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20220703 14:06 Amazonnntwp ***SPAM? 1*** reproduced by hand, in contrast
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20220703 10:10 Dale Alas, Chemistry, Physics and economics were not as accommodating.
20220703 10:07 Dale Thank you (my TY abbreviation). Very apropos. Years of intense study required me to learn speed reading and speed writing. Actually, my retention jumped dramatically. College survival efforts.
20220702 00:30 trailing wife Speed condensed writing to achieve brevity.

Strunk & White could have written that, Dale.
20220701 21:13 badanov A heavy armor task force formed from elements of 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order from brigade recon staff that the separatists were planning to take over the village of Damyanovo in Leskovets.

The scout car section entered town first facing off and eliminating a Serb speaking covering party. The tanks and then the armored infantry section entered Damyanovo to set up a defensive perimeter.

Infantry attacks hit command squad hard on the west side, including Russian special forces and Russian speaking militia. Infantry attacks accumulated pressure on command squad. Two BTR-80As and a Wagner PMC MI-8 gunship also attacked, but they were stopped.

Brigade operations staff issued new orders cancelling the defense of Damyanovo, and ordering the task force east to defend the main east west road. Infantry attacks on command squad continued. As command squad was leaving, it came under heavy small arms fire.

The gunfire was so intense, commander was forced to duck into cover, and there command squad spent almost 30 minutes rendering first aid since every member of the squad had been hit. By this time, Damyanovo was completely overrun.

Tank 2 which had been moved to cover for command squad was hit numerous times with RPG fire, causing a mobility kill. The possibility of renewed, intense small arms fire kept the commander from ordering a repair vehicle forward. The crew was folded into command squad.

Completely reconstituted, command squad, along with the rest of the remaining task force deployed around the new objective, only to be hit again by enemy infantry attacks including Russian special forces and Spanish speaking militia.

The commander was seriously wounded in the attacks, and so decided to call a general retreat from the new objective.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost eight. Scout 1 was ordered abandoned after exchanging fire with the BTR80As. Tank 2 was ordered abandoned.

Enemy field counts included two BTR-80As and a gunship.
20220630 04:04 badanov Chernarus Coastal Operations Group strategic formation dispatched a mixed naval special forces - private contractor team to Ol'sha in Chernarus with orders to recover a pair of informants last night.

The team was inserted via motorized zodiac boat during severe local weather. As the team headed inland, they encountered and defeated an enemy patrol about two kilometers south of Ol'sha.

Supporting the recovery operation were two MI-24 gunships, one sent to cover the team in Ol'sha and the other to cover the team's extraction.
As the team penetrated the separatists' defensive cordon, they exchanged gunfire with an AGS technical.

At one point, the team was pinned down in a crossfire, between the grenade launcher vehicle and a pair of riflemen situated to the west. The commander and the team sapper were wounded in the firefight, the sapper grievously.

The remnants of the team penetrated to the small room where the informants, one male and one female, were hiding. On their way out of Ol'sha, the team fought off a quick reaction force, before they were able to escape.

The gunship assisting the team in town was shot down with the loss of the crew. The informants were evacuated aboard a navy assault transport boat for debrief.
20220629 08:51 badanov Command 2nd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was issued orders to attack and clear the town of Stinik in Livionia. Brigade recon staff said the town was taken over just hours before.

Leading the enemy takeover were two criminal command operatives, Vlada Kelmeni and Indira Radic, who also brought with them a Russian speaking contractor group, that the operatives would be using for their dirty work.

During the march to Sitnik, 2nd and 3rd squads fought off an enemy patrol near Gieraltow. The firefight cut 2nd squad down to seven and 3rd squad down to nine.

The tactical plan called for all three rifle squads to advance into town along a broad front facing north. The task force recon element, BRDM Scout 1 was ordered north via the main road, while the tanks were moved north on the flanks.

Command squad advanced against some light rifle resistance towards to operatives' hideout at an abandoned machine shop. The commander dropped several French speaking militiamen before he dropped the two operatives.

The documents yield from eliminating the operatives was substantial, to include enemy routes of resupply, plus a list of volunteers. Following the operatives' elimination, commander moved north to find the enemy death squad.

Meanwhile 2nd squad was destroyed after it located and attempted to destroy a Serb speaking militia unit. The commander advanced north fighting off quick reaction forces, but he was killed.

The task force second in command continued to search eventually finding the contractors and eliminating them. Then the commander called a general retreat.

As the commander retreated, a T-34 tank appeared, destroying Tank 2 and eliminating a number of command squad. Tank 1 destroyed the T-34.

Casualties were catastrophic, despite the success of the mission.
20220629 04:09 Dale $13,000 shortfall on projected sales. Last week for a major local retailer.
20220629 04:05 Dale Speed condensed writing to achieve brevity.
20220628 20:48 Frank G Dale: sentence structure and paragraphs are important. Use.
20220628 15:01 Dale Florida Disney $1000 dollars per person each day including children. Officer working security in Virgin Island worked tax free for a few weeks. Assisted on 9 homicides(black on black). Stay in resort, out of resort drugs crime rule the day. 25 million dollar home within 100 yards from the poorest people and crime. $17 dollars for a pound of hamburger. $9.99 for a deodorant. Bread nearly as much. Everything is imported.
20220628 08:16 Deacon Blues Thank you SCFI.
20220628 03:54 Dale HEHEHEHE, jamming yea man.
20220627 15:20 SCFI Deacon Blues, you're horrible!

20220627 09:41 Deacon Blues Music started coming from my printer. Apparently the paper was jamming.
20220626 22:43 badanov 3rd Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the town of Eschenrode of separatist forces in Werferlingen.

The separatists had taken over the town early the morning before, bringing with them an antiaircraft battery. The commander of the assembled task force had orders to destroy the separatist operatives and their AA battery.

The tactical plan was for 2nd squad to attack from east to west on the northern edge of Eschenrode. 3rd squad would attack in the same direction, supported by Tank 3 on the southern edge of town. Command squad would attack in the middle supported by Scout 1 BRDM scout car.

Command squad advanced along the main east west road until they were stopped by an enemy MRAP, which was cutting it and 3rd squad to ribbons. Commander ordered Tank 1 into the streets to attack the MRAP.

Commander also exchanged gunfire with defending infantry near the operatives' hideout, managing to destroy them. In his assault on the hideout, the commander was killed by the operatives' security detail.

Second in command completed the assault, seizing documents and a cell phone from the person of Izolda Barudzija, the female operative. Her documents included a list of local individuals marked for execution.

The order to retreat then was issued. Scout 1 and 3rd squad retreated to Rally one in the east. Commander then ordered Tank 1 north to defend against infantry attacks as 2nd squad withdrew from their position.

An RPG round struck the fully loaded BTR, killing all on board, save for one. Commander attempted to retrieve the survivor, but ultimately was too late. The fighting on the west side of town cost Tank 3 its mobility.

Commander determined it too dangerous to mount a repair operation, sending Tank 1 to the west to pickup the crew. Commander decided to pickup the tank crew instead, but it also was struck by an RPG round, killing all but the gunner, and one tank crewman.

Despite the mission's success, casualties were catastrophic.

20220626 18:01 Frank G LOL, Thing. If they lose Diesel Trucking, it's Soylent Green Time
20220626 14:11 Thing From Snowy Mountain Yes Frank, that also. "Chemical manufacturers of diesel engine oil additives have declared "force majeure" ( a force they cannot control) and have ceased supply operations to the diesel engine oil manufacturers. Those manufacturers combine base oils with “additive packages” to create diesel engine oil."

Well, I was told I was going to run out of diesel fuel to fuel the diesel engines with three months ago and run out of the DEF fluid to put in the diesel engine so it would run about six weeks back so I'm not going to worry about the diesel engine oil for the diesel engine I supposedly can't run anyway for other reasons...
20220625 21:13 badanov 1st Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade assembled a task force after battalion was ordered to relieve friendly troops in the town of Ratzlingen in Rosche.

Light rifle troops were sent there two days ago to provide patrols for the town to deter enemy probes. When the site commander reported separatist forces were massing for an attack, the task force was formed and marched to Ratzlingen.

Relief operations depend on the speed of the relief task force to get to the area of operation a quickly as possible. SOP is for the relief force to cover the withdrawal of friendly forces, defending them from attacks by the enemy.

The scout cars were the first to reach Ratzlingen, followed by the two tanks. The tactical plan was for the tanks to take up positions on the eastern and western edges of town, supported by the scout cars. During this time the two rifle squads were ordered to retreat south of town for pickup.

By the time command and 2nd squad arrived, the situation changed dramatically. Tank 2 was destroyed by an enemy T55 tank. 2nd squad was ordered off the road, while command squad squad dismounted and approached the north edge of town.

Not having sufficient means, nor an advantageous angle to destroy the enemy T-55, commander ordered Tank 1 to attack the T-55. Tank 1 was destroyed by the T-55 and by another T-55 which came in from the north. Enemy tanks also destroyed both scout cars.

Commander was killed trying to clear a building. A new order issued by brigade command came down: the task force was to withdraw about a kilometer south. The withdrawal took place in good order. The two rifle squads were mounted aboard trucks and evacuated south.

Losses were very heavy. Both tanks and both scout cars were destroyed. Command squad lost four. One of the relieving squads lost one.
20220624 14:06 Dale Yes Frank, that also. "Chemical manufacturers of diesel engine oil additives have declared "force majeure" ( a force they cannot control) and have ceased supply operations to the diesel engine oil manufacturers. Those manufacturers combine base oils with “additive packages” to create diesel engine oil."
20220624 10:06 badanov Bn commander 4th Bn Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to Schlieckau in Rosche to counter a separatist takeover of the town.

Two criminal commanders led the force takeover, Georgi Horvat and Svetlana Vukosavljevic. Brigade recon group said they could not determine their intentions for the area.

The tactical plan was the the task force to attack directly from the march. Two tanks would attack from the east, followed by the BTR rifle squads. Command squad and the two BRDM scout cars would attack from the south.

Command squad dismounted, left the road and drove north to the house where the operatives were hiding. Immediately command squad walked into a crossfire, with a local levy sniper from the east, riflemen from the north and AA trucks from the west.

Commander ordered Tank 1 to maneuver south, then north to engage and destroy the AA trucks. Commander then located and destroyed the sniper, then the riflemen from the north, which included Horvat and his security detail.

The enemy operative group was eliminated. Documents and a cell phone were taken from their dead bodies, including a list of mail servers the enemy uses including user names and passwords.

When the order to retreat came down, the commander found that 2nd squad had been wiped out by an enemy RPG shot, leaving Tank 1 alone. 3rd squad, which was on the southeastern side of town, left after the scout cars left.

As they were retreating Tank 2 exchanged tank gunfire with two T-34/85s, destroying both. The tank was the last to leave the area.

Losses were catastrophic. Command squad lost all but five, 2nd squad was destroyed. Scout 2 was damaged but still mobile. Field counts of enemy losses included three AA technicals, two other technicals and two tanks.

20220623 22:19 Frank G Dale - it's DEF, not oil
20220623 20:02 Dale
20220622 07:30 badanov An element of 1st Bn Chernarus 9th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was issued a warning order from brigade operations staff. Brigade intelligence warned a separatist affiliated combat group was marching south in Chernarus.

The area where the enemy was to pass was Gorka, which is at the extreme northern extent of the brigade security zone. The order said for the assembled task force to intercept and stop the enemy from advancing further south than Gorka.

The march to Gorka took 40 minutes. When the task force arrived, it was lined up west to east, with the two BRDM scout cars positioned on a hill to the south, to cover the task force with heavy machine gun fire.

The task force was bolstered by the presence of an SU-25 ground interdiction fighter and an MI-24 gunship.

The initial attacks took place in the east, where 3rd squad was. Those attacks were repeated and sustained. Several enemy heavy weapon technicals attacked from that direction as well, but were stopped.

The attacks kept coming, enough so the gunship made continual passes against enemy infantry and vehicles, all trying to push 3rd squad back. 2nd squad, positioned to the west, suffered light infantry attacks as well.

Command squad was attacked by a Serbian militia group, which was pushed back by both command squad rifle fire and heavy machine gun fire from the scout cars.

The retreat order was issued, so most of the task force moved south to rally 1. The SU-25 aircraft was shot down, but the pilot survived. Army SOP, in the absence of air support to cover a pilot rescue, is for army ground units to rescue the downed pilot.

The pilot died before being rescued. On the return trek, command squad encountered several Serbian militia, which were destroyed. Being the last man out, command squad retreated from town south.

Losses were mild. 3rd squad lost three, and the SU-25 pilot died. Enemy vehicle losses included four technicals and a BMP-1 IFV.
20220620 14:34 SCFI "Pelosi." is indeed a foul word, but the filters apparently allow it.

20220620 13:28 Skidmark Merc/SCFI

I have also noted blocked or banned URLs, especially for images.
20220620 08:20 Mercutio OK - works today. Moon must have been in the wrong house.
20220620 08:00 Mercutio 1 post had one link another had none.
The only dirty word I used was Pelosi.
Tag. You're it.
20220620 07:48 SCFI Mercutio probably had too many links in his articles.

Mercutio, we are limited to two links maximum per article and restrictions on certain words we can use (thus the reason we see some weird spellings here and there.)

I suggeat you try again, but limit the foul languages and number of links.

20220619 21:39 Frank G Nothing here, Mercutio?
20220619 19:53 trailing wife Facebooked? Not that I’m aware of, Mercutio, but I wouldn’t think we’d pick on you without warning. I’m out of town at the moment, so can’t help — did someone else submit same/similar articles, perhaps?
20220619 09:52 Mercutio So have I been Facebooked? I can't post anything. Your loss. I had some good ones :)
20220618 15:40 badanov A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team, attached to the Chernarus Coastal Operations strategic formation, was inserted near Grishino in Chernarus with instructions to eliminate a pair of criminal operatives.

The operatives entered Grishino some time ago. They brought supply trucks, indicating an intention to build up a base for the area. ChCOG command said that the two operatives also had ordered several detentions which resulted in deaths.

The team inserted about one kilometer south of town and started their march north. The team encountered a Spanish speaking militia group at the southern edge of town, eliminating them.

Two team members, including the commander, were wounded when they were fired on by an automatic grenade launcher. The vehicle was destroyed.

Commander located the two operatives and their security detail, eliminating all three. The commander also seized some documents and a cell phone from the unidentified female operative.

The team safely returned to the naval aviation base at Balota.
20220617 19:04 badanov A task force assembled from 2nd Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade road marched to South Schoenthal in Cham with instructions to intercept and destroy a separatist affiliated armor force heading there.

The mission was considered critical to 33rd Brigade command since Schoenthal is less than three kilometers from 2nd Bn's forward zone. The task force arrived quickly and deployed in a single line running east to west, facing north.

Tank 1, which was situated along a north south road was attacked with infantry, using RPGs and rifle grenade. Scout1, a BRDM deployed on the western wing, was attacked as well. Scout 2, deployed at a forward area on the eastern side of the road drove off or destroyed several enemy technicals.

Scout 2 became combat ineffective with all but the driver killed, and was ordered to the rear. Enemy infantry continued to advance in that area. A reinforcing element, a BTR rifle squad was dispatched to that area to seal a hole in the deployment.

Several minutes later, enemy heavy and light armor began to appear, with Tank 1 absorbing the brunt of the attacks. 3rd squad, near to command squad also stopped a T-55 as it attempted to enter town.

Command squad came under intense rifle and vehicle weapon fire. Enemy vehicles used the drop of their rounds to fire on command squad, while being shielded by terrain. Commander ordered his squad to retreat temporarily from the area, in an effort to stop the attacks.

Enemy heavy vehicles continued to press in from the north, with Tank 1 firing on and destroying them. Near the end of the battle, Tank 1 reported some damage, but it still was able to fire and maneuver. Relieving squad was not so lucky, being wiped out save for its commander.

Command squad was organizationally disrupted. The commander had difficulties in getting his squad together and returning to its original position. The task force, on receiving retreat orders, left town in good order and without further losses.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost two, while 2nd squad lost three. Enemy suffered heavy losses, according to field reports which included three BMP-1s two T-34/85s, one T-55 and at least three technicals.
20220617 02:05 newc this place is under attack
20220616 23:13 badanov An amphibious naval infantry task force was ordered to Maksniemi in Maksniemi with instructions to clear the town of separatist affiliated forces.

Leading the separatists were two criminal operatives which naval intelligence identified as Mirjana Rock and Lyudmila Grigorieva, who also brought with them a mortar battery.

The task force advanced north on a broad front. 2nd squad became pinned down by an enemy foot patrol and refused to advance. 3rd squad and 4th squad (w) advanced on the eastern wing, until they ran into heavy enemy fire.

On their way to penetrating the enemy's defensive cordon, command squad fought off two rifle squads, inflicting heavy damage on them. When command squad got to the operatives' location they became pinned down.

The enemy mortar battery and a heavy machine gun technical took out all but two of command squad before commander destroyed the technical with rifle grenades. Remnants of the rifle squad took out the mortar battery.

Commander eliminated Grigorieva and removed a cell phone and a list of other criminal operatives' phone numbers and emails. This data could be helpful in further operations in this area.

Losses were heavy. Command squad lost all but the commander and was forced to takeover 3rd squad. 4th squad (w) lost 2.
20220616 21:23 Dale Demand slide occurring. This will incur layoffs. Stocking levels dropping now. I tell people if you have a job hold onto it. Interesting times at election time.
20220616 20:44 Dale SS mask up and appointment. Only way at times. Good luck with that. Fun times.
20220616 15:34 Glenmore Social Security has by far the most impossible web interface I have ever encountered. After 4 hours, between phone and internet, I have not been able to change my mailing address. I need to make an appointment, mask up, and drive 25 miles to do so.
20220616 02:18 badanov A task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Dorogino in Beketov with instructions to intercept and stop an armor heavy separatist force heading there.

In Dorogino, with 2nd and 3rd squads, three BRDM antiarmor vehicles, and two BRDMs, the task force lined up on the northern edge of the village, successfully destroying enemy infantry, technicals, and light armor vehicles.

The task force left Dorogino in good order after receiving its withdraw order, with command squad being the last man out. Despite air cover from two SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft and one gunship, an enemy BMP-1 managed to slip in to town behind command squad.

Commander heard the approach of the BMP-1 and managed to get command squad dismounted from their transport truck. Too late, command squad was wiped out by the BMP-1.

Casualties were heavy with 2nd squad losing two and 3rd squad losing four. One BRDM AT vehicle was destroyed.
20220615 18:52 Dale 49 Good post. I agree with your posting. I have been studying India of late. Year 1000 they were a vast wealthy power. "The Chandratgupt not only united almost whole of India but also is the first Emperor in the human history with more than 50% GDP of the world as well as maximum population of the world". Genghis Khan did not invade India a wealthy prize but it is said the primary religion of India was Hinduism something The Great Khan believed in. The prize laid before him to be plucked. I bring this up as I believe India might perhaps play a much more important part in the world soon.More likely forced upon them.
20220615 13:45 badanov 2nd Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Kabanino in Chernarus with orders to clear the village of separatist affiliated forces.

The separtatists were led by Baki Matovic and Zorica Brunclik, who had brought with them four Russian speaking armed contractors. These death squads are what criminal operatives use to carrying out their dirty work including illegal detentions.

On the way to Kabanino, command squad fought off an enemy foot patrol about two kilometers southwest of Kabanino. Shortly after that exchange enemy artillery started. All units managed to avoid the impact zones as they closed in to town.

The tactical plan was for command squad with the support of the two scout cars to attack from the west, while 2nd and 3rd squad attacked from the east. Command squad engaged in a fire fight with Serb speaking militia.

Commander penetrated into the enemy's defensive zone, eventually finding the operatives' hideout. Command stripped Brunclik of non critical documents, which was a list of vehicle depots the separatists use.

Air support arrived just before enemy artillery arrived. Air support was extremely aggressive, successfully attacking enemy vehicles and infantry, and destroying them. Its actions assured a successful ground mission.

After Kabanino was cleared, command squad ordered everyone but the scout cars to retreat south, as command squad pushed north to the location of the Russian contractors. Command squad quickly eliminated them.

As command squad was retreating, an enemy rifle group appeared just north of town in pursuit. Commander called artillery on their positions, stopping them.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost two, 2nd squad lost five and 3rd squad lost four. One BRDM scout was abandoned due to heavy damage. Its crew evacuated with command squad.
20220614 14:01 Glenmore (Except that Putin May be crazy as well as smart, perhaps as an effect of the Parkinson’s he is reputed to have.)
20220614 13:56 Glenmore 49Pan, I agree. The US (and its proxies) have no idea what it means to be in a total war. France, 1918, did.
20220614 11:34 Skidmark
20220612 21:34 badanov A task force assembled from 4th Bn Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to Granichak in Leskovets after brigade recon staff reported separatist affiliated forces had taken over.

Four Russian speaking armed contractors, according to compilations of local reports and digital intercepts, were in Granichak under the orders of a pair of illegal separatist command operatives, Darko Staninimirovich and Natasa Dordevic.

Granichak is at the northernmost extent of 7th Brigade's security zone, so a long road march was made to the town. The tactical plan was for the entire force, headed by both BRDM scout cars to attack from the western highway.

The scout cars and the tanks penetrated into the enemy's defensive cordon, as the task forces' BMP rifle squads followed on. Command squad was about to dismount when a Humvee came into contact and placed command squad under heavy machine gun fire.

Command squad's BMP turret gunner made quick work of the enemy MRAP. The gunner also gunned down Natasa Dordevic.

Tank 1 had penetrated the farthest north, where the Russian contractors were. As command squad approached, Tank 1 fired on and destroyed the vehicle the contractors were riding on.

The task force received retreat orders. They left town and withdrew to a no name village about two kilometers west. Casualties were extremely light with command squad losing two.
20220612 12:58 Skidmark
20220612 10:25 49 Pan Why I think Russia will win this war.

Russia understand war better than the rest of the world. They know how to win. We, the United States and the Western world do not. We have not really won a war since we defeated Japan.
I know I will get a lot of flack here but think about this. Korea was a draw, Viet-Nam was a loss. The Banana wars were side shows. Iraq, we did not have the stomach to win and stopped, only to have the next president go in and turn the place into a fiasco. Afghanistan, we ran away.
In WWII we went from one ass whipping to another, driven off the continent to an island. The total war with Germany was on the Eastern front. If not for the Russians Germany would have ruled the day. Our bombing of factories etc... did little. For example the great campaign to bomb the ball bearing factories lasted for 4 days. We lost hundreds of men and planes. We hit 30% of the factories and they were off line for 14 days before getting back to full production. We made an impact when we firebombed Drezden and Leipzig. but that was unconscionable targeting citizens. So we stopped.
So lets get to the only war we really won, Japan. We staged total war against them. Taking the islands heading to Japan was a horrific trail of death for Japan, and at a great cost to America. But its how we won. The media would like us to believe the A bomb won the war for us. As in everything it is a lot more complicated that that. We, America, was willing to fight a total war with them. Second the Japanese knew they were going to lose, either by early surrender or when we invade. The also thought that if we invaded and won, Japan would be divided up like Germany was. So early surrender Was the only way to keep Japan together.
The bomb was not the driving force in their decision. We played it as that, but the reality was the firebombing. People refer to the Tokyo fire bombing. It was horrible, 14 square miles torched in a fire storm, how many square miles were destroyed buy the A Bomb? 5 for Hiroshima, 4 for Nagasaki. But as historians will tell us when asked. There were 86 cities in Japan fire bombed. General Le May introduced total war to Japan, my personal belief was the A Bomb was more of a warning to the world, than a war ender.
So back to Russia. Russia understans total war. They ravage a city, leave the dead on the streets for all to see, and then leave. They move to the next area and do the same. Like the firebombing, they don't need to hold the city, the total damage, horror, and impact to the people is complete. They will continue this path until the country has had enough and sues for peace, in which Russia will get the areas they want. We in the West will do little more that help with money and weapons. We will not engage into WWIII with Russia, our political class and the Pentagon know what that will bring. Russia also knows we will rebuild what they leave behind. Its a win win for Russia, they get the strategic objectives, the West become dependent on Russian natural gas and oil, as will be in the treaty for peace, and America will drain its treasure rebuilding the Ukraine.
A sad but most likely outcome of this war. Putin is smart, not crazy. Our info warriors are amateurs using the same playbook they used against Saddam and Bin Laden. Our nation needs to have discussions on what we are willing to let go of. Or get the stomach for total war.
20220611 22:30 Frank G Matt, Ay-Pee seems to be the most litigious
20220611 22:29 Frank G
20220611 17:57 Matt Mods -- I just lined up for tomorrow a UPI article. I forget if the UPI is one of the ones we can't quote. If it is, feel free to cut the article or just post the title and link, as you prefer. Thanks.
20220610 22:21 badanov A Chernarus Defense Forces special operations team was ordered to Topolniki in far northern Chernarus with the assignment of eliminating pair of criminal operatives.

The enemy operatives were newly arrived. They brought with them a Russian armed contractor team they intended to use against local civilians. They also brought a number of other military forces included technicals.

The team inserted by MI-8 helicopter about a kilometer south, then proceeded towards Toponiki. A CDF gunship tasked with providing air cover for the team eliminated the Russian death squad.

The commander was killed when he was caught in a crossfire. His second in command accidentally killed the team medic when the medic ran into the acting commander's line of fire. The commander's death complicated matters in that he had the only directions to the two operatives.

After a brief search the acting commander located the operatives. The head operative Matija Depreradovich was already dead. The acting commander eliminated the female operative, and stripped her of documents.

The remnants of the team were extracted by the gunship, and returned to the naval aviation base at Balota.
20220610 20:11 badanov Sorry about that Skid.
20220610 20:11 badanov
20220610 16:12 Skidmark Why couldn't it be sl0ts?
20220609 07:33 badanov This is for you, Tulsi:

20220609 00:18 Skidmark $5.18 for diesel today.
That's $777 for my truck(25 gal) and piggyback tank(125 gal).
20220608 16:29 badanov A task force assembled from 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade was issued a warning order about a separatist affiliated troop build up one kilometer east of Novi Sobor in Chernarus.

Among the tasks assigned was the destruction of three supply trucks parked to the north of the enemy's positions. Brigade recon staff could not be certain about the composition of the troops' concentration.

The tactical plan was for the two scout cars to attack up the road north and keep enemy troops pinned down, as the three rifle squads advanced to the north on a broad front.

The attack began, but so did enemy artillery which wiped out 2nd squad in less than one minute. 3rd squad froze even as they were untouched and ordered forward.

Command squad was in the west wing of the attack and came under fire from a heavy machine gun technical. Commander ordered the squad to retreat into defilade, then requested a gunship

The gunship made several runs against enemy vehicles, both of which had heavy machine guns. Command squad then advanced to the bunker the separatists had built and eliminated the last of the resistance.

The last task, the supply trucks was completed, but not before enemy reinforcements arrived. Serb militia cut command squad by half, casualties of which included the commander. The acting commander called a retreat.

Once in relative safety the commander attempted to reorganized his squad before returning to base. Command squad came under fire of a recoilless rifle, which wiped out command squad.

Casualties were catastrophic. Command squad and 2nd squad were wiped out. 3rd squad lost two, and an SU-25 ground interdiction aircraft was shot down.
20220608 10:13 Glenmore That gathering could pass for a MAGA rally...
20220608 09:30 Deacon Blues When snails fight do they slug it out?
20220608 05:57 badanov In Altis, an amphibious task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to a location on the east coast to break up a concentration of separatist affiliated troops.

A firefight began almost as soon as the task force hit the beach between 3rd squad and the weapons squad, and enemy troops near the bunker. Command squad discovered an enemy technical close to its left, but the squad's RPG gunner destroyed it.

The task force defeated the enemy in its initial contact, then pushed further inland to the bunker. Commander located the two civilian illegal enemy operatives, who were killed in the firefight. Both had documents on their persons.

Command squad pushed into far enough to deliver a kill on the enemy's mortar battery. As they did, the enemy counterattack came. A Russian MVD special forces squad completely swamped command squad with concentrated rifle and sniper fire.

The task force, although being unable to complete its task, retreated back to the boats with the enemy in pursuit.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost all but two. 2nd and 3rd squads each lost three. Weapons squad lost four.
20220607 20:52 trailing wife Ah'm seriously amazed there were no crowd bombings during the Jubilee.

Yes. I was concerned, too. Lots of invisible security, I guess.
20220607 09:26 Skidmark Don't see many masks.
Maybe that's the bomb.
20220607 09:08 Skidmark Ah'm seriously amazed there were no crowd bombings during the Jubilee.

20220607 09:01 Deacon Blues I am flattered, Dale. I got roasted at a company party several years ago. One of the "roasts" was I am the only person in the entire chemical plant who knows where every bathroom is. It is actually not far from the truth.
20220606 17:48 Dale Deacon man I always bring others into my stories. You were my prop so to speak. Now some medical humor. A dentist told me this one. A Proctologists office busy all day has a desperate man rush in to be seen. Secretary said, sorry we have closed for the day sir. Please, please he has to see me. Secretary yells doc you got another a..hole to see.
20220606 11:41 Deacon Blues Depends on what Dale? At 70 so far no depends but I'm never far from a bathroom.
20220605 09:19 Dale Deacon boyo I found the perfect gift to an older man. Depends.
20220604 21:49 badanov An armored task force from 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized RIfle Brigade was ordered to attack the town of Rhode in Werferlingen.

A separatist force led by criminal operatives Lul Divac and Stanija Babovic brought with them an antiaircraft gun battery, the presence of which raised the threat level of Rhode's take over to critical.

The tactical plan called for the two BRDM scout cars to probe in until contact, as two tanks and a dismounted command squad closed into town from the southeast. 2nd and 3rd rife squads would attack along the road and seize the crossroads in town.

For command squad, initial contact took place just southeast of town as a firefight developed between enemy rifleman and command squad. Pressing into town, command squad reached the hideout of the two operatives.

Commander located Babovic and took a document with ammunition invoices from a local supplier. From Divac were telephone numbers of local friendly agents. The agent list could prove to be valuable to 13th Brigade operations in Werferlingen.

A second fire fight was started by Spanish speaking militia west of town, as commander was searching buildings and came under fire. The squad reacted and destroyed the enemy rifle group. Meanwhile, an enemy T-34/85 and a BTR-80A drove into town.

Just after the retreat order was issued the enemy tank destroyed both scout cars and started firing on the task force's tanks. Needing to withdraw from town, and being unable to move west then south, 2nd squad was caught by the tank and destroyed, including its BTR.

3rd squad as similarly caught and it lost its BTR to tank gunfire as well. Counterfire by the task force's tank was able to score a crew kill on the T-34. Tank 1 stayed on station as Tank 2 and 3rd squad retreated due south, instead of the much more dangerous eastern route.

The remnants of the task force retreated back south to the river. 3rd squad was folder into command squad, mounted on the BTR and moved back across the river.

Losses were heavy. Both scout cars were destroyed and two of three BTR were destroyed as well. Command squad lost one, while 3rd squad lost five, including the BTR. There was no field counts of enemy losses.

20220604 11:55 badanov An armored task force from 2nd Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to a location two kilometers northeast of the Bn forward zone in Cham.

A separatist force has taken up positions, and were preparing a troop build up. A field fortification already had been built, and enemy rifle patrols were taking place. The task force had orders to break up this grouping.

Since the area was flat with wide fields of fire, the task force commander had little choice but to approach the grouping across this open space. The commander ordered the two scout cars to provide heavy machine gun fire as the maneuver rifle elements of the task force approached.

Dismounted, command squad started for the enemy position over an open field. An RPG gunner fired on and destroyed Scout 2. As 2nd and 3rd squad approached, a heavy machine gun enemy Humvee fired on 3rd squad.

Commander ordered both tanks forward. Tank 2 approached the road behind the enemy's position then began to fire on the Humvee, destroying it. The other two rifle squads were pinned down by defending enemy infantry. Tank 1 took a position at a crossroads to the west.

Command squad delivered effective counterfire as it approached, then overran the enemy's position. Commander continued on, to find a mass grave of individuals who were being evacuated by bus south towards Chernarus lines.

During his return, the command stripped the bodies of a pair of civilian operatives, who had critical data, including a list of assassins. As the commander was stripping the bodies, an enemy infantry QRF was closing.

The task force was ordered to retreat back to base. Casualties were moderate with 3rd squad losing seven and command squad losing one, in addition to the destruction of the scout car.
20220604 11:40 badanov Indeed.
20220604 11:23 Deacon Blues So are you tw, so are you.
20220603 23:10 trailing wife Deacon Blues, you are truly a treasure. :-)
20220603 11:19 badanov A Chernarus Defense Forces task force assembled from 4th Bn Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade received a warning order from brigade recon staff about an enemy troop build up northeast of Damyanovo in Leskovets.

The warning order also included information about a local pogrom in which innocents were rounded up and murdered. The order included instructions to locate the massacre. The two unidentified operatives were said to be present at the build up.

The tactical plan was for Tank 2 and 2nd Squad to attack up the road into the area of operation while command squad and Tank 1 would maneuver to the east and break into the area of operation from the east.

When Tank 2 entered the built up area, it destroyed many enemy infantry, but then was hit and destroyed by an SPG-9 technical. 2nd squad followed on but became pinned down.

Meanwhile command squad dismounted with Tank 1 supporting then attacked the area from the east. This attack went very quickly, and it permitted the task force to clear the area.

Commander continued to the west, looking for the mass grave. On his return trip commander seized documents on the persons of the operatives, including a list of assassins they were using.

During the retreat, command squad helped unpin 2nd Squad and Scout 1 from an enemy infantry attack. The task force retreated in good order. Other than Tank 2 being destroyed there were no losses.