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20210803 17:25 badanov
20210803 17:05 Dale TKY TW, Wow some new words, Ehrmergerd-ornery- comorbidities. Well, words to sprinkle in here and there. So many people are turning away from any news. The increased fear and stress is harming our immune systems. Seems we are less able to fight things off. OK, I'm being ornery.
20210803 14:37 trailing wife Especially for Dale: Statistics professor fisks COVID news.
20210803 13:45 Dale Seems we have a media effort to attack red states. Covid sanctuaries. Non vaccinated people causing all the spiking problems.Well in my area I have inside information. I can't reveal source as he would be terminated. In two weeks only 5 covid diagnosed. One had pneumonia and was told not covid. Upon discharge DX was Covid. This is a deliberate effort.
20210802 00:05 Dron Happened to one tablet and one phone of mine. Fake batteries and overcharging they said.

If anyone has an android phone and you're not playing WWII-Road to Valor you don't know what you're missing.
20210801 20:02 badanov I kept a cell phone, a cheapie provided by ATT, for ten years, 2007-2017.
20210801 18:52 Skidmark 10/2017 dated battery.
Lasted a while.
20210801 18:49 Skidmark Samsung 8 battery blew while watching Punisher. Odd. Puffed up enough to disassemble, rapidly.
20210731 13:57 badanov
20210729 20:42 badanov
20210729 20:38 Frank G Thx SteveS for that zipper memory
20210729 16:44 Dale
20210729 14:52 badanov
20210728 21:46 Jan You don't even have to be a guy to cringe remembering that scene in 'There's something about Mary'
20210728 20:43 SteveS I hate it when you get your Thing caught in the machinery.
20210728 20:12 Frank G Got a little excessive in deleting Spam and caught Thing's
20210728 20:11 Frank G 20210728 09:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, I just tried re-posting something from a couple months back, but it didn't take. Maybe the machine didn't like the embed code, I dunno.
20210726 14:22 Dale Honey, I'm stuck on the toilet. Call the Plumber. It's 2am?. Yes; call, he will come. He calls soon to arrive. Honey, I am exposed give me your Yamaka. He gives. Plumber arrives. Husband asked can you help her?. Yes, but I can't help the Rabbi.
20210726 09:45 Skidmark Icelandic

Do they perhaps have the world's deepest snow?
20210725 20:30 Dale Nasal swabs they use to test you for Covid manufactured in Chins. How convenient.
20210725 20:25 Dale Icelandic women are the world’s tallest women.
20210725 19:29 badanov
20210724 15:14 Dale I spoke to n accountant who deals with hacking worldwide. I verified our area is not the only place being attacked. It is happening all over the world. VPN she said vital for phone or computer.
20210724 11:25 trailing wife Brave, courageous, and bold are synonyms.

Brave and courageous, sure. But bold sometimes means stupid.
20210724 03:22 Dale Main actor had great military background in that series, Hugh O'Brien. Another great program was Yancey Derringer.I still see that street sign Bourbon Street. That's where I heard "I'm your huckleberry" for the first time.
20210723 23:39 Fred That song always bothered me. Brave, courageous, and bold are synonyms.
20210723 15:46 Deacon Blues Now I'm singing in my head the theme song to the TV show "Wyatt Earp".
20210723 06:56 Dron Wow. Real space age Wyatt Earps y'all.

20210723 06:33 badanov Droppings cleared
20210723 06:31 Dron Chinese bot attack on some threads.
20210722 17:53 Dale Seems daily added stress is added into our lives. Monkey pox is not really as bad but still a tweak up on the pressure dial.
20210722 16:39 Dale Patients issued on 20 year old products as novel. Gulf war veteran said 40 years ago they tried and did inject and some refused and were discharged.Birth defects and deaths and so on. Key word there is Novel.
20210722 16:32 Dale Violations of all ten Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Next 200 being monitored for monkeypox in this country.

Major legal events directed at CDC and WHO. Federal register.

Dr. Martin is one of the sharpest people I have listened to so far. Civil Action No. 2:21-cv-00702-CLM Plaintiffs move under Rule 65, Fed.R.Civ.P., for a preliminary injunction against Defendants enjoining them from continuing to authorize the emergency use of the so-called ....
20210722 14:54 badanov
20210722 14:47 Deacon Blues I've been investing in stocks. First chicken, then beef, and now vegetable. I know it's risky but one day it'll pay off and I'll be a bouillionaire.
20210722 12:53 Deacon Blues My friend Jack talks to vegetables. Jack and the beans talk.
20210721 19:13 badanov I tried to reset the size, but it somehow disappeared.

Sorry about that.
20210721 19:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain I thought I also posted the Bill and Ted scene with Dust in the Wind, but I don't know where it went.
20210721 18:24 badanov
20210721 16:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ugh, I keep screwing up.
20210721 14:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain
BTW, here it is:

20210721 10:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ok, embedding from rumble doesn't work.
20210721 10:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain

20210720 08:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Dale, I think the "No real virus" shit is basically manufactured "controlled oppostition" by the people who made the fucking virus so that people looking for an alternative to the establishment run head-first into something that isn't true.

20210719 10:36 Dale Deaconman I had spoke to a manager on the FEDEX business. Yes, help these days are quite unpredictable. Confusion between IO's and employed drivers.It is complicated and they are overwhelmed. They even deliver meals to school children who are not in public school(West Virginia).
20210719 10:30 Dale
20210718 23:35 badanov
20210718 10:09 Deacon Blues Frank UPS in this area isn't much better. I was waiting on a package of medications and after a week it hadn't arrived. Got tracking number and UPS had it as unable to deliver. Called the distribution center and it was there. Drove 45 minutes and the manager said the young driver said he couldn't find my house. It's the only house on a dead end road. She told me it's a common problem with young drivers. They don't really look. They drive around and then say they couldn't find the place.
20210718 08:35 badanov I lost a $400 processor because of those bastards last summer.
20210718 04:06 Dale FedEx having orders changed.Wrong people get product.This is now a big problem for them.
20210717 13:49 NoMoreBS Fred, Did the donation arrive at the mailing address in Delaware? Our Gardnerville PO has had a run of troubles and I posted it from my Mailbox, not the PO.
20210717 07:15 Frank G operation Toot and calm em?

To your room, Deacon
20210716 22:17 Fred
20210716 14:09 Dale I forgot, 150 people hacked in one day at one local bank.
20210716 14:07 Dale Thing, she is always is so energetic.

80 people hacked at Frostburg University. Seems they have a reputation. Learning new skills. Many, many people hacked locally. Chase bank thinks it's WiFi or Amazon sources. Young people very familiar with the dark web. They say you can do anything. Seems chip cards are the most vulnerable to hacking.This is all over the country as far as I can tell.
20210716 10:30 Deacon Blues The government in Egypt has asked all taxi drivers to drive around the cities and honk their horns. It is hoped that hearing normal sounds will calm people and further return to normal after the pandemic. Its
known as operation Toot and calm em.
20210716 10:06 Skidmark What's the pool on the Blue Origin launch?
Bloom or boom?
20210715 20:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain I don't know spanish but I admire the enthusiasm here.

20210713 18:56 badanov
20210713 18:46 Grunter Fred, still not getting thru to you apparently
Still need a mailing address.
Comms here can be dodgy
20210713 18:33 badanov
20210713 13:56 Dale Short update. Doctor is amazed at the increased number of Heart monitors he has installed. 7 individuals I saw today have been hacked within 30 days. Chase bank believes it is Amazon or Wy-fi who provide the opportunity. Use charge on card not debit. Bank will have to deal with charge card not you they tell me. Now I shut up.
20210712 08:27 Dale I remind myself of Jack Nicholson where he rants and is vocally very loud.Instantly he stops and asked politely would you like a tea. I really enjoyed that turn in conversation.
20210712 08:19 Dale TW I was told that also but availability was also the problem. The China vaccine was said to be ineffective or defective I forget the exact word he used. China has been well known to offer very inferior products to its Asia neighbors. Vietnam generally prefers us to China. Garments burning skin main problem I have heard of. Shortly lock downs, confinements, Black mold big problem also especially in India.Those with weak immune systems hit hardest.
20210711 23:51 Dale "SAIL's mission is to bring about the construction and operation of the first Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) large cargo ship". Ha, the future.
20210711 21:29 trailing wife Dale, Bankok Billy said Thailand has been using exclusively the Chinese vaccine, and many over there believe that is the reason Covid is running amok.
20210711 18:23 Dale I remember telling a store owner it can't get worse and he replied, " you wanna bet". So many things about to happen. Biggest is the mass hacking about to occur. Very invasive and multifaceted in all electronic activities. Bank, internet so they say. Then the west drought impact on foods and big increases in prices.Perhaps the trucking industry standstill due to fuel issues. I can't confirm that but we will see. Unable to confirm it. Too recent. Thailand and most of Asia having a major problem with Covid( illegal immigrants blamed). Other than that my garden is doing great.
20210708 20:33 Fred Try now.
20210708 20:33 Grunter Fred, same here- can’t make email work from Oz.
I am at
Bullrout52 (near)
20210708 19:19 badanov
20210708 14:58 Glenmore Fred, I need a USPS address. For whatever reason my interpretation of your 'contact me' e-mail address bounced back to me, and I gather I need a DE, not MD USPS one now.
20210708 11:02 Deacon Blues Well, I'm on insulin after all. Phooey
20210707 21:50 badanov
20210707 21:00 badanov
20210707 17:38 Fred
20210706 22:20 badanov
20210706 22:12 3dc Meet the new owners of the USA after the 2020 coup.
20210706 21:21 Fred When the autumnal molds and mildews blossom in Cincinnati
I go and get my best girl Hattie.
She's always lovely, she always looks so looks so natty,
In the autumn when the molds and mildews bloom.

You can fill in the rest, I'm sure.
20210706 21:19 Fred when the autumnal molds and mildews blossom in Cincinnati

Sounds so romantic. You should write a song: "I love Cincinnati in the autumn"...
20210706 15:33 Fred Oooh! I seen dat movie! It's got lotsa nekkid wimmin!
20210706 14:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain A small tribute to the Burg's Imperial Patron...

20210706 09:50 trailing wife After that year in Brussels accustomed my body to lung infections, I got either bronchitis or pneumonia every year in the third week of September, which is when the autumnal molds and mildews blossom in Cincinnati — a much easier way to lose the last ten pounds. ;-) But in 2005 someone decided I was a candidate for the pneumonia shot — I’ve paid the price in weight gain ever since.

A friend of mine, diagnosed with diabetes, gave up beer and lost about thirty pounds, at which point the diabetes went into remission. Now he plies his lovely Southern wife with the drink he no longer swallows, enjoying her pleasure in it.

Good luck, Deacon Blues.
20210706 01:09 3dc It has to do with hurting mitochondria and the "spike" screwing up iron.
20210706 01:07 3dc COVID increases the risks of pancreatic cancer and a few other cancers.
20210705 20:42 Fred I lost 25 pounds when I had COVID. I looked like I'd been deflated. First time I'd seen my feet in years.
20210705 18:58 Deacon Blues No check for cancer. I will see my regular doctor this week.
20210705 18:44 Fred That's an awful lot for a week. Did they check you for pancreatic cancer? That's one of the symptoms.
20210705 18:20 Deacon Blues 18 pounds
20210705 17:52 Fred Deacon, sorry I deleted your last comment with the flood of spam. You lost a dramatic amount of weight?
20210705 15:53 Fred Have to go to lite beer, with lower carb count. Works for me, and my Metformin dosagge is 750mg twice a day.
20210705 08:51 Dale Decon sorry to hear that. This is one of many common side effects after receiving vaccine. founder just died shortly after receiving vaccine;

"Why did you trust the very same Government(s), industries and “scientist” who totally lie to us all about the “Warming”, etc.?

These vaccines are still considered “experimental”, have not been evaluated for any “long” term dangers…………".
20210705 07:36 Deacon Blues Bad thing about it Fred is the Doctor said I have to give up beer