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20220528 07:07 Skidmark
20220527 15:48 3dc Dale - watch Peter Zeihan's many videos on the industrialized world's population collapse, A good light weight example:

20220526 09:32 Skidmark Recalling retired to fill in the holes.

Same as Putin
20220526 09:26 trailing wife At least with FEMA severer help shortages. Recalling retired to fill in the holes.

Very interesting, Dale.
20220525 03:44 Dale At least with FEMA severer help shortages. Recalling retired to fill in the holes. I am convinced all government agencies experiencing similar problems. I know the services also, morale being so bad.
20220525 00:50 badanov Commander 1st Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade received a warning order that separatist were heading for Shakhovka in Chernarus. This, despite the defeat CDF force imposed on the separatists three weeks ago at Gorka.

The march to Shakhovka took about 20 minutes, after which two more reinforcing rifle squads marched on Shakhovka to aid the defensive effort.

Infantry attacks took place from the northeastern mostly and included Russian MVD troops, Russian speaking militia, and Serb speaking militia. Several attempts were made by technicals to penetrate te cordon 1st Bn had set about Shakhovka

Air support took a strong hand in the fighting in defeating approaching enemy infantry. But, despite their best efforts, both aircraft were shot down, although the air crews survived. They were evacuated with the main force rifle squads.

Losses were mild. All the main force squads lost three each, while the reinforcing squads lost none.

Field counts of enemy losses included five technicals and one MRAP.
20220524 19:35 Frank G 18 yr old Hispanic. Spin-Central, Activate!
20220524 18:04 Glenmore Yet another mass shooting. Why does this feel more like MKULTRA than just something random?
20220524 16:56 Skidmark Budweiser Select 55
20220524 15:37 Glenmore Viasat finally seems to have restored my satellite internet connection, after 5 months, 3 service call outs, and unneeded new router and PC (well, unneeded for that...) weirdest thing- I actually had connectivity once I was able to use up my 10 GB of full speed data for the month and get throttled back, but it took dozens (Hundreds) of attempts, reboots, and service calls to get that far.
20220522 20:44 badanov Commander 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received an emergency warning order from brigade operations staff that separatist affiliated forces were headed to Rennau in Werferlingen.

Once in Rennau the task force commander received new orders to advance his task force across the river to a point 300 meters south of Ahmstorf. The task force tanks led the way carving a path through enemy infantry attacks at the bridge.

Once at the new objective, the task force received fire from advancing infantry from the north through Ahmstof and from the northeast. Air support arrived and continually attacked enemy forces on the ground.

The task force commander and six of his charges, plus four of 3rd squad were killed by friendly fire from the ground interdiction fighter. This necessitated folding 3rd squad into command squad.

Air support had been gunning for an enemy BRDM in Ahmstorf. Commander sent in Tank 2 to destroy the BRDM, before returning to the line.

Attacks from enemy armor continued. Tank 1 and Relieving Tank 1 both exchanged tank gunfire with T-55 and T-34 tanks, all the while stopping enemy infantry attacks on their sections of the line.

When the order to retreat was issued, the acting task force commander found that Tank 1 suffered a mobility hit. 2nd squad already was deployed at the river bridge and close to Rally 1, so command squad went to the aid of the stricken tank.

During the retreat, the two scout cars were ordered back to Rally 1 -- per BN SOP-- while Tank 2 and Relieving Tank 1 were ordered forward to cover Tank's northern axis.

Command squad infantry element was sent forward as well to guard against enemy encroachment. The repair truck arrived, and the tank was repaired.

The tanks and command squad were successfully retreated in good order across the river.

Losses were moderate. Command squad, lost seven, while 3rd squad lost six. There were no vehicle losses. Field counts of enemy armor losses include one T-55, one T-34 and one BRDM scout car.
20220522 09:12 Frank G Love it
20220522 00:20 badanov New photo:

20220521 19:18 badanov A task force comprising elements of 1st Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was sent to Hietanlankai in Ruha with orders to stop a separatist affiliated force from driving through there.

Due to difficult weather and driving conditions, the task force was only able to arrive piecemeal. The two scout cars were the first to arrive, exchanging gunfire with enemy troops.

When 2nd squad and command squad arrived, enemy infantry already was pressing hard from the north. Command squad pushed to the northeastern side of the village, encountering Russian MVD special forces.

Despite losing some squadmates, command squad eliminated the spec ops soldiers. Once command squad deployed along an east west line, more enemy attacks came from the north.

Meanwhile the task force's two tanks were ordered to cover the main north-south road. There they engaged and destroyed enemy armor and technicals, as well as enemy infantry.

Some enemy rifles bypassed the armor block, and with attacks coming from the north, managed to cut down command squad, including its BMP.

When Relieving Squad 1 entered the battle area, they were ordered to dismount their BTR and push north alongside command squad. Enemy riflemen continued to pour in from the north.

The order to retreat was issued. Scouts were retreated first, then 2nd squad, then command squad, which by then had been folded into Relieving Squad 1.

Losses were high Command squad was wiped out, while 2nd squad lost three and relieving squad lost one. Field counts of enemy losses include one T-34/85 and one BTR-80A.
20220521 18:58 badanov And at the dark end of Japanese films:

20220521 14:44 Dale
20220521 14:31 Dale Criterion Collection, several among my favorites, Beauty and the Beast, The Red Shoes,, and Seven Samurai and now to research Twenty-Four eyes.
20220521 14:13 Dale Very interesting; "Keisuke Kinoshita's Twenty-Four Eyes — which beat Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai as Kinema Junpo's Best Film of 1954 and won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film in 1955 — is one of Japan's most beloved films. In 1999 it was picked by Japanese critics as one of the ten best Japanese films of all time. Both a huge commercial and critical success, this deeply affecting anti-war film has, according to the critic Sato Tadao, "wrung more tears out of Japanese audiences than any other post-war film". I will watch this for sure. Thank you.

20220520 20:23 SCFI Reading the article at, I'm reminded of the following:

(Cover ears) "Hear no evil!"

(Cover eyes) "See no evil!"

(Cover mouth) "Speak no evil!"

(Cover groin area) "Have no fun!"

20220518 21:07 SCFI How about this one?

20220518 20:32 badanov Dale: If you can find it, there's a Japanese antiwar film produced in 1954, which is very hard to find in streaming format.

Very recommended, but it is a tearjerker.

24 Eyes.
20220518 19:43 Dale
20220518 19:32 Dale Oda island fictional location of Godzilla's landing. On then to Tokyo. All military tanks, planes jets navy of Japan. No other foreign presence. As if the war never happened. Godzilla however was the result of nuclear attacks. Godzilla was itself radioactive. Born of nuclear radioactivity. So life goes on but told in a different story. Many outstanding films just after the war. Seven Samurai for example.
20220518 10:46 49 Pan Ya it was someone else, not Eric.
20220518 09:26 Skidmark #19 Just learned that the rumor about the Russian capture of a retired USN Admiral was FALSE.
Posted by: Besoeker 2022-05-17 10:03

Some undocumentable secret reserve?
20220518 08:18 49 Pan Thanks everyone for the news about Eric.
20220518 00:16 badanov I saw Schindler's List on a streaming channel today.
20220518 00:11 trailing wife My mother was a child like that. Except she spoke proper German, never Yiddish. What triggered this, badanov?
20220517 22:39 badanov
20220517 22:14 badanov 2nd Bn Chernarus 4th Separate Light Rifle Brigade received a warning order that separatist affiliated troops were heading towards Novi Sobor in Chernarus.

Enemy rifles set upon the task force trying to penetrate the defensive cordon setup in town facing north. The first attacks were on 2nd and 3rd squad posted on the central and east side of the village.

Nearly all infantry attacks were forced back, until enemy vehicles appeared. A Serb Humvee attacked down the north-south road nearly wiping out command squad. A relieving BMP-2 destroyed the Humvee.

The two scout cars assisting the task force were posted on the west side. They managed to destroy two technicals, by field counts. Artillery destroyed the rest.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost seven, while 2nd and 3rd squad lost one each. The relieving BMP was abandoned, being too badly damaged.
20220517 18:54 trailing wife I maintain that goat milk is better than rat milk!

Oh my, yes indeed, Seeking Cure! I missed that step in between. Thank you for clarifying.

49 Pan: We have an answer on the captured admiral question:

#19 Just learned that the rumor about the Russian capture of a retired USN Admiral was FALSE.
Posted by: Besoeker 2022-05-17 10:03

20220517 17:09 Skidmark Nothing in the DM
20220517 16:56 Skidmark No! This is not American Admiral Eric Olson and he was not captured at Azovstal
20220517 16:47 Skidmark US Admiral Eric Olson–a highly decorated special ops commander–captured in Azovstal steel works

U.S. Admiral Captured in Ukraine By Russians
20220517 16:42 Skidmark Adm Olsen Adds “Lost” 5th SOF Truth to Doctrine
20220517 11:32 49 Pan Trying to validate or dismiss the ADM Olsen capture news. Seems it all came from one source. Any news on it other than the one source would be helpful.
20220516 14:52 Deacon Blues A company that publishes joke books went public. Now it's a laughing stock.
20220516 09:06 badanov 🥰🥰🥰

Reading up on the song:

This song, the original, was written back in 1924 in Soviet Russia. It was covered by many Russian/Soviet female singers through the years. It was given new lyrics and recorded by Mary Hopkin in the 1970s.

The Wikipedia entry calls it a romance. I call it a love lament. The original lyrics are quite captivating:

We rode on a troika with bells,
And lights flickered in the distance.
Oh, when I would now follow you,
I would dispel my soul from longing!
On a long road, but on a moonlit night,
Yes, with that song that flies into the distance, ringing,
Yes, with an old one, but with a seven-string,
Which torments me so much at night.
Yes, it turns out, we sang for free.
Night after night they burned in vain.
If we have done away with the old,
So these nights have departed!
To a different distance - in new ways -
We are destined to go by fate!
We rode on a troika with bells,
Yes, now we drove a long time ago.
Nobody needs me
If my sick life breaks,
you take me to bury.
20220516 08:39 badanov
20220515 16:32 badanov Second of two operations in Gabreta took place during a heavy rainstorm. A rifle task force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Light Rifle Brigade marched to Lippe with orders to intercept a separatist affiliated force.

The operation went very smoothly with mild casualties. 2nd squad lost four, while Relieving Squad 1 lost all but two.

The task force retreated to a set rally point in good order after receiving its orders.

The first operation was an attack on Rockhausen which ended when the commander was killed.

Before the first operation, commander Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade withdrew all heavy equipment from Gabreta, then reinforced forces there with two weapons squads and an artillery battery.
20220515 14:56 SCFI TW, I was responding to a post just before mine discussing rat milk as an alternative. I maintain that goat milk is better than rat milk!

Sorry for not making that clear in the first place.

20220515 09:11 Dale
20220515 07:38 Dale Delightful contact. India professor of high level mathematics responded to my comment of 10 dimensions. He said no 11 dimensions. String "theory of everything, a self-contained mathematical model that describes all fundamental forces and forms of matter". "M-theory it is eleven-dimensional (ten spatial dimensions, and one time dimension)". Down the rabbit hole I go.
20220514 19:48 badanov A task force from 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was given orders to attack and clear the town of Hodingen in Werferlingen.

Brigade recon staff said that three intelligence agents were detained by separatist forces, and were about to be transferred to Russia for further interrogation.

Leading the separatist takeover of Hodingen was Ismail Gjokaj and a female assistant. Recon staff speculated that the number of detainees would rise as long as the separatists were present.

Hodingen has three bridges connecting to the west, one railroad and two auto. The tactical plan was for the tanks to approach the north auto bridge and begin peppering the east side with tank gunfire.

Scout 1 would cross the southern bridge to cover the crossing of command squad, Command squad would cross just behind Scout 1. The two remaining rifle squads would follow Tank 1 in crossing the bridge.

Enemy infantry was posted at the northern bridge, so Command squad, after dismounting pressed against these troops with rifle and BTR fire, as the scout car pressed further east and north.

Command squad rapidly located the two separatist commanders, eliminating them both. Commander seized documents left on the person of the female commander. Just then came an infantry counterattack from the east and from the northwest.

Posting Scout 1 at an intersection, command squad pressed to the east to locate the three agents. Two of them suffered severe beatings. They were given first aid then transported eventually to command squad's BTR.

Enemy light armor attacked from the northwest and from the north. They caught 2nd squad and wiped out nearly half the squad. Tank 2 repeatedly destroyed enemy armor as it closed on the northern bridge.

Commander mounted a tank recovery mission after it was found Tank 2 suffered a mobility hit. In retreating from the area after the tank was repaired, the commander was killed.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost four, while 2nd squad lost seven.
20220514 17:14 Glenmore For the first time in months my internet connection has held for more than 90 minutes (usually less than 10) - figures, have a service call Tuesday.
20220513 19:22 badanov Chernarus Defense Forces meeting engagement in Rosche:

20220513 16:15 Glenmore Have had virtually no internet for months. Viasat resets me and it works up to 90 minutes. Then have to call them again (won’t reset from my end.) They told me to replace my router, worked briefly. They came and replaced my wires, worked 10 minutes. I replaced my computer- can’t even get it set up without internet- Catch-22. Fiber is 200’ from my house but no retail service. No cable or phone service in the area. Cell service is marginal. Screw me.
20220513 08:30 badanov
20220512 21:04 Dale Diesel fuel issues to increase. Getting harder to supply stations. Penna. regulations having terrible impact on fuel quality. Tankers must be emptied and sludge removed, how frequently I don't know.
20220510 21:26 badanov A task force assembled from 2nd Bn Chernarus 24th Separate Mountain Light Rifle Brigade was ordered to Power Plant in Livonia with orders to clear the area of separatist affiliated combat units.

The task force also was ordered to eliminate a pair of enemy illegal operatives, Yevgenyi Samarchenko and Ersela Coba. The commander also was ordered to collect documents the operatives were known to have in their possessions.

The attack, supported by two tanks from the brigade commander's personal guard and two BRDMs, took place from the southeast. The armor attacked the Power Plant on the east and west flanks.

After a brief firefight, the infantry group penetrated the area cordon, and cleared the plant of enemy troops. Documents taken from the operatives included locations of artillery, and ammunition shipment dates.

Losses were light. Command squad lost one, while 2nd and 3rd squads each lost two.
20220510 14:19 Dale Local teacher quit teaching kindergarten because; various toys strewn about the floor. Girl picks up truck so she will be instructed in male life activities. Boy picks up doll and so he is instructed in girl life activities.
20220509 00:01 badanov #10 What’s a smoker in this context, badanov?

Stag party. All male.

AKA smokin' and jokin'
20220508 21:20 badanov An armored task force formed from elements of 1st Bn Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to an area 1200 meters northwest of Grasleben in Werferlingen to recover a tank.

Vehicle recovery missions involve several stages, the first of which is clearing the area of the enemy who may be nearby. Then comes the repair assessment, usually by a commander or a maintenance chief.

Then comes the repair, refueling and then recrewing of the vehicle. During the last stages is when an enemy will attack, so friendly forces must push up to create a space between the repair/refuel trucks and the forward line.

The tactical plan was to push two rifle squads and two tanks on the flanks. Command squad then moves his forces forward, as repair and refuel trucks appear.

Once on the ground, it turned out that the enemy rifle group guarding the tank moved forward to a group of houses, the better to defend. Commander was not prepared for that action, and it cost command squad two, plus the commander was wounded.

Once that area was cleared, the commander oversaw the repair activity as enemy troops attempted to break through the cordon. The tank was repaired, refueled and recrewed, then retreated back to a rally point near Grasleben.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost two, while 2nd squad lost eight. 3rd squad lost six. Commander transported a pair of stragglers from 2nd squad back to base.

The task force did not encounter any enemy armor.
20220508 10:23 badanov A special operations team, attached to Chernarus Coastal Operations Group, was assigned the task of recovering a pair of informants trapped in Topolniki in Chernarus.

The two, an unidentified man and woman, requested extraction after they were temporarily detained in Novaya Petrovka on suspicion of working for Chernarus government.

The team was inserted by transport helicopter about a kilometer southwest of Topolniki. From there the team penetrated the security cordon separatists had set up in town.

Assisting in the attack was a CDF MI-24 gunship. The team moved silently in town until they were discovered by an enemy patrol and forced to engage in a brief firefight. The team medic was killed in the firefight.

The team located the informants in an abandoned warehouse. First aid was provided to the female. Then the informants were led south by foot to the extract point, then flown to safety.

A film will be available soon.
20220506 10:50 badanov A 43rd Mountain Rifle Corps warning order was issued to an armor element of 4th Bn Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade that a separatist mobile force was heading south through Muilunkyla in Ruha.

Attacks by enemy forces began early with spearheads hitting friendly forces at the river crossing. A Wagner attack helicopter hit the task force's BMP-1 squad killing all but the crew and two rifleman.

Quick action from command squad BMP-2 shot down the helicopter. As the remainder of the force continued north, it was hit from the west across the river by a pair of T-34/85 tanks.

Command squad dismounted, and coordinated a counterattack by command squad supported by one tank. Both enemy tanks were destroyed by tank gunfire from Tank 1.

Command squad from that point was the only rifle squad available to defend against the enemy attacks. Some enemy infantry were still in town when command squad arrived. 2nd squad continued north via their BMP, which was severely damaged.

Infantry attacks hit the town quickly especially from the north, where command squad fought off one rifle squad, and then another. Infantry continued to pour into town.

Friendly reinforcements were one BTR rife squad and another tank. Tank 2, covering north part of town, was damaged from enemy tank fire. Along with reinforcements came a repair truck.

The task force held, but was heavily damaged with the loss of both scout cars. One tank was abandoned due to damage and command squad BMP-2 was destroyed. 2nd squad was wiped out, while relief squad lost four.

The enemy suffered heavy damage as well. Field counts of losses include three T-34/85 tanks, one T-55 tank, two BMPs and one BTR-80A.
20220505 22:21 Dale Very interesting. "Belarus' dictator Lukashenko, widely seen as Putin's ..." A few weeks ago young fellow from Belarus visited our area. My opinion here to receive perhaps training on missile systems at our rocket center. They are a loyal ally of Russia and will support Russian efforts. Biden will spend, spend millions and billions down a rat hole.
20220505 10:49 Deacon Blues On this day in 2002 a large hole appeared in a subdivision in south Florida. It is now known as the Sinkhole de Mayo.
20220504 18:17 badanov After being issued a warning order from brigade operations staff, a light rifle task force was assembled from elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus Separate Light Rifle Brigade and given deployment orders to Gorka in Chernarus.

According to brigade recon staff, separatist affiliated forces were moving south through Gorka. The order did not detail the enemy's intention, only the urgency of intercepting them.

Gorka is at the extreme northern edge of the brigade security zone, so the march took nearly 40 minutes. Forces included in the march were two BRDM scout cars, one SU-25 ground interdiction fighter, and a gunship.

Infantry attacks at first took place on the western flank, near where 2nd squad was deployed. The resulting gunfight lasted several minutes. Then enemy infantry attacked around the location of 3rd squad.

The line held even as several technicals and one T-34 tank attacked. As enemy forces pressed in from the north and northwest, casualties began to climb eventually reaching very heavy levels. Commander called a short retreat to south of the east-west road in an effort to hold the line.

When the reinforcing two rifle squad arrived, 2nd squad lost all but three and 3rd squad lost four. Both squad were folded into the relieving squads to bolster their positions.

The line held when the order to retreat was issued. The friendly forces retreated south about one kilometer in good order.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost one, while 2nd squad lost seven. 3rd Squad lost five. The SU-25 fighter was shot down, but the pilot survived the crash only to be killed by enemy fire.

The MI-24 gunship lost the gunner, and was ordered back to the airbase at Balota.
20220504 00:21 Skidmark Give them fish,
or teach them how to fish.
20220502 21:06 badanov Talk to Walt. He'll square you away on Linux.
20220502 14:17 Skidmark Sorry, 2-URL limit led to the reverse polish posting.
20220502 14:16 Skidmark How to migrate from Windows to Ubuntu

Ubuntu for desktops
20220502 14:16 Skidmark Things to consider...

How to Migrate from Windows to Ubuntu

11 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Linux
20220502 11:18 Glenmore I actually am thinking of converting my old PC to linux but am totally ignorant of the process.
20220502 11:16 Glenmore I-pad doesn’t work anymore either - modem won’t even connect with the satellite on the down leg. ATT service here is negligible, Verizon is better (on old iPhone on Verizon now.)
20220502 09:32 Skidmark GM, Without outing you, wireless broadband may be available in your area, unless you're in a shadowed valley.

I use my android cell phone with a AT&T unlimited data plan as a backup 'tether' when my other providers are down. Pretty good speed even for video streaming.

Viasat was OK for email and browsing static content but the blocking lag killed me while video conferencing or using HTTPS, VPN.

Those are services. I still think your W7 OS machine Winsock stack is dated because the iPad works. Think of updating to Ubuntu linux?
20220502 00:37 Glenmore Skid, what does one use, if not Hughes or Viasat?
20220501 23:19 Skidmark Can't say dude.
I tried/dropped Viasat because of blocking lag.
20220501 17:15 Glenmore Skid, so satellite companies may now ‘require’ Integrated modem-routers to function? And thus a new upgraded product/contract with them?
20220501 16:30 badanov An armored task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade was ordered to Mehre with instructions to defend the evacuation of civilians.

Local separatist commanders and operatives had spent a week demanding monetary tribute from local residents, on the pain of an attack and take over of the area by separatists.

The task force consisted of two BMP rifle squads and two tanks covered by two BRDM scout cars. The road march and deployment of forces went very quickly.

Separatist affiliated infantry attacked Mehre on the flanks, against both tanks, but those attacks were stopped. During the operation, two CDF trucks were parked south of the area, loading civilians and their luggage for the evacuation to the south.

Also, during the operation, the task force were not attacked by technicals, but infantry attacks continued. Separatist RPG gunners destroyed Scout 1, leaving a gap in the defenses. Scout 2 was redeployed to cover the gap.

The evacuation was concluded successfully. Casualties were high, with the destruction of one tank and one scour car. The remainder of the task force retreated in good order.
20220428 18:54 badanov After Action Report and Sitrep

USMC attacked and captured Power Station, then move to attack Coastal Town

CNF forces became bogged down in clearing mines on the approaches to Power Station. CNF forces then crossed the river to Coastal Town attempting to capture it, failing numerous times along with USMC is capture the town. :Part of the reason was the enemy was feeding new infantry into Coastal Town from across the estuary from Pondok.

After several attempts to capture the town CNF1 launched numerous artillery strikes on Coastal Town using cluster munitions, eventually destroying the enemy there.

This created a new problem because Coastal Town became carpeted with sub munitions and night was falling. CNF1 decided to wait out the night by moving to the southern bank of the estuary, eventually catching enemy attempting to cross into Coastal Town from Pondok.

After USMC and CNF forces captured Terapung, USMC redeployed to Small Village attacking it from the southeast, with CNF forces coverng from the northern bank.

This operation was successful. Pondok was taken.


The only towns left in enemy hands on the small island are Gereja and Paringatan. Since the Pondok operation ended the enemy has captured Lubang Sial and was moving to take Lbandgan Central, effectively cutting off Futsal Base and Lagangan.

The enemy's intention is to form a base from which to feed enemy infantry into either Gereja and Paringatan. CNF has one rifle squad deployed forward to Lapangan with orders to hold at all costs.

CNF1 is considering launching a pre operation diversionary attack with two rifle squads aboard assault boats across the bay with the eventual objective of capturing the air base at Pantai. A previous special operations naval recon showed that that was an option.

A second suggestion pre operation is to deploy two rifle squads in Tambang Outskirts with the intention of placing that entire coast under observation for artillery fire.
20220428 15:02 Skidmark Diesel hit $5.27 here today.
20220428 15:00 Skidmark Check if the Ipad and PC packet sizes are different. Check what your VPN does when it builds packets.

Update the Windows 7 modem driver.
Sounds like the W7 network stack can get the modem tickle but the old protocol won't engage.
20220428 14:54 Skidmark Dish, Echostar, Viasat,... satellite routers use(d) a much larger fixed packet size @256k. Something about client VPN compression would actually slow down the link because it packed the compressed VPN packet into a mostly empty fat satellite packet.
20220428 14:47 Skidmark Glenmore...satellite forum

When I was last dabbling, I found my VPN client was a culprit. Internet packet size is sometimes variable. The VPN throws some signature crap into the encrypted packet for decoding at the far end. Your router may be directed to assemble multiple packets into an encrypted block which it then compresses and transmits. Compression is sometimes used to offset the encryption delay. Some routers would default to a fixed 64k block on proprietary channels with or without full content.
20220428 13:31 Deacon Blues The Elvis Restaurant at the Heartbreak Hotel is THE place to go for people who love meat tender.
20220428 10:31 SCFI Also check the cabling between the modem and the dish. Could be some rodent may have chewed on the cable or there's corroded connection(s) somewhere.

20220428 10:27 SCFI Glenmore, sounds like your dish may be slightly out of alignment. Try re-aligning the dish and see if that helps.

20220428 00:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I'll try calling you tomorrow with suggestions. I'm kinda dilated right now.