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20210416 06:20 Изучение библии ***SPAM? 1***
20210415 21:36 Frank G adding the width = 300 to the end didn't help
20210415 21:33 SCFI Mod dern it Mod!

20210415 21:32 SCFI Can a mos add "width=300" to the embed code please, I forgot this thing doesn't have a preview!


20210415 02:15 3dc Grunter, 1000 years ago ancestors of mine kept up one of Thor's holy groves.
20210415 00:03 Grunter Deacon, I would expect no less. A Norse is a Norse, of course, of course.
20210414 21:31 trailing wife Mr. Wife joins me in a full groan and eye roll, Deacon. Well done!
20210413 15:13 Deacon Blues Olaf the Norseman is shopping at a supermarket when he comes across an old lady in a wheelchair, almost in tears.
"What's the matter?" asks Olaf.
"Oh," sobs the old lady. "I want to have a look at the frozen puddings but, as you can see, there are three steps down into the chiller cabinets."
"No problem," says Olaf, lifting her onto his back. "I'll take you."
Olaf strolls through the chiller cabinets with the old lady on his back. She selects several puddings and puts them in the basket he is carrying for her.
At the other end the old lady's husband is waiting with her wheelchair.
"I'd really like to thank you," says the old lady as Olaf sets her back down in the chair, "but I don't even know who you are!"
Olaf just waves and walks off.
"I was really worried about you," says the old lady's husband. "What have you been doing?"
She replies, "Well, I've been through the desserts on a Norse with no name."
20210412 13:56 Deacon Blues Wife had COVID late last year. I didn't get it. Haven't gotten the shot.
20210411 18:57 Frank G Moderna 1st shot, first week of May. Just tested Neg so I can get my Colon scoped. Oh, Joy
20210411 18:47 Glenmore Skid, wife got hers too easily to refuse - had called local pharmacy (7 miles) to schedule, they called back a couple of hours later and she stopped by on her way home from an errand. Seems the vials contain enough for five inoculations and don't hold, so they just call interested people rather than let it go to waste. Doubt that would be legal in progressive places.
20210411 00:43 Skidmark Got my two Pfizer, Glenmore.
No problem other than driving to Cowboy's stadium.
20210410 12:16 badanov There is a woman on Twitter who saw a photo of her late aunt, one of twins, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1944.

The other, her mother was hidden by doctors and apparently survived the Holocaust.
20210409 15:10 Glenmore tw, wife just got the J&J vaccine, though she has been totally flouting all the 'recommendations' since last May (they made it so convenient there seemed no point to not do it.) I suspect (for various but pretty good reasons) I had a case in January, but so mild I never bothered to be tested, so I am not making an effort to get the vaccine until it is so easy there is no reason not to (I am 500 miles away at the moment, on a 'project.') Wife is having modest effects - soreness, fatigue, uneasy stomach - but not a big deal. Son-in-law, a doctor, is not getting vaccinated unless 'forced' to - various medical/statistical/economic concerns, but will go J&J if possible (less effective but longer track record of complications of the general vaccine class.)
20210408 13:40 Glenmore Wife just got her one shot J&J covid vaccine a few minutes ago - called & pharmacy said c'mon in right now, and she's done.
20210407 16:18 Glenmore Leif, we were so sorry to learn of your father's passing. Would have been up to see y'all again (we are the people who picked up you and your friend in Homer and drove you up to Girdwood back in 2003) last June but for covid.
20210405 19:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain I didn't mean to accidentally post... I was trying to find the "Stable" headstone image.

I'm sorry to hear about Alaska Paul.
20210404 03:39 Grunter To AP!
I wanted to send him a bottle of Laphroig but he said he couldn’t drink any more...
We talked a lot about our rebuilding- our place burnt down nov 2019- and it was very comforting to show our plans to such an experienced engineer.
On the confident assumption that Paul is monitoring the O Club, I will put up pics of our new buildings as they are finished.
20210404 01:22 Mach 4 Thanks all. Salute!
That’s pretty funny about those rabbits Deacon, I would have done the same thing. My dog bailey did the same with a chicken, however people in that neck of the woods are not to friendly. So we took the chicken and ran.
20210403 22:58 swksvolFF Salute.

And may we be such inspirations to our children.

20210403 20:01 trailing wife Sounds yummy, swksvolFF! To Alaska Paul!
20210403 18:43 swksvolFF Fajitas are up with all the trimmings, rice, Free State Beer, Margaritas, and some fine Scotch to raise a glass to Alaska Paul.

Leif, he is missed. I wish I had the pleasure in real life.
20210402 06:15 Frank G Rabbits in Pet Sematary, Deacon?
20210402 01:02 trailing wife Your father was so proud of you, Leif, and loved you and your mother so much. You and your half-siblings were the center of his life. I almost got to meet you and him when he flew across the lower 48 — you were to refuel or take a break at the Blue Ash (Cincinnati, Ohio) airport, but plans changed at the last moment. But he and I had many interesting phone calls over the years, where we talked about all sorts of things — meeting in person would have been nice, but wasn’t necessary. Your story about his excitement about the history of that math equation describes him perfectly.

Alaska Paul Wiesner had gifts for friendship and enjoyment along with his many other gifts. Those whom God loves, he takes back to Himself too soon.
20210401 20:09 Frank G Welcome Leif. Your father was as you described. He will be missed. He was loved.
Frank G in San Diego
20210401 19:49 Mach 4 Hello all, Leif here. AP’s son. My father was an amazing man in my eyes. I often called him the walking encyclopedia due to his vast knowledge of everything it seemed like. I remember being in high school and having trouble with some math equations (not my strongest subject), and I asked him to help. Well turned out he did not know either, so he quickly researched how and explained it to me. A couple hours later he excitedly called me in to show me something. To my surprise he had spent the last couple hours learning the history of the equation and how it was derived. He was and interesting man to say the least!
Now that some of the craziness has calmed down, I wanted to take some time to thank all of you. The messages and calls that my father received during his last couple weeks really made his day. My dad really valued all your friendships and loved talking to you all. I wish he got to meet all of you but as we all know life does not always allow it. However, I just wanted to thank all of you for being so supportive and thoughtful. He will be missed.
20210401 17:58 Deacon Blues I was told frogs taste like beer. They are full of hops.
20210401 17:42 Deacon Blues In Greek mythology Chiron was a doctor who was half man half horse. That made him the Centaur for disease control
20210401 17:33 Deacon Blues So I go outside and Henry is laying on the back patio covered in dirt with a rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit's not bloody, just dirty. My neighbor's kids raise blue ribbon rabbits. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. 😢
I took the rabbit away from my dog, rushed inside, and washed all the dirt off it before my neighbors could come home. It was stiff but I heard some animals play dead when they are afraid but I couldn't remember which ones. I took it and placed it back in one of the cages in their back yard then I ZOOMED back home. (Don't judge me 😒)
Not 30 minutes later I hear my neighbors screaming so I go out and ask them what's wrong? They tell me their rabbit died four days ago and they buried it but now it's back in the cage. 😳
20210331 14:52 swksvolFF Might want to take a look at "Feds begin hiring..." entry from 14:41.
20210331 12:05 Dale That's me . Always a boo boo (we will of course).
20210331 12:04 Dale Thank you Pan. AP was special. I wonder if well will ever hear from his wife or son. Well, he is gone but never to be forgot.
20210330 16:00 Frank G Good to hear, Pan
20210330 12:54 49 Pan So AP's family is going to spread his ashes out around his favorite spots in Alaska. Perfect and as he wanted. here is a little tune for him!
20210325 22:02 SteveS Sorry to hear about Alaska Paul Never met the man, but I would have liked to. Rest in peace, AP.
20210325 21:59 Skidmark I was in Nashville after the river flooded. It was a street fair. All the pubs, bars and music halls had tents out on West(?) street. A delightful weekend. Glad Paul enjoyed it.
20210325 21:53 Skidmark Ah'm binging on an Amazon series: Salvation. Remarkably prescient.
20210325 17:26 Deacon Blues I found out just how good a musician AP was when he came all the way from Alaska to spend a week at my house. His wife and son are also musicians and singers. They got a real thrill when they drove from here to Nashville and played at a small pub. Not many people play Nashville. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. He was always interested in my opinion about many things, especially my knowledge of the political climate before and after the Civil War. I will miss him the rest of my days.
20210324 09:00 Mullah Richard And he was a true gentleman about it. He will be truly missed.
20210323 17:14 trailing wife Alaska Paul was a delightful man, who almost single handedly kept Alaska public buildings properly heated and sewered, going by his stories, and with his second wife and son kept them entertained with a bottomless repertoire of old time music as well. He was among the best of us.
20210323 17:05 49 Pan Fuck!
20210323 17:01 49 Pan Last night a little after 11PM we all lost a dear friend. Alaska Paul left us for a better place. He was a close friend to me and my family, as well as a lot of us here on the Burg, and loved the Burg with its "Civil Discourse". I had the pleasure of meeting him at Deacon's Rantapolooza and we talked almost daily since. I'm thankful his pain is gone and I pray he is in a better place. Rest in peace my friend...
20210323 11:34 Jan The FB page associated with Ahmad Al-Issa just deleted. From Syria. Prosobiac just tweeted: Biden has been briefed the Colorado shooter had ISIS sympathies, per WH official
20210323 11:23 Jan Ahmad Al-Issa the shooter, we weren't told his name last night, hmm wonder why, not the chosen narrative?
They say he lived "most of his life in the U.S." Said he had a "patrol rifle". It was reported he didn't say s*** just came in and started shooting.
20210323 00:02 trailing wife I’m glad your kids are ok, Jan. Any sense about whether this is jihadi, a nutter, someone in despair over the shutdown, or a psychopath?
20210322 22:45 Jan 10 people killed at King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, one was a cop. So tragic, my kids ok. Expecting gun control roll out soon, hell all the more reason to carry
20210319 19:14 badanov Putin begins the debate: