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20210302 21:38 trailing wife Skidmark has recently been posting links in comments. He had stepped away for a bit because things were getting bad for his blood pressure.
20210302 18:27 badanov Seen Skid a time or two in the last few weeks.
20210302 14:37 SCFI It just dawned on me that I haven't seen Skidmark here or on Rant in a while. got me wondering if he is okay?

Anyone know?

20210302 07:05 badanov
20210301 22:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain
I got two words to post.

Feline Leukemia.

20210301 12:47 Deacon Blues The Iron Man and the Silver Surfer teamed up. They are alloys now.
20210301 09:29 Deacon Blues Next week I won't be a taxi driver for the railroad. I got called back to the chemical company.
20210228 21:10 trailing wife I’m glad you do, Deacon Blues. I’m just glad nobody pays me to understand higher chemistry ... much to my father’s frustration. There’s a photo of me teething on one of his ball-and-stick models as a baby.
20210228 18:14 Deacon Blues I understand tw.
20210227 17:28 trailing wife Deacon Blues, Mr. Wife says they’re different mechanisms. An optical brightener absorbs UV light and re-emits it in the visible light spectrum, typically in the blue wavelength. A sun activated bleach absorbs sunlight, causing the molecule to release singlet oxygen, resulting in a bleaching action.
20210227 10:35 Deacon Blues It doesn't make clothes brighter, it makes clothes look brighter in sunlight. Preview is my friend.
20210227 10:33 Deacon Blues I wonder if the sun activated bleach is anything like Eastman Chemical's optical brightener one. It doesn't make clothes look brighter it floureses in ultraviolet light. It is added to many clothes washing detergents. It is also added to golf ball coverings and is the key ingredient in ultraviolet paint. I was the Senior piping designer on a project to increase production and another to change how it is made.
20210227 08:05 badanov
20210227 04:30 Clem I suppose when you steal something, like an election, for example, you might be constantly looking over your shoulder as well.
20210227 03:38 Dale Retired Fema man recalled three times for one event after another in DC. Just got a letter yesterday to go to DC as requested because of intelligence indicating right wing hostilities. DC Biden types living in constant fear.
20210226 21:27 Dron I hope some of the colloquial dialogue doesn't hinder you. I have tried to be descriptive.
20210226 18:55 trailing wife Learning is wonderful, SCFI. I try to learn at least one thing daily, toward which goal Rantburg has been amazingly helpful. :-)

Here, TW.

Bought. My To Read book is as high as ever, albeit nowadays mostly electronic and therefore not needing dusting or likely to fall over, but heartening nonetheless.

Mr. Wife thanks you for your kind words. One of the pleasures of opening up new markets is making a significant difference in the users’ lives — and if shiny floors result, that’s even better.

It was a small village between Kampur and Agra where the taxi broke down, he says, not Agra itself. Apparently the bus was the next leg of the journey, from Agra to New Delhi, when his Indian colleagues got out to part the mob so the bus could get through. Something about a series of self-immolations by people who hadn’t got/couldn’t get university places, he thinks, but at any rate everyone was overwrought, while Mr. Wife and his friends needed to be back in the office on Monday.

Mr. Wife doesn’t always tell me at the time the tales of his adventures far away, or underplays them, thinking that I’ll become upset even though it obviously worked out all right.
20210226 09:44 SCFI Amazing this forum is! Travel the world, read the O-Club forum!

I've learned a lot from this.

20210226 07:19 Dron Here, TW.

Take pride in the fact that billions here are still wearing whiter shirts than Gawd , thanks to Mr Wife. In fact, Mrs 66046 tells me Tide is even used [rather compulsively] on some snooty people's floors to make them shine. And those clever skunks in Agra probably didn't let on that they try to sucker every westerner into thinking he's the first to arrive there ☺.
Not much has changed as far as the society itself is concerned, the changes have to be thrust upon us to take.
20210226 00:48 trailing wife Dron dear, have I mentioned that Mr. Wife spent three years flying back and forth to India (1988-‘91) while he developed Ariel laundry detergent — with the wonderful sun-activated bleach — for the unique needs of the Indian market? He subsequently formulated Tide for y’all, as well. Among his souvenirs — besides lots of photos and stories about the bus breaking down in a small village on the way to the Taj Mahal, where they’d never seen a Westerner before — was a cookbook and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children, which had been handed to him so he could understand modern India as it was then, and which he passed on to me to understand the changes since my beloved Kipling. (I have several set menus for dinner parties from that cookbook, and from there branched out to Indonesian and Thai.)

Mr, Wife did not die of amebic dysentery in Bhopal in ‘91, despite his best efforts, though his Indian colleagues called me daily for several weeks to lie about his condition so that I’d stay in Buffalo, NY with the baby and his parents instead of leaving them all behind to come nurse him myself. But my father checked out the doctor the company had brought in to treat him, and said he was the best tropical diseases specialist in the world, so I didn’t worry.

I looked for SIXSHOT on, but the search gave me 75 pages of books with similar names. :-(
20210225 23:50 Dron Thank you, TW, and bless your TD. I'll definitely head to archiveofourown because I have a piece of fan fiction in the Predator theme which Dark Horse didn't accept. I wrote out a more realistic explanation and proper evolutionary background for the ugly hunters and explained some of their tech.

I sent Strange Horizons another story, it had to be shorter as they needed only >10K words. I usually send 'em out, and if they're rejected once, publish them in my own book. Except in India, people buy only mythical nonsense and yuppie romance. I didn't recommend my first collection ['SIXSHOT', on Amazon] to you, as most of the stories in it are in the Indian context. I've been writing since 2014, but only got round to publishing by 2017.
20210225 19:09 badanov
20210225 15:22 trailing wife Final from td#1:

3. is a curated zine rather than an unrestricted archive, but it's another site of solid repute for high-quality online speculative fiction/SFF.
20210225 15:20 trailing wife Ok. I have a response from td#1 (numbered for the order of her texts):

1. (not .com) is always an option -- it's designed as a professionally-formatted archive for all forms of transformative fandom content. that's the site i've been posting my pirate fic on. he might not get a lot of readers if he doesn't have an established audience or use the tagging system to its maximum potential (as most new users don't know how to do yet) but the cthulhu mythos and related fandoms have a MAJOR presence on that site and it's a respectable place he can link for anyone who'd like to read it.

time period doesn't exclude anything from being included; there's plenty of content under the fandom umbrella set throughout history, as well as AUs (alternate universes).

2. also, reiterating emphasis on archiveofourown's URL above -- there's a phishing mirror that uses .com instead, and that is definitely something to avoid.

archiveofourown also accepts "original work created in a fandom context", which is why i will be posting my short fic about the naming of elves there since it uses worldbuilding and tropes accumulated by a century of tolkien-based fantasy fiction. even if his story wasn't set in the canonical mythos at all, he could still totally post it there under the genre of eldritch horror.
20210225 13:21 trailing wife Downloaded with thanks, Dron. Will share with td#1.
20210225 11:02 Dron There, folks.
Here's the link
20210225 10:53 Dron Thanks, badanov. I think I'll dropfile it or something. The Medium guys deleted the account since it had an Amazon link. I'll share it somehow.
20210225 10:09 badanov Rantburg doesn't offer a file sharing service.
20210225 05:26 Dron Errr.. how does one share a file at Rantburg?
20210225 04:11 Dron Yupp, 3dc, thanks. Hoyt I will mail. And Ellen Datlow and Clarkesworld.
20210225 04:08 Dron For td#1: Canonical, I reckon. But set in the modern world. It even has a mysterious Whateley descendant. Subtle reference to the Mi-Go, and I guess only die hard Lovecraft fans would catch most of the subtlety.

I sent it to Analog, so I can't upload it elsewhere until they've decided what to do wif it, but I'll format you all a PDF of both stories and share them here all the same. Just for your reading pleasure.
20210225 00:51 3dc There used to be Lovecraftian on 2 XXX sites. One was literotica dot com and the other storiesonline dot net

normal include finestores dot com, fictionpress dot com

Baen Books still has barbaen dot com

There are many many more.
20210225 00:42 3dc Dron the Diner does not publish but the writers can and will vector you to good places esp. to self publish.
20210225 00:41 3dc Sarah's Diner hosts hundreds if not more SciFi and other writers.
20210225 00:40 3dc If you are on facebook join Sarah's Diner. The same on mewe.
20210225 00:39 3dc Oh and Baen books is still live.
20210225 00:38 3dc Dron - Talk to Sarah Hoyt.

Besides that I know of a few but most are not PC-Correct and I have them currently ripped off my bookmarks so I would need to look in old bookmark files.

20210224 13:24 Deacon Blues Sharks only swim in salt water because pepper water makes them sneeze.
20210224 09:59 Dale Tune from before; Sir Harry Lauder
20210223 18:36 trailing wife Dron, td#1 asks, “Does it use the canonical Mythos, or is it more that it's lovecraftian in genre/tone?”
20210223 18:33 badanov It was left on the living room laptop:

Anyone know any sites where a story can be shared? I know wattpad, but they force you to sign up there.
I have another Lovecraftian mind hammer on the way. I sent it to Analog, let's see.
20210223 18:02 trailing wife I see that you deleted your tale on Medium, Dron, which means I can’t show it to her. :-(
20210223 17:58 trailing wife I’ll ask trailing daughter #1, Dron. She’s been working on a Good Omens fanfic that started out as a throwaway scene that she just needed to get out of her mind... and has been growing into a mighty oak on steroids. Possibly an oak grove at the rate its going, to stretch the metaphor uncomfortably.

She won’t let me read almost all of it, as I am too tender hearted and it would upset me, she says. All my children, both by birth and those subsequently acquired, are sweetly protective of my naiveté.
20210223 02:56 Dron Anyone know any sites where a story can be shared? I know wattpad, but they force you to sign up there.
I have another Lovecraftian mind hammer on the way. I sent it to Analog, let's see.
20210222 16:11 Deacon Blues Alaska Paul is a Master of the fife and penny whistle. I loved to listen to him, Sjhoen,and Leif.
20210222 00:01 trailing wife As far as I can tell, Alaska Paul’s folk music repertoire would make an academic specialist jealous.
20210221 20:44 Dale AP, I remember him well. Located an old tone from my youth I could never find.

I am working on a picture of Biden introducing his back to the future. Amish buggy with Biden driving the buggy.
20210221 16:24 Grunter And Amen.
A good and a wise man, and with a gift for friendship.
20210221 13:35 Frank G Amen Deacon
20210221 10:26 Deacon Blues Alaska Paul is not much longer for this mortal coil. He has been a cherished friend and a wonderful person with which to discuss a wide variety of subjects. He and family spent a week with me in March of 2010 and I enjoyed it very much.
20210219 05:54 3dc Dron, look at today's story on Oz and Facebork. You will enjoy it.
20210218 21:13 trailing wife What’s the news about Alaska Paul, Frank G?
20210218 20:16 Frank G Say a prayer for our friend Alaska Paul
20210218 16:06 Glenmore All hail Biden! The Mars landing succeeded! /s
20210218 16:04 Deacon Blues The Mars lander has landed safely and is sending pictures.
20210218 08:54 badanov
20210217 16:04 Glenmore We are in NE Texas, but a rural area that has not seen rapid growth lately. Perhaps that is why we did not lose power until this morning, and so far only 15 minutes at a time, then on for 45 minutes, a total of three times.
20210217 14:42 trailing wife Thank you for posting about Rush, Mullah Richard.

Trailing daughter #2 wrote today about the power outage in Texas — she’s in Dallas:

For those of you who've read about the Texas power outages: we're currently ok. Black outs have lasted 4-7 hours with 1-2 hours on. House has not gotten colder than 47°. Recent power outages have been on the short end so house is only getting down to ~55°. We have access to hot water, blankets, and a fireplace so we are stressed but safe. Please stay safe out there, all.

Some people haven't lost power the entire time, and others have had blackouts the entire time. I guarantee we'll find at least dozens of dead when roads are clear and we can tally impact.

So for most, rolling blackouts rather than simply no power at all during the coldest few days Texas has had in a long time.
20210217 13:18 Mullah Richard Rush has passed away. RIP
20210216 19:24 Deacon Blues There are two words in the English language that can open doors for many people. Push and Pull
20210213 23:17 Dron I think you've to take it in a little plastic jar, Deacon. You can't imagine what those people will accept in a jar.
20210213 10:24 Deacon Blues I went to give blood yesterday but left when the nurse started asking personal questions. "Whose blood is this and where did you get it"?
20210209 13:47 swksvolFF Seen that one Beso, like SCFI said its a trick.
20210209 11:09 badanov Aaand we're back
20210207 22:43 Dron Thank you for the help, SCFI. That's exactly what I needed.
20210207 22:13 SCFI Dron, when we speak English, we use English suffixes, in this case 's' so 'machines' is correct. If we spoke Latin, or the story is written in Latin, then 'æ' or 'ae' is correct. We have a lot of borrowed words from Latin, but we still use English grammar rules with them.

Story titles tend to be a bit different so your suggestion may be okay as a title.

Hope this help!

20210206 23:49 badanov No clue, Dron
20210206 20:13 Dron Calling all lords of Latin, since you're the smartest seeming folks I know. Help needed with a story title. See it's about machines cybernetically married to brains, another Lovecraftian thingy.

I titled it Cerebrum Machinae. But the plural for machine is machinis. I think the 'æ' or 'ae' at the end is old Latin, but should still work, innit?
20210206 17:03 SCFI It's an Trojan horse / virus Besoeker.

No such thing as a private connection on the web, even with VPN connection. You might want to tun a virus/malware scan on your machine.

20210206 07:21 Besoeker I can't reach the site. Security page with the following msg pops up. Recommendations ?

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more
To get Chrome’s highest level of security, turn on enhanced protection
20210205 17:18 trailing wife Good for him! And Gab, of course. That’s like Twitter, I assume.
20210205 06:30 badanov Trump posted his first post on Gab.
20210203 16:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Yes; I've been able to visit every day of the past week.
20210203 12:03 trailing wife Momma healing very slow, had a setback, is back on vent.

I’m so sorry, Snowy Thing. Are they letting you in to visit, now that she is recovered from Covid?
20210203 08:02 SCFI Reporter asks Michael Jordon.. Do you think that the 90's bulls could beat Lebron's Lakers?

MJ: yes
Reporter: by how many points
MJ: oh 2 or 3
Reporter: why such a close game
MJ: well you have to understand, most of us are almost 60 now.

20210202 22:21 Frank G Hello, Thing, We're here. Need support?
20210202 20:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hello out there.

Me mentally tired.

Momma healing very slow, had a setback, is back on vent.
20210201 23:26 SCFI Or talk about Buddha first in some other context to prepare the listener mentally first.
20210201 15:26 trailing wife I must have told it wrong to Mr. Wife, Deacon Blues. Or maybe it just works better when one sees the spelling.