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20211129 12:56 ריהוט גן ***SPAM? 1*** "I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to check out new things you postÖ"
20211129 08:59 Skidmark Glad you're back enough to rant, Pan.
20211128 11:35 Dale 49, you got it. " The plan was to keep as much infection out of the sinuses and throat," always my first line of defense. Remember if you have had sinus infection you must go at least 30 days without resurgence to have truly overcome the infection. Lungs a bit longer. Normal body temperature, poor circulation, low oxygen levels and acid chemistry. Moist warm environment perfect for infection and home in the porous bone of sinus cavity. Atrium or attic of middle ear infection eats away the bone so being thin infection can enter the brain. Eyes, ears, nose, throat and lungs connected. Every time you swallow a mixing of fluids occurs. My life experience.
20211128 10:42 Frank G TW - he's sure a thin-skinned Winnie, isn't he?
20211128 10:17 49 Pan There are doctors out there that realize this. When I got it and started the Ivermectin program I was given a Zpack as well to stave off post COVID infection. The plan was to keep as much infection out of the sinuses and throat, I.E. Claritin, Flonase, and Vicks nose spray. And gargle with Listerine 3 times a day. Once past the COVID and in recovery started the zpac. I kept the nasal and throat treatment up for two weeks. The doc I used said I'll survive the COVID with no problem, it is the post COVID lung infections thats killing people.
20211128 00:23 trailing wife For Frank G: link

Snowy Thing, you’re right. They’ve been going against all the learnings of the past century.
20211127 19:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain If they did the same treatment regimen for a 2010 viral pneumonia they'd done for Covid-19 they'd have probably killed about five million people then as well.
20211127 19:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain So they know the old 1918 spanish flu encouraged secondary infections, but you can't have azithromycin if you come down with covid because they have a RCT that says it doesn't work...
20211127 17:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Another thing that's really bugging me:

Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic:

Implications for Future Pandemic Planning

"Histological and bacteriologic evidence suggests that the vast majority of influenza deaths resulted from secondary bacterial pneumonia," says the report by David M. Morens, MD, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, MD, PhD, and NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, MD.

Many accounts of the 1918 pandemic have emphasized how quickly patients succumbed to the infection, creating an impression that a large share of the victims died of the virus's direct effects on the lungs or the immune system's intense response to the infection. But the new report suggests that more than 90% actually died of invading bacterial pneumonia after the virus wiped out cells lining the bronchial tubes and lungs.

"In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch," said Fauci in an NIAID news release.
20211127 17:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Here's what's really bugging me:

* Let's suppose you come down with viral pneumonia.

* Five years ago, they would have started treating you for viral pneumonia.

* But NOW: they put the treatment on hold.

* they give you the PCR test

* If you test negative they might continue to treat you for garden variety viral pneumonia.

* But if you test positive...

* Time to withold treatment until you're on death's door, and then it's time to shut down your kidneys with remdesivir....

20211127 17:37 Thing From Snowy Mountain We are ruled by Nazis pretending to be idiots.

Bad, look at this, about the next fifteen seconds after the marker (if I've done it right):

20211127 00:07 badanov We are ruled my idiots.
20211126 23:39 Frank G So, in my Greek life daze in college, we had to learn the greek alphabet. This is the "Nu" variant, right? Why are we skipping past that and XI to Omicron Variant?

Did Winnie dictate that to WHO and the Big Guy?
20211126 21:05 badanov From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from November 19th to November 25th Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in four operations in four regions.
20211126 13:00 badanov Town Clearing Operation in Rockhausen in Gabreta, November 25, 2021
20211126 12:59 badanov Chernarus Intelligence Agency (ChRU) Informant Recovery Mission in Sefrau-Ramal, Nov. 25th, 2021
20211125 10:58 badanov Civilian Evacuation Operation in Rennau, Werferlingen, November 20th, 2021
20211124 19:28 Deacon Blues Kyle Rittenhouse is hispanic.
20211124 16:01 Dale 3dc As I recall this might interest you; "I attended a memorial service for a friend and co-worker and also an amazing Rocket Scientist Woody Waesche on Saturday.
He was an amazing person! During his ullage his son Charles presented it was said that after Woody got out of the Army he went to Huntsville, AL and was working in a lab with none other than Wernher von Braun! How is that for a name drop! Woody traveled the world sharing his amazing knowledge and understanding of rocket motor technology." My cousin works in this field of engineering.
20211123 14:31 Dale 49 Pan. That was a good rant there boyo. In healthcare compliance is always a major problem. When people see all the problems they will avoid healthcare. Stop taking prescribed meds. Then guess what? fewer deaths. In my area people are being discharged as soon as possible to prevent possible exposure to other problems. Flu season has just begun and boy is it ever contagious. The new normal.
20211123 10:21 49 Pan TW, My mind seems to race as my insomnia races.
20211123 09:31 Deacon Blues 49 Pan is exactly right.
20211123 08:33 trailing wife Goodness. What brought that on, 49 Pan?
20211122 15:08 49 Pan Power shift. So after WWII we had the military industrial complex basically holding the power to the world's economy. After the war we had the great red threat. All governments budgets were driven by security, fear. We sent people to the moon in an effort to cover rocket military applications and fund them outside defense. It worked, the defense industry was the center of gravity for the world manufacturing and cash flow. Once Russia collapsed, financially, the threat went away. Bring on the terrorists, after a brief interlude tossing a third-rate dictator out of Panama and Iraq. Now what? The military industry starts to fold up tent. Who is going to fill that void? The next largest and most powerful industry is the pharmaceutical industry. A virus gets released and now the worlds greatest threat is not the Russians, its COVID. The world is yet again ruled by fear. Pharma steps in to defend us, at a cost. Governments do exactly as Pharma say. Slander any treatment thats not new. lock down the economy out of fear until the governments mandate the pharma solution under threat of jail. Lock people out of their jobs until they comply with the Pharma mandates. Charge EVERY living soul $88.00 for the first two shots, then mandated updated shots every 6 months. If you think the military industry fleeced the world, it at least put people to work. This one does not and we are paying one of the Pharma's $1,000.00 per second for the vaccine, that only works 30-70% of the time and is worthless after 6 months. This is wealth transfer. America is flowing cash into this industry at unprecedented rates, Our economy is pillaged, the people are being muzzled and locked into their homes, and the cash is flowing. We as a nation are owned by the new super power - Pfizer, and they want all unvaccinated locked into camps, such a German way of doing things, I guess old dogs resort to old tricks when they think they can get away with it...
20211122 09:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain attempt 2

The countrys run by retarded tyrants whose reality tunnel lets them pretend theyre fighting naziism while theyre constructing it.
20211122 09:37 Skidmark Guess it was bad words in the URL filename.
20211121 22:50 Skidmark So, we don't want to mix LGBTQ with future relationship issues?
20211121 22:48 Skidmark
20211121 14:29 Glenmore Catch-22:

1. Everyone has the right to use a firearm to defend himself if he reasonably perceives that same is necessary to overcome an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to himself from another person.

2. Anyone who provokes an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to himself, however, automatically loses the self-defense privilege.

3. The possession of a firearm by that person will be automatically deemed to have provoked the imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury against him.
20211120 14:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thinking about Covid...

Stop and think for a second. Put all the thoughts about HCQ and Ivermectin and the other alternative antivirals for the moment.

Is maybe the worst decision we've done that we don't treat Covid as if it's _just another viral pneumonia/viral bronchitis_?
20211120 10:04 badanov "Wow, this seems to be an easy extraction..."
"Contact right!

20211119 20:34 badanov
20211119 16:54 Glenmore So, Snowy, you don't much care for our current Pope? Me neither. Makes me wonder what in the world they were holding over Benedict to get him to take the almost unprecedented step of resigning. (Fortunately, we live in the Diocese of the best Bishop in the world, Joseph Strickland.)
20211119 02:13 Dale Seeing serious uptick in strep, ear infections, bronchitis, sinusitis and seasonal flu. Not the four letter word covid. OK, not four letters.

What is the last thing you do for Thanksgiving. You end with g.

Famous hollywood actress Reese, what was her last name?. Well she killed her husband with a knife. OH, Witherspoon. No with a Knife.
20211118 21:37 Thing From Snowy Mountain ...and that's it. Good night everyone.
20211118 21:37 Thing From Snowy Mountain If the Borgias were that fucking bad I could understand why people hated them...
20211118 21:36 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh, and throw sanctimonious in there somewhere.
20211118 21:36 Thing From Snowy Mountain I guess I better quit for the day, before I get rude and say what I really think about the dress-weariong pedophile cocksucker.
20211118 21:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain I can understand that he doesn't want individualism, but he doesn't want protecitonalism either?

I mean, if you don't believe in invidivualism, why let the Uppity Capitalists practice free trade while every single other freedom is getting strangled?

Why do they hate capitalism and libertarianism, EXCEPT for their holy fucking WalMart and Spamazon?
20211118 21:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain (If anyone wants to know what I'm talking about...
20211118 21:31 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh, another thing... and a certain someone can take their Roman Communist Church and shove it up their ass.
20211118 21:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Got a quick question for TW (which I'll also resend via email when I get there...

That video I sent you earlier, that talked about the microclots...

Correlate that with what you've heard about the side effects of remdesivir...

wouldn't that probably make it a particularly bad choice for treating something like covid if it makes clots worse?
20211117 20:30 Fred Oughta be gone now.
20211117 14:51 badanov Chernarus Defense Forces Attack and Town Clearing Operation in Chernarus, November 16th, 2021
20211117 14:49 badanov CDF Black Ops Mission in Chernarus, November 13th, 2021
20211117 08:35 Deacon Blues That's all I could find.
20211117 07:37 Skidmark a difference that was not statistically significant.

Well, except to the dead.
20211116 22:53 Thing From Snowy Mountain Deacon, that was from the initial study. After that they lied to everyone and said they had a treatment and went on to kill lots more people with it. I'd like to find out how many more.
20211116 15:13 Deacon Blues The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has described to STAT in new detail how it made its fateful decision: to start giving remdesivir to patients who had been assigned to receive a placebo in the study, essentially limiting researchers’ ability to collect more data about whether the drug saves lives — something the study, called ACTT-1, suggests but does not prove. In the trial, 8% of the participants given remdesivir died, compared with 11.6% of the placebo group, a difference that was not statistically significant.
20211116 15:12 Deacon Blues whether the drug saves lives — something the study, called ACTT-1, suggests but does not prove. In the trial, 8% of the participants given remdesivir died, compared with 11.6% of the placebo group, a difference that was not statistically significant.
20211116 13:55 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20211116 11:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain Talking about the New Cruelty doesn't seem to help, but on the other hand the New Cruelty goes on whether we talk about it or not.

I want to know, for purposes of argumentation, just many people have been killed with Remdesivir over the past two years.
20211116 02:31 trailing wife Guess that prunes the border work.

I intended to respond to the Covid article complaint, Skidmark. My apologies for being unclear.
20211116 00:15 Skidmark I see no point in articles that repeat known information without adding anything new

Guess that prunes the border work.
20211115 00:07 trailing wife I see no point in articles that repeat known information without adding anything new, and have tried — only partially successfully — to avoid overly emotional ones on a fraught subject at a time when too many have been living on their nerves.

And I deeply resent the games played those who fancy themselves our lords and masters have been playing with the science, games believed without question by so much of the rest of the world that have resulted in probably millions of unnecessary deaths.
20211114 20:51 Frank G TFSM - I understand all sides. I don't support mandates, since the Vax clearly mitigates, but doesn't stop it.
20211114 20:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain Used to be neutral on vax. I had my doubts become more solid because the people who helped our enemies make it (and lied about it) and withheld effective treatments (and lied about it) and pretended remdesivir was an effective and safe treatment (and lied about it) probably wouldn't suddenly start telling the truth about the vax.

That and a couple relatives had bad adverse reactions and didn't end up in the VAERS database.
20211114 20:14 Frank G Neutral on vax as well. I've got and will get the booster to set my 83 yr old Mom's concerns aside for the holidays
20211114 18:57 Fred I'm neutral on vax, against being tyrannous about it. Don't know about everybody else.

20211113 10:31 badanov
20211113 07:43 Skidmark I’ll stop wasting my time here.

Thank you.
20211112 21:55 badanov For the next reference to El Nino:

20211112 16:40 badanov Had a devil of a time trying to find the exact French term for "fire and sword." Google wouldn't give it up until I asked for the medieval term for scorched earth:

20211112 15:46 3dc decode and smile
20211112 15:45 3dc
20211112 14:48 badanov Been getting a lot of videos on Facebook about the current Mexican drug war.
20211112 07:32 badanov Way above my pay grade, Visitor.
20211112 01:12 Visitor Hey mods,
Is c-19 now off limits? Submitted several articles and no results. Noticed no other submits about c19 from others. I know the mods are pro vax but I thought we had an open forum here.
Let me know if anti vax is off limits. I’ll stop wasting my time here.
God bless all the vaxxed.
20211111 21:54 Skidmark valign=top align=left />
20211111 14:44 Dale
20211111 14:35 Dale
20211109 21:11 badanov
20211106 23:10 badanov A task force from 3rd Bn Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry brigade paradropped into Malden with orders to recapture the town of La Choi after it was taken over by separatist affiliated forces.

In the approach march command squad and 2nd squad lost two each in the landing.
The mission was successful. Two of the lead enemy operatives were eliminated, and three civilian prisoners were located and released then escorted overland to a beach rendezvous.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost five while 3rd squad lost three. One of the A7 ground interdiction bombers was shot down.

No video or photoplay is available
20211106 19:38 Grunter The name “Luciferase” was coined by French biologist Raphael Dubois, who died in 1949, and thus predated the Covid scheme (sensu lato) by a very long while.
I assume “they” are cursing his choice of name for their chosen bio marker, because the Satanic angle will really, really, hurt. Good.
20211106 14:31 Dale Well the raid occurred in DC. Now they study materials and decide who will be informed.

New wrinkle "Luciferase" That is where the devil is referenced In Vaccine.
20211105 07:04 Skidmark Beef prices
20211105 05:42 Dale Farmers are having a very difficult time. One has three tractors and all are not running. Costs and parts availability issues. No hay or corn. Very bad year. They will have to purchase feed. Another young farmer has tractor out of service as well. Each family husband and wife work out of the home to make ends meet. Another farming family wife works at hospital and husband is truck driver. All work full time to keep the farm going. The constant grind that lasts years. Heaven forbid health problems.I tell them downsize. Enjoy life while you have your health.
20211105 04:54 Dale
20211104 15:32 Dale My undercover officer replied to my saying sting operation in DC this week was what's new about that.
Truckers on strike 11-8-21. The forced Vax thingy.
20211103 10:05 Dale Seems original poster removed video.
20211103 10:04 Dale I tried to shorten but at 3:44 Star wars robot seen!. Time traveler he is.;
20211102 21:29 trailing wife setting cookie
20211102 19:01 Deacon Blues I got lucky last December when my power co-op ran optical cable out to my place. I was able to ditch Hughesnet and AT&T. I have about 300 mps and half the price for internet I had with Hughesnet and AT&T. Both told me they would lower their price if I would stay. I just laughed
20211102 15:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain All I can suggest is Starlink. Musk is an asshole but he does ship product. As long as it doesn't have an autopilot you should be fine.
20211102 13:50 Glenmore Well, my internet satellite is now working acceptably for the first time in a week. I guess all I had to do was exceed my monthly data allowance? My 'throttled back' download speed is now about 4 Mbps compared with 'full' speed of 0.3 before. And of course if you are ever even able to communicate with a person at any telecom entity 'troubleshoot' desk it is just a salesman in disguise, and no effort is made to diagnose the problem. Sadly, I have no alternatives - cell service is marginal, no hard wires (phone, coax, fiber) exist, so it's just satellite. Even sadder - fiber runs 200 feet from my house but it is not a retail line.
20211102 06:29 3dc 3 weeks ago I bought a new 2GB SSD at the brick and mortar best buy. With tax it came to like $190. Today I went to Amazon, out of boredom, and looked up their current price before mailing or tax: $449....
20211102 06:23 3dc Seen on an author's blog:

Samhain, Halloween, All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve, Dia de los Muertos, or whatever the morbid feast/holiday of your choosing, is now, thankfully passed. The living can now rise to achieve better, more long lasting goals, such as freedom, two dollar gas, and the three Rs for our kids in school. Let's Go Brandon !!! 😎👨‍✈️👠
20211101 19:01 Glenmore My satellite internet speed is down to almost unusable levels. Nominal is 20 MBbps, but normal is about 3 Mbps. This week it's seldom gotten above 1 Mbps and today has varied from 700 to 200 Kbps (download) and has burned through by 10 GB monthly data like I was streaming. Viasat's response is I need a better plan.
20211101 14:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Or as Dad said one "What do you mean I have a heart? They removed that in NCO school!"
20211101 14:46 Thing From Snowy Mountain I just had the blood test, I'm going to have lunch real quick and then I'll go back for the ultrasound.
20211101 13:07 Dale Well as badanov advised me. Beach party in DC this week. They never reveal who or what are the items of interest might be. Seems that is standard procedure. My contact is very good but we will see.
20211101 00:39 Skidmark Thing
20211031 10:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain I don't know how accurate this is or whether the data supports the conclusion:

1) The Expose: EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data.

2) Free Republic Discussion.
20211031 04:04 Dale The good old days were better days.
20211031 04:02 Dale Bing about 21;
20211030 14:02 badanov
20211030 13:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain And money's tight right now. Worse, even if it weren't tight I'd hate spending actual good money for a company like apple.
20211030 12:53 badanov
20211030 11:07 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I'd be calling you to warn you about iphone shit but mine just died for good and it looks like I'll have to get another one.
20211030 03:52 Dale A series Tractor sales difficult as well as service. On strike as across the country, strikes everywhere. Everything now supplied from china mostly it seems defective.