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20210126 00:38 Edelbrockbcx ***SPAM? 1*** and was erased, and on cleaned
20210125 20:11 USN, Ret. Hooray! I had all but given up and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Fred's marvelous page, it's too much to bear!!!
Don't know the back story but I have to assume Fred is now past the danger zone and running the show. Thanks!!
20210125 14:36 trailing wife So much posted on site.

It was a group effort, Dale. Note some of the posters had not been seen here for a while. They came back to help while Fred recovers.
20210124 14:21 Dale I spoke to two Air force soldiers this morning returning back from DC. All is quiet there. When Maryland sent their Maryland troopers to DC they told them not to return fire if fired upon.
20210124 13:56 Dale TW you were impressive today. So much posted on site. Thank you. Feels like home again.
20210124 13:42 badanov Let's eat!
20210124 13:28 swksvolFF Fajitas coming up, all the trims. Ice Tea, Limeade at the serving table, plus margaritas, pina coladas, local pilsner are up. Grab some chips and pico as I chop veggies and repurpose leftovers into the menu. Smell that corn oil getting happy.
20210123 20:25 trailing wife Whew! Spammers deleted.

Clem, I’ll post YouTube instructions tomorrow, ok? For images in comments, I generally add width=500 in a blank space in the HTML string. But I tried that for your MAGA girl, and it did not make a significant difference. Hopefully someone else has a better idea.
20210123 16:46 Clem TW/Mods, two requests/favors:

(1) Can you please repost the info on how to inbed YouTube videos? All I remember was that we were to practice here in the O-Club

(2) When posting images, what do we need to add in the line to reduce the size?

D'avance merci
20210123 16:35 Clem I see the scummy spammers didn't waste any time getting back into the swing of things.
20210123 14:57 Mullah Richard Thank Heavens! (big sigh).

Fred, hopefully you're doing much better and that the aftereffects don't impede you too much.

Our prayers have been with you and Gloria.
20210123 14:51 newc Hooray!
20210123 13:47 Silentbrick I see we have returned, either Fred's out of the Hospital or someone else is able to reset things.

Or we got taken down by someone because we're all human beings with brains here.
20210103 13:24 trailing wife ee green, please send me an email so we can discuss privately. My thanks!

jssawicki at gmail dot com

With @ and the period as appropriate, and removing the spaces.
20210103 13:05 trailing wife Sorry, 3dc — I deleted your comment with the link while cleaning up spam. Please repost.
20210103 10:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I'm off of twitter and facebook at the moment, but I'd like to see the data from this hack.
20210103 05:46 3dc So, contrary to the pot smokers we are NOT like a Big Atom.
20210103 05:44 3dc He has photos and measurements of many of them. This gives him size and period.
A few were earth size and similar composition but totally frozen hells.
Some were much bigger most the size of Pluto
20210103 05:42 3dc A friend pointed me to a hack of a major scientist. He had evidence of hundreds of planets including large ones in the Ort Cloud and has been verifying with Hubble and other devices. This hacker released everything before he published.
20210102 12:42 Deacon Blues I just like to make people smile. I dropped my toothpaste this morning. I was crestfallen.
20210101 17:51 trailing wife Deacon Blues, you’re incorrigible! Last night I read Mr. Wife yours about Eskimo housewarming parties and he grimaced precisely as much as it deserved. :-D
20210101 14:04 Deacon Blues The name Lance is rare these days but in King Arthur's name they used Lance a lot.
20210101 14:02 Deacon Blues My friend's new girlfriend has a lot of hang-ups. She's a telemarketer.
20210101 02:06 trailing wife Email received, and responded to. Anonymity will be respected.

You have four children? How wonderful! I have five, but the last three were brought home by the trailing daughters. So I got them the easy way — no big belly, no diapers, no early teen hormonal nonsense.
20210101 01:23 Visitor arrived
20210101 01:20 trailing wife Welcome to the O Club, Thimp Clusort2035! :-)

If you send me an email at jssawicki at gmail dot com, only with an @ and a period and no spaces, we can set up for your original reporting from the January 6th march.
20210101 01:02 trailing wife God bless us this year, every one!
20201231 20:12 Frank G Happy Ramones Day 2020 24 hours...
20201231 18:50 3dc Deacon, for yearling Black Angus the farmer could do worse than buy from my cousin with the D9. That's what she raises.
20201231 18:48 3dc Happy New Year everybody!
20201231 14:03 Frank G Happy New Year, Dron
20201231 13:42 Deacon Blues If you get upset when you can't find things in your closet, you might need a hanger management class.
20201231 13:40 Deacon Blues The leading cause of homelessness in the Eskimo community is housewarming parties,
20201231 13:39 Deacon Blues How does a farmer buy cows? He looks thru the cattle-log.
20201231 13:30 Dron Happy New Year from this side of the globe.
20201230 00:32 trailing wife That’ll cause some excitement, Frank G.
20201229 17:49 Frank G Posted for tomorrow - Wikileaks just did a full dump of files
20201228 17:01 trailing wife I would dearly love you to be right, Jan. It would make everything so much easier, even for those who hate him. And we would not have to risk him being too old to take up the load in four years.
20201228 15:30 Jan TW, While I love the visual of Trump driving the Dems nuts, I'm still holding the line for Trump. The alternative is just too painful to think about for our country. Steve Bannon's War Room gives me hope
20201227 14:28 Dale Works, click on YouTube blue. The fat lady has not sung yet. Trump will fight be it bitter or be it glorious.
20201227 14:25 Dale