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20210505 17:15 MichaelVop ***SPAM? 1***
20210505 16:42 sansilI ***SPAM? 1***
20210505 16:21 Focusbuu ***SPAM? 1*** inventions of typography
20210503 10:48 Dale New trucks sitting on dealership lots. "Largely outsourced to China, the U.S. semiconductor industry faces a dangerous supply problem."
20210503 03:11 Dron Forget the world's misery for a moment. Listen to this. Headphones advised.

The chorus means :
Everyday, touch me like the wind, everyday.
The journey of my hands to yours, everyday.
20210503 01:59 3dc BTW with the May Day reports my wife up and said: "May Day was a fertility day until the commies took it over so they could get some sex."
20210430 23:06 trailing wife Ask me how.

How, badanov?
20210429 11:00 badanov From deplorable to white supremacist to domestic terrorist, all in four months. Ask me how.
20210427 13:21 Dale The good years Mr. B. My grand mother was a flapper. My female cousins would dress up with her old outfits and so many bead necklaces and hats. Her outfits indicated a slender figure. Keep on the sunny side of life; Carter family including the Dad.
20210427 10:14 trailing wife Good to know, Clem. Welcome to the O Club!
20210426 23:19 Clem I thought I'd pass an anecdote from an acquaintance along here re: the McDonald's entry on the 'Burg. Surely more pertinent to mom-and-pop-type establishments (or, non-mega-chain places), but another unintended consequence of the response to COVID-19:

Right now I’ The hospitality industry is having an unprecedented staffing crisis- restaurants paid people like shit for so long that this past year they all went and found different work that is easier and more $. The traditional restaurant model is almost dead. Places can’t even buy cooks back at almost double previous salaries. It’s a mess. With reopening and pent up demand they’re about to get crushed. I’m doing efficiency, LEAN manufacturing analysis, and automation work with 6 different places. Prepare to wait longer, pay more, and have crappier food for a while. The food scene getting ugly and uglier by the minute.

- Mom and pops are getting hit hard. A lot of independent restaurant owners are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars of PPP money and no one to pay it to. Lots of wasted time and labor in kitchens so I’m helping them pick their systems apart and improve the bottom line on cost of goods and invest in fixed cost infrastructure to replace cooks and supplement increased labor cost. Messy.
20210424 14:28 badanov I nuked Bombay's comment. Sorry.

I rarely post these days and visit rarely as well. I'm very saddened to hear of AP's passing. Here's to AP and thoughts for his family.
20210421 17:20 Deacon Blues I bought a wig for a dollar. It was a small price toupee.
20210420 17:12 Deacon Blues Chauvin found guilty on all 3 counts. The jury caved to mob justice.
20210419 23:31 badanov
20210419 16:24 Deacon Blues I resemble that Steve S
20210417 22:00 Frank G nice
20210417 20:16 SteveS Saw this over on Maggie's Farm. For some reason, it reminded me of Deacon:

A malapropism walks into a bar, looking for all intensive purposes like a wolf in cheap clothing, muttering epitaphs and casting dispersions on his magnificent other, who takes him for granite.
20210417 15:22 badanov Ukrainian 28th Brigade's area of operation is near west Donetsk city.
20210417 15:14 badanov I am only posting Ukrainian war news on my mewe page because fuck Facebook.
20210417 15:12 badanov From Girkin's V Kontakte page, Ukrainians are cannibalizing their tanks to make some of them run, but now at least in one of their tank battalions, they hnave none:

From the V Kontakte page of reserve Col. Igor Girkin:

In the Ukrainian 28th Brigade . As our informers said, before inspecting the equipment in the 2nd tank battalion, they dragged parts from one tank to another so many times, in an attempt to launch at least some of them, that they completely lost track of where and what was standing. Not much was conditionally repaired either.

There are still no completely serviceable vehicles, but it turned out that the engine on the 02 tank was completely broken. The battalion commander fucks everyone indiscriminately and demands that those responsible for the breakdown, repair the engine at their own expense. But the crew commander, he swears that there are no native parts left in that engine, and he will not be puffed up for the whole battalion. Therefore, he already openly declares that he will simply go to SOCH instead of repairs. "

Doesn't sound like preparations for war are being made...
20210417 15:02 badanov According to reserve FSB Col. Igor Girkin, there have been zero ceasefire violations Friday in Lugansk.

In Donetsk, there have been 199.
20210417 10:44 Skidmark Enough with the news.
Ah'm going to cleanse my palate shoveling stalls.
20210416 21:10 Grunter Very cool, 3dc. Then we have something in common, for a thousand years ago my ancestors were weeding somebody else’s turnips in Devon.
20210415 21:36 Frank G adding the width = 300 to the end didn't help
20210415 21:33 SCFI Mod dern it Mod!

20210415 21:32 SCFI Can a mos add "width=300" to the embed code please, I forgot this thing doesn't have a preview!


20210415 02:15 3dc Grunter, 1000 years ago ancestors of mine kept up one of Thor's holy groves.
20210415 00:03 Grunter Deacon, I would expect no less. A Norse is a Norse, of course, of course.
20210414 21:31 trailing wife Mr. Wife joins me in a full groan and eye roll, Deacon. Well done!
20210413 15:13 Deacon Blues Olaf the Norseman is shopping at a supermarket when he comes across an old lady in a wheelchair, almost in tears.
"What's the matter?" asks Olaf.
"Oh," sobs the old lady. "I want to have a look at the frozen puddings but, as you can see, there are three steps down into the chiller cabinets."
"No problem," says Olaf, lifting her onto his back. "I'll take you."
Olaf strolls through the chiller cabinets with the old lady on his back. She selects several puddings and puts them in the basket he is carrying for her.
At the other end the old lady's husband is waiting with her wheelchair.
"I'd really like to thank you," says the old lady as Olaf sets her back down in the chair, "but I don't even know who you are!"
Olaf just waves and walks off.
"I was really worried about you," says the old lady's husband. "What have you been doing?"
She replies, "Well, I've been through the desserts on a Norse with no name."
20210412 13:56 Deacon Blues Wife had COVID late last year. I didn't get it. Haven't gotten the shot.
20210411 18:57 Frank G Moderna 1st shot, first week of May. Just tested Neg so I can get my Colon scoped. Oh, Joy
20210411 18:47 Glenmore Skid, wife got hers too easily to refuse - had called local pharmacy (7 miles) to schedule, they called back a couple of hours later and she stopped by on her way home from an errand. Seems the vials contain enough for five inoculations and don't hold, so they just call interested people rather than let it go to waste. Doubt that would be legal in progressive places.
20210411 00:43 Skidmark Got my two Pfizer, Glenmore.
No problem other than driving to Cowboy's stadium.
20210410 12:16 badanov There is a woman on Twitter who saw a photo of her late aunt, one of twins, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1944.

The other, her mother was hidden by doctors and apparently survived the Holocaust.
20210409 15:10 Glenmore tw, wife just got the J&J vaccine, though she has been totally flouting all the 'recommendations' since last May (they made it so convenient there seemed no point to not do it.) I suspect (for various but pretty good reasons) I had a case in January, but so mild I never bothered to be tested, so I am not making an effort to get the vaccine until it is so easy there is no reason not to (I am 500 miles away at the moment, on a 'project.') Wife is having modest effects - soreness, fatigue, uneasy stomach - but not a big deal. Son-in-law, a doctor, is not getting vaccinated unless 'forced' to - various medical/statistical/economic concerns, but will go J&J if possible (less effective but longer track record of complications of the general vaccine class.)
20210408 13:40 Glenmore Wife just got her one shot J&J covid vaccine a few minutes ago - called & pharmacy said c'mon in right now, and she's done.
20210407 16:18 Glenmore Leif, we were so sorry to learn of your father's passing. Would have been up to see y'all again (we are the people who picked up you and your friend in Homer and drove you up to Girdwood back in 2003) last June but for covid.
20210405 19:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain I didn't mean to accidentally post... I was trying to find the "Stable" headstone image.

I'm sorry to hear about Alaska Paul.