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20210921 22:09 badanov
20210921 21:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Another VAERS whistleblower:

“THESE PATIENTS DESERVE TO BE HEARD” -VAERS WHISTLEBLOWER [Include notes on a few key points in this excellent 1 hour video].
20210921 17:57 badanov Same here, Deacon
20210921 16:47 Dale Update, Sunbelt(little Debbie crisis resolved) 25 two team driver transports just added.

150 people quit Morgantown medical systems, 50 quit Winchester medical systems after Vax mandated.

Nurse locally quit hospital to work at Dollar General.

Our local hospital would not mandate Vax because they are understaffed now.

Influenza is here. Fun times this winter.
20210921 11:16 Deacon Blues I once went to a Las Vegas cas!no. Ironically I had to wear a tie in order to loose my shirt.
20210921 10:34 Deacon Blues badman, I have to run my clothes through the dry cycle of my energy saving dryer twice to get them dry so drying time is 2 hours
20210920 22:15 badanov Wash clothes: 1 hour
Dry clothes: 2 hrs
Fold and put away: 7 to 10 business days
20210920 14:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thousands of Novavax Covid jab trial volunteers ‘trapped’ without vaccination status
Ministers are being urged to help thousands of people who took part in Novavax's Covid-19 vaccine trials who cannot prove their vaccination status.

Trial participants have described being “trapped” and “in limbo” because they are unable to get a licensed Covid-19 vaccine or travel abroad.

Around 15,000 Britons took part in the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial.

The vaccine is yet to be approved for use in the UK.

"I wanted to do my bit to fight Covid but I feel utterly betrayed by the system and I’m trapped without any vaccination status" -- Trial participant Gill Ince
People who took part have said that despite being vaccinated, and volunteering to enhance medical science early on in the pandemic, they are unable to enjoy the same freedoms as the general population.

A petition has been launched on calling for help from Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

The petition, launched by the Novavax UK Concerned Participants Group, states that UK volunteers are “significantly disadvantaged” because they face barriers to travel and are unable to get another Covid-19 vaccine.

“We call on the ministers to rectify the situation immediately so that Novavax volunteers can travel as freely as other vaccinated people,” the petition states.

Retiree Gill Ince, who participated in the trial in September 2020, said she felt like she was “living in limbo”.

"We have no idea if, where or when Novavax will be approved so now we are living in limbo. It’s incredibly stressful and I feel like a prisoner" -- Trial Participant Gill Ince
The 61-year-old, from Oxfordshire, said: “I stepped forward early in the pandemic to participate in a vaccine trial.

“I wanted to do my bit to fight Covid but I feel utterly betrayed by the system and I’m trapped without any vaccination status.

“I was given reassurances that I would not be disadvantaged in anyway at a later date.

“We have no idea if, where or when Novavax will be approved so now we are living in limbo.

“It’s incredibly stressful and I feel like a prisoner.

“It feels like the most awful situation I’ve ever been put in in my life, because I can’t do anything.”

"Volunteers in formally approved Covid-19 vaccine trials in the UK should not be disadvantaged in relation to vaccine certification policies, and we are committed to taking action on this issue" -- Government Spokesperson
The Observer reported on Sunday that England’s deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam suggested to the Government that the UK withhold clinical trial data if vaccine trial participants were not being allowed into European countries.

A Government spokesperson said: “Covid-19 vaccine trials have been absolutely critical to developing safe and effective vaccines which have prevented 230,800 hospitalisations and 112,300 deaths – and that is thanks to the volunteers who made those trials possible.

“Volunteers in formally approved Covid-19 vaccine trials in the UK should not be disadvantaged in relation to vaccine certification policies, and we are committed to taking action on this issue.

“Any decision for a participant in a vaccine trial to receive an alternative vaccination should be made in conjunction with the clinicians who lead the trial.”

A Novavax spokesperson added: “Novavax is in active conversations with various regulatory agencies, including MHRA, EMA, WHO, FDA and others, and is working on the completion of our rolling submissions.

“Novavax is in alignment with these regulatory authorities on the final requirements to complete these submissions. As a result, there is additional work under way and we now expect that these final filings, including to MHRA, will occur in close proximity to each other in the next couple of months.

“Regarding boosters, we have sought urgent guidance from NHS/JCVI, which they are actively considering, and will be sure to share updates as we have them.

“Clinical trial participants made a vital contribution during an unprecedented global pandemic. In addition to working day and night to complete the submission process, Novavax is doing all we can to advocate on their behalf to support proof of vaccination outside of the UK.”
20210920 09:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain THERAPEUTIC ADVANCES
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines
Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.
20210919 23:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain Shocking ONS Data On UK Post-Covid Vax Deaths In 2021 [30,305].
20210919 21:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain Frank: I'm afraid that Mr. Miklos is doubly handicapped. He's both a Hungarian and a Yat.
20210919 17:10 Frank G Greeeeeen Acres is the place to be....
20210919 12:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain You go straight, then left where Mr. Haney (I mean old Mr Haney) used to live, then left again where the big oak tree used to be, then right where they say they are going to build the school or something, and yer right there.

Well, kinda on the other side, but you'll see it.

Posted by: rando Miklos, not from around here at September 19, 2021 04:09 AM (QzkSJ)
20210918 10:25 Deacon Blues The Religious Tenets of the Holy Church of Covid 19 Vaccination.
-If you get sick after the 1st vaccine shot, it's because you haven't had the 2nd shot yet.
-If you get sick after the 2nd vaccine shot, it's because 21 days didn't passed yet since you had the 2nd shot.
-If you get sick after more than 21 days since the 2nd shot, then the role of the vaccine was for you not the get gravelly ill.
-If you get gravely ill, then the role of the vaccine was to keep you from dying.
f you die, then at least you should be consoled knowing that "no vaccine is 100% effective, and anyhow, your death is the fault of those right-wing anti-vaxxing nutjobs.
Furthermore, because of the interesting times we are living in, you should also know the following:
-If you get ill or die because of the vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for your death.
-The government who is mandating you to get vaccinated also cannot be held liable.
-The nurse who jabs you in the arm and puts the vaccine in you isn't liable either.
-But if you refuse to get vaccinated, then you're responsible for every single Covid death in the world!
20210918 03:51 Dale Sunbelt(Little Debbie) truck drivers will go on strike in two weeks if no help is gotten for relief.
20210917 18:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain
I saw on Twitter someone said, "Nicki Minaj has done more for freedom in 2021 than the GOP."
Posted by: abbynormal at September 17, 2021 04:17 PM (Xpj5t)
20210917 13:13 Dale Where did my a go in Teacher?. I still like my idea regarding Kamala Devi Harris addition to Devi, being Devil.
20210917 13:10 Dale Techer asks her class who here would vote for Harris Biden?. All but one raised their hand. Teacher asks Johnny(always Johnny) are you a Republican Johnny? I suppose I am. Why?, my father is Republican, my mother is Republican and I suppose I am a Republican.Then if your dad is an idiot and your mother is a moron what would you then be Johnny?. I suppose a Harris Biden voter.
20210917 11:06 badanov Good one, Snowy
20210917 10:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Anthony Fauci Named ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ by the Guardian — and Folks Aren’t Taking the Newspaper’s Decision So Kindly

I understand that Mengele's eyes were kinda dreamy too. Maybe we can get Leni Riefenstahl to do the biopic.
20210916 23:08 3dc
20210916 21:22 3dc Send in the Police
20210916 20:43 3dc wretchardthecat

Maybe there aren't too many 'good citizens' in Washington, just people working for someone.
20210916 13:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Europe Could Turn To More Coal If Gas Crunch Persists
20210916 09:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain at bloomberg:

Europe’s Energy Crunch Is Forcing U.K. Factories to Shut Down.

Hmm, it seems it was just a short while ago I was seeing daily articles about how successful their windmills were.
20210916 09:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain "The problem with the reporting is that the study in question does not conclude that the blood clot risk from COVID is much higher than the vaccine. It shows that vaccinated people who get COVID have a much higher risk of developing blood clots than people who are vaccinated and don’t have COVID.

The fact that even the University of Oxford who conducted the study went with this misleading headline has to make you wonder if these people really have our best interests in mind. The odds of a few people misinterpreting this study are fairly good since it is admittedly a bit confusing, but the odds of every news outlet making the same mistake are fairly low."
20210916 09:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain Mainstream news outlets claim COVID-19 more likely to cause blood clots than vaccines citing study where 100% of participants were vaccinated.
I made the last part bold to draw attention to it. The study looked at how COVID infection influenced people who had already been vaccinated, not how COVID infection side-effects differed from vaccine side-effects.
20210915 23:12 Thing From Snowy Mountain Medrxiv: Shedding of Infectious SARS-CoV-2 Despite Vaccination.
20210915 08:16 Skidmark Something Important Happening at 5:00 PM Today: Report
20210914 21:36 badanov Monday late evening paradrop raid in Gabreta:

20210912 09:51 Frank G heh
20210912 09:47 badanov "I am a film maker."
"So you think you're Spielberg?"
"More like Ed Wood."
20210912 08:53 Skidmark
Army football
20210910 22:00 badanov
20210910 14:41 3dc #1 trending hashtag on twitter is "Dictator Biden"
20210910 05:05 3dc Fire at the Aubert and Duval plant in Pamiers. Residents residing within a 200m radius of the factory are invited to confine themselves as a precautionary measure, while the rest of the population is urged not to move around

They make alloys and forging for French/EU aerospace.
20210909 19:43 badanov When it all goes wrong:

Seeing both flanking rifle squads were reduced in size, including 2nd squad from fighting off a T-34/85 tank, the commander called a retreat deeper into town.

But it was too late. The town already was surrounded, so by the time the acting commander received orders to retreat, a further retreat was no longer an option.

Casualties were catastrophic. Not one element of the task force was left alive.
20210909 01:54 3dc They are building warheads and ICBMs like crazy.
20210908 13:31 Skidmark Of course the 3rd baby joy will put further demand on food acquisition and distribution.

One remarkably expensive tactic to widen the region for bulk processing of fish and energy harvesting appears to be failing.

Sunk: How China's Man-Made Islands Are Falling Apart and Sinking Into the Ocean

One can assume an outreach strategy remains in effect.
20210908 13:20 Skidmark what can we extrapolate from this information to better-predict China’s behaviors

Good to watch commodity markets and shipping manifests, current and historical.

Events have already triggered the 3rd baby family. Poss a start on rebuilding the war attrition.

China's Former One-Child Policy

China allows three children in major policy shift
20210908 12:33 Mullah Richard So 3DC, does the Middle Kingdom start a 'conflict' somewhere to divert their peasants' attention from this?
20210907 22:13 3dc
20210907 19:42 3dc
20210907 19:15 badanov When it comes to taxes, Chinese are Reaganite conservatives. That is the single most important element that will cause the Chicoms to lose the Mandate Of heaven.
20210907 19:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain Reading between the lines.... everyone in the usual food-producing countries was forced, by the 1 1/2 year epidemic thus far, to do the bare minimum in preventitive maintenance and the results are going to catch up to the customers.
20210907 18:35 trailing wife Nice analysis, 3dc.
20210907 18:34 trailing wife As I recall, food shortages and pandemics have historically been seen as signs that the emperor has lost the mandate of heaven. Interesting times for China coming even sooner than expected, as all the Black Swans fly in at once?
20210907 18:09 3dc Broadly speaking, the confluence of supply side and logistics disruptions has formed into a perfect storm, where China cannot as readily meet its current food demand through production, trade, acquiring foreign food manufacturers, and even illegal activities such as illicit fishing.

Which begs the question - what can we extrapolate from this information to better-predict China’s behaviors in the coming months, the US’ responses, and the impact to global stability?
20210907 18:08 3dc Brazil has been forced to temporarily suspend all beef exports to China over an outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or “mad cow disease”), cutting off China’s source of around 71,000 tons per month of beef.
20210907 18:07 3dc It appears Ukraine and Russia will have to pick up the slack from the grains side, as both countries are projecting 29% and 19% production increases over 2020, respectively. In terms of overall cost on an “FOB” basis (Free On Board, a term of sale that reflects cost to purchase the product and transport it from an origin port), Argentina is still the most competitive source of corn for China, but only produces about half the volume as Brazil. Oilseed (especially soybeans) availability looks stable worldwide with no significant production issues noted so far, but logistics constraints impact the trade as much as it does for corn, as well as enduring worries about weather challenges to crop quality (if not quantity).
20210907 18:06 3dc The news is not much better in China’s traditional breadbasket. Brazil’s safrinha (second corn crop) has historically been the export-maker for the country, with China a major buyer each year. However, due to disastrous planting conditions and weather challenges, production is expected be 20% lower versus last year, dragging corn exports down by 33% year-over-year. Though Brazil’s soybean production is about 9% higher than 2020, availability of bulk cargo vessels is constrained, with global dry bulk freight rates roughly 40% higher than the previous five-year peak (pre-2021) set in Q3 of 2019.
20210907 18:05 3dc Bringing it full circle to the devastation to US agri export capacity wrought by Hurricane Ida, there is now an imbalance of supply and demand such as we have not seen in a long time. Whereas before, China was able to make up shortfalls in domestic production by sourcing from the US, Brazil, Ukraine, Europe and others, that optionality is gone. The US’ primary grain and oilseed export hub of southern Louisiana lies in disrepair, with US yields expected to be basically at trendline, with unknown impact to grain and oilseed quality due to drought stress in some regions. Early indicators of crop quality are a bit worrisome, with the most recent USDA Crop Progress Report released on 30 Aug 2021 showing corn conditions at 60% Good/Excellent (62% last year) and soybeans at 55% Good/Excellent (66% last year). What is available to China will likely be of reduced quality and more expensive to transport from alternate US origins.
20210907 18:02 3dc and...
The immediate causes of China’s food security woes are twofold:

An ongoing, multi-year outbreak of African Swine Fever

Two consecutive years of reduced grain and oilseed production due to widespread catastrophic flooding
20210907 18:00 3dc basic gist ... forget US food exports for 6 months or more. Not enough containers for other ports and terminals in Louisiana are destroyed or down.
20210907 17:50 3dc
20210907 16:59 3dc
%9 of US grain export taken out by hurricane.
20210907 16:57 3dc Russia squeezing Europe on NordStream 2
20210907 03:51 Dale Willard Scott dead at 87. He was great fellow. Joy Boys of radio him and Ed Walker. Last radio show that played Barbershop as I recall.
20210904 14:40 badanov
20210903 11:46 badanov
20210901 22:25 Skidmark Yahoo!
Got my booster today.
Ah'm gonna live forever.
20210901 20:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain Seen at Ace's:

National Review did more to help the Taliban in Afghanistan than they've ever done to help conservatives in America.
20210901 04:19 Dale From Oregon to I believe Kentucky Nabisco is shutdown. Abuse of employees main reason(80 hour work week strait time and taking from from savings plans of employees for 40 hour additional time worked. Out of stock on most products in nearly every industry. Price increases on what's left if delivered(no gator aide no Aquafina water). Fuel shortages. I would avoid driving vacations at this time. Frito 20,000 dollar Walmart order actually delivered 2000 dollars. One convenience store delivered 4 bags of 7oz. chips for holiday.Little Debbie no idea when they will get product,could be weeks.
20210830 09:52 badanov
20210829 19:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain BBL. In the meantime, enjoy some music...

20210829 17:50 Frank G I'm partial to
20210828 22:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20210827 17:08 3dc Same origin and process.
Name in roll Biden_Blood
20210827 17:01 3dc It came via facebork
20210827 17:00 3dc Photo had all info cleaned and re-imaged to fit rantburg posting rules.
20210827 16:59 3dc And no damn idea if it is true but it so fits this bunch of rainbow queers.
20210827 16:58 3dc On the rantburg photo roll with that name
"General Milley"
20210827 16:57 3dc General Milley

20210827 08:19 badanov Former president of the republic of Mexico, Luis Echeverría Álvarez has died at 99.
20210827 03:38 3dc We are with the mad queen in wonderland.
20210827 00:32 badanov
20210826 20:24 trailing wife Thank you for that, Deacon Blues. I couldn’t watch him.
20210826 18:31 Deacon Blues It's very clear he is not in charge
20210826 18:23 Deacon Blues When Biden said he would take questions he calls on ‘the first person I was instructed to call on’
20210826 18:10 Deacon Blues Jen Psaki is now covering for the Taliban just like her boss did.
20210826 17:51 Deacon Blues Now claiming we won the Afghan war
20210826 17:47 Deacon Blues Now blaming the military
20210826 17:40 Deacon Blues He makes no sense. Staring blankly at the camera for several seconds at a time. He is now lying about the military commanders not wanting more forces to protect the people still there. He said there was no mistake giving the Taliban control of airport security. He still trusts the Taliban. Lying about the Taliban letting people go to the airport. They aren't. He said he is counting on their self interests.
20210826 17:30 Deacon Blues Biden looks like a robot. Staring straight ahead, no emotion in his voice. Making threats he probably won't make good.
20210826 13:22 Visitor

Don't wanna hear no more about gun control

Don't wanna hear no more about cryptocurrency
20210825 22:34 badanov
20210825 21:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain Exclusive: Samples From Early Wuhan COVID Patients Had Genetically Modified Henipah, One of Two Types of Viruses Sent From Canadian Lab
20210824 14:45 Skidmark CSpan live still in debate on the $3.5T

Ah'm missing my siesta.
20210824 10:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20210823 11:40 badanov