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20211022 05:56 badanov Chernarus Defense Forces Attack and Town Clearing Operation in Chernarus, October 21st, 2021
20211021 15:15 Dale
20211021 15:14 Dale Family thing;
20211020 16:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain [Reuters]: COVID vaccine injury claims mount, but recourse is lacking for those harmed
20211020 14:58 Dale Crikey. That's a wee one there. 630 there abouts;
20211020 10:08 badanov Friendly Operative Evacuation Mission in Chernarus, October 19th, 2021
20211020 08:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain Wonder if this will work.

20211019 22:44 badanov Chernarus Special Forces Raid on Tisy in Chernarus, October 19th, 2021
20211019 09:57 badanov CDF Ground Assault on Gavrilovka in Beketov, October 18th, 2021
20211018 08:36 Thing From Snowy Mountain And now reports of the death of Colin Powell.
20211018 08:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also: Whistleblower: FDA and CDC Ignore Damning Report that over 90% of a Hospital’s Admissions were Vaccinated for Covid-19 and No One Was Reporting This to VAERS, by @AaronSiriSG.

Another thread Second thread here.
20211018 08:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain Notable At Free Republic this morning:

* @ American Thinker: Is Aspirin the New Horse Dewormer?

* Coast Guard: 1,200-foot ship dragged California oil pipeline.
20211018 04:23 Dale Polyphonic music a big thing. Good catch Fred.
20211018 04:21 Dale "The Biden administration has quietly authorized damages to be settled with coerced vaccine takers if they suffer serious side effects under the still-unissued federal vaccine mandate. The clause was buried deep in documents in a Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation bulletin issued earlier in October." Let the games begin.
20211017 23:12 Thing From Snowy Mountain Bad, I guess I screwed up another link? If so, I'm sorry.

Good night.

20211017 21:37 Fred
20211017 19:47 badanov Link

The Health Ministry may ask newly vaccinated people to avoid exercise for a week due to a small number of myocarditis cases.
20211017 07:16 badanov Chernarus Special Forces Operation in Chernarus, October 15th, 2021
20211017 00:43 Dale She is real popular in Europe I understand. This is a bit more interesting;
20211017 00:38 Dale Long time doing this. Here goes;

One way or another; Hey, that sounds like a song there.
20211016 04:05 badanov
20211014 23:12 badanov Meeting Engagement at Vybor in Chernarus Part II, October 12th, 2021
20211014 12:31 Dale Today was a very interesting day. Pink eye infections. Flu, allergies galore. The cold and flu season is here big time.
20211014 08:09 badanov 😍 Ukrainian band does Rammstein:

20211014 07:59 badanov Seeking to replenish my supply of yellow mustard, I found my grocery store didn't have the brand I wanted, in a 32 ounce jar. (I've been eating a lot of sammiches recently.)

The brand name is a regional brand named after a caricature of an American Indian, so naturally my first fear was that it was removed because Kommie Kultural Killers deemed it be removed.

Imagine by pleasure to find that it is still being made and distributed.
20211013 20:50 badanov Meeting engagement in Rosche, October 9th, 2021
20211013 18:06 Glenmore Spousal unit just came up with an idea for bypassing the container ship backup in Long Beach: unload in Mexico and have the illegals carry the stuff across...
20211013 08:58 badanov
20211012 16:58 badanov
20211012 14:58 Dale ABL workers protesting Jab. About 100 strong. So they complain no one wants to work. Must get the stick! no thank you. No job. Kellogg's is now shutdown as well as Nabisco.Sunbelt making huge price increases shortly. Hey, work less and make more money, corporate talk. Airlines having more problems. Ethylene Oxide swabs so toxic. This is a cruel joke. Low budget movie. Truly amateur hour.
20211012 12:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, Bad, in that case, thanks for fixing my screwup.

(I didn't realize it had done that until after I hit 'post.')
20211012 03:21 Fred Is working for you?
20211012 03:20 Fred The music's by (Chariots of Fire) Vangelis.
20211011 23:15 badanov I've never seen that film. I plan to change that in a coupla weeks.
20211011 22:59 Fred Columbus Day music.

20211011 22:33 badanov Sorry Snowy. It was too wide, but when I tried to edit it, it swallowed the original post:

20211011 18:26 Dale Sorry I had an oops. The "'This is Not a Negotiation'" post comment expanded somehow. I paged to top but that didn't correct my error. In radio they call that dead air.
20211008 09:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ars Technica kills me.

The article right below "No, your antibodies are not better than vaccination: An explainer" is "How bushmeat could help us meet the world’s climate goals"
20211008 02:00 badanov Chernarus Naval Infantry Amphibious Raid on a Bridge in Altis, October 7th, 2021

20211007 13:42 Deacon Blues Pavlov's hair was soft because he conditioned it
20211007 09:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Of course Fauci wants to cancel Christmas. He doesn't want to go back to assembling toys at the North Pole.
20211007 06:42 badanov Meeting engagement in Ribbensdorf in Werferlingen, September 6th, 2021
20211006 12:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain and:

while I'm here and not on my phone:

Sweden suspends Moderna vaccine for those 30 and under.
20211006 11:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm downloading the original from cspan now.
20211006 11:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain I can't embed it, because Rumble...

It's another incriminating Faustci video.
20211006 11:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain

20211006 04:13 Dale Have to add; tires will become scarce now and any available will be at much higher priced.

A man with family of four children purchased family pack of chicken at double the old price.

Democrats October surprise.
20211004 17:55 badanov Aaaand they're back
20211004 17:00 badanov From Veroncia Calderon (Twitter):

Facebook has sent employees its data center in Santa Clara (#California ) to attempt a "manual reset" of the company's servers, depending on the #nytimes .#FacebookDown
20211004 14:39 badanov
20211004 14:38 badanov Facebook is working in Iran, sez Boris Rozhin.
20211004 14:28 3dc Facebook was erased from the world's DNS databases a few hours ago!
20211004 13:37 Dale When can we move in cousin Skid.

I learned something new. A cashier was corrected when he said thanks mam.With an angry voice she replied I am not a mam!. I am a fluid gender. I can't keep up with these people. I will say as the young people say, whatever.
20211004 13:32 Deacon Blues Here is the link
20211004 13:29 Deacon Blues Something not reported is Biden is trying to get Obama's policy of letting Unions get part of medicare payments to family members who care for other family members claiming they are workers even though the Supreme Court declared this practice un-constitutional. These Democrats care nothing for the law.
20211004 13:08 Skidmark Purchase gas and oil now. Big disruption will occur shortly.

Digging in a 1000 gal propane tank tomorrow. Diesel 'big tank' is full.
Heat, electric & locomotion covered.
20211004 12:57 Deacon Blues Facebook is down
20211004 03:45 Dale It is amazing to see how China is falling apart. Eastern region is a mess. Power outages, fuel shortages and manufacturing shutdowns. Banking system is failing also.

I wonder how soon we will follow as we are seeing in Europe at this time. Winters coming and I don't see Biden doing anything about anything.
20211004 01:51 badanov Chernarus naval infantry paradrop raid on La Riviere in Malden
20211003 15:30 Thing From Snowy Mountain At Free Republic:

* South California Oil Spill.

* Power Outages in China.
20211003 14:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain Build your own Baalbek. Some assembly required.

20211003 12:19 Dale Vaers story good catch Snowy. 1% of adverse reactions acknowledged at Vaers site. My reason for my post today is an update. 10-2-21 yesterday a corporate meeting occurred in my area. A participant passed along the following information. Purchase gas and oil now. Big disruption will occur shortly. Huge price spikes and delivery of product erratic. Currently food prices are surging at the markets. The man works for a large construction and fuel services corporation. Figures as winter approaches. This administration needs events to overshadow their shortcomings.
20211002 23:17 badanov Chernarus special forces raid on an enemy held village in Uganda, September 30th, 2021
20211002 21:08 3dc From a 2011 novel:

His tour in Afghanistan got off to a rocky start. Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan was largely uncivilized. Iraqis were literate, and westernized to a large extent. Afghanis were not, and outside of Kabul you stepped back in time. In short, the country was a shithole before the allies got there, and would still be long after they had left.

Waylon's primary worries were the Afghani partners that the allied forces coordinated with and allowed on base. There were increasing numbers of green on blue attacks, Afghani soldiers or police who turned on their western allies. He couldn't afford to trust any of them. He couldn't put his finger on why, but he also found it harder to fit in with the new security element he was attached to. In Iraq he'd felt a great sense of camaraderie. The base in the lowlands of Afghanistan was different. He tried to lighten things up by telling the soldiers that he'd been stationed in Hawaii when he volunteered for augmentee duty. Instead of laughing like they had in Iraq, these soldiers called him a fool, and perhaps he was.

Early in his tour he had a confrontation with a Special Forces type at the base firing range. Waylon put time in at the range several days a week to hone his skills, and for stress relief. He'd even completed a Navy correspondence course to be an assistant range safety officer. The old master sergeant who ran the range had promised to help him complete the Army version of the course.

Waylon was shooting on the improvised pistol range when the Special Forces soldier confronted him, and asked if he was some kind of wannabe warrior. Waylon stammered, but explained that he only wanted to be as prepared as he could be in case the worst happened. It was his job to protect the base, and he wanted to be damned sure that he did it right when the time came. The SF soldier apologized, he'd had a rough day, and after that run-in ... things got a little better for Waylon.

After twelve months he left Afghanistan a wiser person, but sad for the future of the hard luck country. He knew Iraq would succeed or fail on its own merits, but Afghanistan was doomed to the dark ages. It was inevitable that when the allies withdrew some years down the line, the country would return to its primitive roots. The Taliban, or groups like it, would wipe away all the progress that had been made for Afghani women and children. The West had tried valiantly to win the hearts and minds of the populace, but one stubborn fact remained that no amount of sensitivity training could ever overcome—the Americans, and their allies, would always be infidels.
20211001 14:52 Deacon Blues What do you call a wreath made from 100 dollar bills?

A wreath a franklins
20211001 09:20 Deacon Blues Recruit from congress
20211001 09:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain We are not in Clown World: An Unprecedented Clown Shortage Has Hit Circuses In Some Areas Due To Lengthy Pandemic Shutdown.

I'd have to guess they're all being recruited to run Biden's energy policy.
20211001 09:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Meanwhile, in Scotland...

Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries.

At a heart treatment center in the West of Scotland.
20210930 07:21 badanov Nocturnal village clearing operation in Chernarus, September 28th, 2021
20210929 17:04 Glenmore I rebooted yet again, but on top of the washing machine, and so far it’s working. Betting that keeps it cool enough to compensate for dust inside and/or failing video ‘card.’ Thanks for the suggestions; will probably try to order a replacement/backup when I get back to Texas.
20210929 11:46 Thing From Snowy Mountain For reference, I just got off the phone with him where we were discussing the evils of Amazon.

Anyway... currently listening to the Gin Blossoms.

20210929 11:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain I might give those a listen.

I want to put this link here for Glenmore, even though he probably won't use it, simply for due diligence and so I can close the tab:
20210929 11:19 badanov I have found recently that I always have been a Godsmack fan.

And Queens of the Stone Age.
20210929 11:17 badanov Nice.
20210929 11:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain In honor of Badanov...

20210928 22:21 badanov A skirmish in the cultural war.

At a Dollar General store at night, waiting in line. I was wearing a t-shirt and the trusty, rusty AK hat. Odds were 2-1 against me.

Result was a draw, best I could expect in the environment I was in. Kept my personal dignity, and inflicted some damage.

Pro tip: never play a gamer.

20210928 11:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore: look at this one. Disclaimer: I don't know what your budget is. If you try to go lower on the main site I'd get a lower-spec'd CPU and more hard drive space.
20210928 10:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain The Spanish Nursing Home Paper is a major a-ha moment for me.

Partly because I'm sure it's very close to what my now-deceased doctor prescribed for me for bacterial upper respiratory/lower respiratory infections which I'm prone to.
20210928 09:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain The last laptop I bought was a five-year-old netbook off of ebay. The last computer I bought was a ten year old imac off of ebay.

I'm going to say for a new-ish computer, go with the dell outlet. I'd suggest finding one with a ryzen chip, and avoid nvidia graphics, it'll make it easier if/when you switch to linux.
20210928 05:59 Skidmark Mind-blowing first-person footage from motorcycle racing game Ride 4 on PlayStation 5 'looks identical to real life'
20210928 02:41 badanov Town clearing operation in Werferlingen / Arma3
20210927 22:31 Glenmore Laptop
20210927 15:46 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore: is this a desktop or a laptop?
20210927 11:51 Skidmark Dell outlet
20210927 11:49 Skidmark I suppose you could begin collecting middle fingers, from democrats.
20210927 11:40 Deacon Blues The Democrats make me wish I had more middle fingers
20210927 10:55 Skidmark My take:

They're a commodity now Glenmore.
Disks are big and cheap. CPUs throwaway.

Get a better/bigger/faster display [or two!]. Lots of memory and CPU if you run Windows 10, less for Linux. A keyboard you can use. Wireless is fun but then you have to dick with batteries and bluetooth.

The Brave browser edition for Ubuntu is tasty. Lots of 'back to school' specials.

Check the Dell outlet store for refurbished units with full warranty. They'll send a repair tech to your home.

My EDC is a fat refurbished Dell box with two HDMI displays, from 2011. I use a USB 3.0 256 GB thumb drive ($10 Staples) for backups, auto-refreshed nightly. Another for a bootable OS should the HD croak.
20210927 10:15 Glenmore My PC just died. Lots of motor noise (fan or hard drive) starting up but eventually quieted back down. Then the screen started flickering randomly, getting worse and worse until unusable. Figure it’s time for a new one, looking for recommendations. I don’t do games or other A/V intensive stuff but do use some pretty big excel, PowerPoint and database files. Any thoughts? Thanks.
20210926 18:05 Deacon Blues The place I read about the Haitians ditching their ID's is at Rantburg
20210926 13:10 Deacon Blues I'd build a raft for my pond but I don't have any place to dock it. I'm a man without pier.
20210926 12:35 Deacon Blues I read this morning the Haitians are ditching their ID cards at the border because they have been given asylum in othe countries. There is even picture evidence.
20210926 12:04 49 Pan So lets give the illegal immigrants work visa's. Move them to industrial cities, give them the vacant houses to fix up. All the US that are refusing to work will just have to now compete with the new immigrant class. The dems will explode with the AOC socialist and the new working class.
20210926 08:47 badanov Spycraft in Deniland: Nocturnal snatch mission
20210926 07:24 Skidmark I wake up in the morning, let the dogs out, grab some coffee and open the Rantburg for my morning news.

I can't believe some of the stuff that gets published with my nom on it.

I must be drunk/sleep posting.
20210923 00:58 badanov September 14 civilian evacuation operation in Beketov: