.

In short, if it will be goo for and help America, the democrat will be against it!

20220716 13:40 Dale Hydrogen just as explosive as gas. Windmills and EV's burning up also. I remember people were afraid of portable liquid oxygen. Same fears. I merely explained it supported combustion and not combustible alone. It was a development benefit from the Space program. Now they have lightweight portable units people can carry. I always preferred liquid as it was 95% pure oxygen not as I understand today's commentators being 80% pure O2. Cool air also not warm much better.
20220716 12:44 Dron Hydrogen. If you thought Teslas were nuts, wait till you have hydrogen cars explode all over town! Toasty!
20220715 21:50 trailing wife test 3
20220715 21:48 Visitor test
20220715 07:18 Dale "Africa is the new frontier for green hydrogen production"

EU using now. Australia and China Joining the race. Bureaucrats in DC will muck it up here.

Hydrogen cars are much cheaper. Refill in five minuets with a range of over 300 miles. Exhaust product water.
20220715 03:17 trailing wife So basically, it's never going to happen?

Hydrogen? I’m no prophet, Seeking cure, nor do I have any special insight, but it seems to me that’s a stretch goal.
20220714 19:09 Dale Oops , found in Iraq.
20220714 19:06 Dale OK, this is weird. Guardians of the looking glass. Device found in Iran. Anything of significance here.
20220714 14:23 Dale A local bank officer told a customer that currently there is a bank run in California(their main office is in California). People withdrawing money in fear of EMP attack by; guess who?, Iran. Monday and Tuesday in Canada banking was shut down. In my area intermittent loss of electronic service. Every day I have had to reboot one thing or another. The bank customer was former military security officer so he knew what questions to ask. He was amazed how many EU troops were in America thanks to Clinton.
20220714 13:38 badanov A Chernarus naval special forces team was sent to a location in northern Altis with orders to determine whether a specific operative and assistant were the ones correctly identified.

As the team electronic specialist monitored radio and network traffic inside the enemy camp, the data was sent to an analyst aboard ship to make an evaluation. During this time, the team was attacked by two separate rifle squads, both of which were driven off.

Two supporting Hellenic Air Force F4 fighter bombers flying in support of the mission destroyed one of the two technicals in the camp, but both were downed shortly thereafter.

The team suffered no losses in the operation, and the operative was correctly identified. The team returned safely to ship.
20220714 09:20 SCFI So basically, it's never going to happen? We all know the democrats hate to spend money that might actually improve America!

20220714 02:50 trailing wife They’re waiting for the government to mandate it and provide seed money or tax credits or pay for the first hundred thousand to be built out of the public purse, Seeking cure.
20220713 22:55 SCFI I finally made time to view the latest hydrogen video below.

Interesting the number of 'big players' getting involved in this, what's more interesting is the admission (several times) that there is no infrastructures and that it's a problem that needs resolving.

I note that no one is volunteering to actually address the infrastructural problem, either with their time and/or money.

20220713 19:56 Deacon Blues What do you call a lawyer who is also a chef? A Sue Chef.
20220713 07:44 badanov A Chernarus naval special forces team was ordered to Ifestonia in Altis with orders to eliminate a pair of enemy criminal operatives, Oleg Noskov and Anna Alliluyeva.

Two Hellenic air force F4 strike aircraft provided air cover for the team as they penetrated the separatists' security zone on Ifestonia, destroying two technicals.

The team began their assault from the northwest, engaging two enemy patrols which included Spanish speaking militia. The team quickly closed in on the location of the two operatives.

The team commander and the team second in command, a sapper, both were killed in a fire fight. The team sniper took over command, locating the two operatives finding they both had been killed in the air strike.

The remnants of the team returned to ship with documents and a cell phone recovered from Alliluyeva.
20220712 11:11 Deacon Blues It just occured to me how much excersise and extra fries sound alike.
20220711 19:30 Frank G It's a tough crowd, especially when your Legend isn't consistent and we already don't like your trolling message "Joe"
20220711 14:02 Dale
20220711 13:50 Dale I understand SCFI. Major activity occurring now but just wait things are happening fast. Oh, Scotty Kilmer has a good video or several on this subject.
20220711 12:21 SCFI Come to think of it, I remember George Bush, when he was president, proclaimed that "hydrogen fuel was the best thing ever and issued an executive order to make it all happen. So far it has been crickets since then.

20220711 12:12 SCFI Dale video post below on hydrogen vehicles`is a good one, (basically the same as natural gas powered vehicles, but with hydrogen.)

What the videos fail to address is the infrastructures needed to generate hydrogen, deliver and fuel up the vehicles. Not a peep about them except for claiming "we have plenty of water to get hydrogen from".

Until I start seeing large scale infrastructure being build all over the USA (and the rest of the world), I'm not investing in this.

One good test would be to take a hydrogen powered vehicle (car or heavy haul truck) from one of the cardinal coast (east or west) all the way to the other coast with proper refueling stops (that anyone can use, i.e: a permanent station and not a ore-positioned tanker just for this one trip.)

Then maybe I'll start believing this might work.

Unless 'they' start addressing the infrastructure issues, I'll dismiss this as another fad by ignorance people, just like solar and wind power is supposed to be the next great thing (Just ask the Texans how well it all worked out for then during the last cold snap!)