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20201204 20:41 trump vote mask ***SPAM? 1*** It is deemed an ideal sign for any genuine concise explaination of marriage.
trump vote mask
20201203 12:19 Fred Once we're all sync'd up I'm gonna put a better bot filter on here. There's no reason we should have to deal with the spam load we get. Sheer laziness on my part, coupled with going about it the wrong way.
20201203 12:16 Fred At least I think so.
20201203 12:15 Fred O-club is now on the new server, which means it'll be up and down now and then.

I have to do another database sync to get it to present condition, so this will disappear.
20201201 00:44 trailing wife We’ll keep posting and commenting anyway, Fred, even if the pleasure turns out to be transient until you work all the bugs out. Although thus far it’s appeared to be smooth sailing...

(Mixing metaphors is more than half the fun!)
20201129 15:22 Fred Database transfer is done. Waiting for registrar transfer. Anything posted from now on is probably lost.
20201128 18:54 Deacon Blues Ya'll know how when you are in a room with several people and one of you yawns and then everyone starts yawning? It's a good thing that doesn't happen when someone farts.
20201128 03:13 Grunter TW, thank you for the kind words. All the kind words.
20201123 11:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, aparently this is something to do with the regulatory framework around fundraising. This will apparently let Powell raise money without being regulated by the Feds as part of a campaign.
20201122 21:49 Visitor Bongino Report links to this, Glenmore:

November 22, 2020


Press Releases
“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

- Rudy Giuliani, Attorney for President Trump, and Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Adviser and Attorney for President Trump

20201122 19:51 Glenmore Trump fired Powell today? True?
20201121 11:07 trailing wife newc dear, you are ever gallant. But I put my foot in it, for which I am sorry.

Warthog, Mason is now thoroughly suburbanized by P&G scientists who moved there to work at the new R&D center. But Kings Island is the delight it always was.

Snowy Thing, I’d put it on Page 3: Non-WoT and Europe. Covid is just the excuse for the behaviour.
20201121 04:07 SCFI TFSM, put it under "war on Terror".

20201121 03:42 newc be nice to TW

take it in jest
20201121 03:16 Warthog Hey TW - growing up in Mason, OH in the 60's and 70's was an idyllic thing. Loved the area, worked at King's Island and interacted with the sheriff dept. a bit while doing so.

Glad to see my old stomping ground is being reasonable.
20201120 10:00 Dave D.
"Prevailing is what you do best, Dave."

Huh? WTF?? How the bloody Hell did you ever come up with that piece of nonsense? It's about as far from the truth as it's possible to get, to the point where it's actually insulting because it says you don't know me AT ALL.

I detest flattery. I detest insincere flattery even more. But most of all, I detest flattery that's just plain wrong and ignorant.

Do us both a favor, TW: from this day forward, do not respond to ANYTHING I say here or on the 'Burg. Ignore me. Do that, and I'll return the favor.

We'll get along a lot better that way.

20201120 09:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain I wish I knew where to put this...

German scientist posting criticism of lockdown policies taken down by swat team during livestream.
20201120 09:55 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, the only long-term eagle's nest I know of is in Amelia, at the southern part of the basin, just north of the old Weatherford yard.

I don't know who owns that yard now or even if it's open.
20201120 09:49 Deacon Blues “Those who accused Trump of playing politics with the virus made him look like a relative amateur through their own machinations. Those who claimed they were guided by science proved unscientific in their partisanship. No wonder Americans remain so skeptical of the experts in general and the Washington administrative state in particular.” Victor Davis Hanson
20201120 00:20 SCFI new favorite ending quote:

"...are as safe and secure as elections!"

'borrowed' from Large Snore6664

20201119 16:00 Glenmore There is a eagle nest in a tree in the LaBranche wetlands just west of New Orleans. I was driving past it on I-10 yesterday and there was a pair of bald eagles standing on it. Nowhere to pull over to take a picture though.
20201119 06:17 3dc Get better Dave.
20201119 02:48 trailing wife Prevailing is what you do best, Dave.
20201118 19:56 Dave D.
No news to report here; we're flying straight and level. The only major issue I'm dealing with right now is fatigue: I tire very easily, take several naps throughout the day and go to bed early, often before 7 PM.

The logistics of moving from one end of the state to the other are proving overwhelming-- not so much he physical moving itself, but rather such things as arranging for medical care on the other end, getting records transferred, and so forth.

But I shall prevail.

20201117 23:28 3dc
20201117 21:20 Alaska Paul Dave D——
I am so glad you’re feeling better.
20201117 18:31 Dave D. Will do.
20201117 18:18 Deacon Blues So glad to hear you are feeling better. Please call if you feel like it.
20201117 11:45 Dave D.
Things are progressing along.

Each day I feel a little better than the day before and my strength and stamina are slowly recovering.

So is the digestion; I'm taking it slowly, beginning with bland, easy-to-digest stuff and working my way up to more enjoyable fare. I'm a long way yet from the "Super Burrito with Triple Habanero Sauce" stage but I'm headed in that direction.

The main issue remaining is that I tire easily. But that's what mid-afternoon naps are for.

Son and DIL are vigorously researching apartments in their vicinity and have found a bunch of nice-looking 2-bedroom units in the target price range. I'll be going out there shortly after Thanksgiving to check out the choicest offerings, and I'll be bringing the checkbook along with me.

Westward, ho!

20201115 13:57 trailing wife It sounds like your son found a good, thoughtful wife, Dave D. May this move bring you many joys, and confound the statistics of the doctors.
20201115 13:18 Thing From Snowy Mountain Dave, I'll be praying for you.
20201115 09:34 Alaska Paul Dave D
I am so relieved and glad for you that the doctors were able to help you. A step at a time progress is a good thing. Take care.

20201115 06:01 Dave D. Thanks, Frank.
20201114 21:50 Frank G God bless you, DD. We've coincided back to Bill Quick's, IIRC. Call me if you need to!
20201114 21:45 Dave D.
Thanks for all the kind thoughts, folks; the encouragement is greeatly appreciated.

Just got home from the hospital today. After a week of multiple CAT scans, endoscopies and MRIs, both the diagnosis and prognosis remain the same: Stage IV inoperable malignant cancers of the liver, pancreas and stomach. If I opt for the most aggressive chemotherapy available I can expect to live another year, give or take a bit.

The immediate danger is over, however; they unblocked my bile duct and installed a stent to keep it open, which has resulted in an immediage return of normal digest without any sort of discomfort. Thank God for that.

At daughter-in-law's suggestion, I'll be moving out to the Pittsburgh area to live near my son and his family; instead of a 5-hour drive to see them, the goal is to be no more than 10 minutes away. They'll start right away looking at apartments for me and I imagine we'll have something lined up within a couple of weeks.

All in all not a good situation, but I intend on making the best of it that I can.


20201112 21:34 swksvolFF Dave D,
I hope you are reading this and feeling better.
20201112 12:35 cingold Don’t quote me on it, but I think I remember that virtually all of the disputed swing states have Republicans controlling both houses of their state legislatures.

And there are some obscure provisions in the constitution that have never had to be invoked before that have to do with a failure of the electoral college and the presidential vote then being decided by the house of representatives, but with each state only allowed one vote. I.e., Republicans would win
20201112 12:21 Glenmore IIUC, if the Presidential election in a state is not 'settled' by the required date then that state legislature must pick how their electors cast their ballots. Aren't the critical states all controlled by Democrats? Or just their governors & executives?
20201112 10:56 cingold Dave,

Continuing to hope and pray the best for you. Don’t accept any bad reports. No such thing as a bell-shaped curve without having some good outcomes.

Hang in there!
20201112 10:47 cingold TW, thanks!

I suspect we’re all on a list or two, but why not make the Karens* work a bit harder? LOL

*Caveat: No invitation for attainder, taint, or disrespect meant to any actual person actually named Karen; up to and including, but not limited to, e.g., martyred Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who could have been nicknamed either Katie or Karen, since “Karen” is a diminutive of “Catherine.”
20201111 01:18 trailing wife Any way an admin could edit my name out of the tail end of comment #9...

Fred has given us the technology. ‘;-) Tis done, my dear.
20201111 00:59 cingold Dave, they tell you the worst and hope for the best.

Will be praying. Have peace and hope even if it doesn’t make sense. Lots of good things are against all odds.
20201110 17:52 cingold My bad.

Any way an admin could edit my name out of the tail end of comment #9 of the 0-11-10 -Land of the Free — “Let the United States Supreme Court know how you feel” thread?

20201109 13:22 JohnQC Sorry for the stutter.
20201109 13:21 JohnQC Prayers for you Dave D. Like others here, I have learned from your comments. Good luck to you Dave.
20201109 13:21 JohnQC Prayers for you Dave D. Like others here, I have learned from your comments. Good luck to you Dave.
20201109 13:21 JohnQC Prayers for you Dave D. Like others here, I have learned from your comments. Good luck to you Dave.
20201109 12:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain Sorry to hear that Dave. I hope things work out for you. Sorry this is late.
20201109 04:33 trailing wife I hope and pray all is going well for you, Dave D. I’ve learnt a great deal from your posts over the years, and as you know, you have shaped my thinking in major ways.
20201108 22:31 newc Prayers
20201108 11:20 Frank G Best wishes DD
20201108 07:52 Deacon Blues Facebook won't let me post this. Says it's been reported as abusive.
20201108 02:48 abu do you love cookie test
20201108 02:48 abu do you love cookie test
20201107 23:12 Grunter Here’s hoping for a great result, Dave.
20201107 22:22 3dc You have witnessed the end of SV News as you know it.

Facebook, Twitter & instagram have banned
20201107 21:15 3dc link
20201107 21:04 3dc Godspeed and Good Luck Dave
20201107 21:03 3dc
20201107 15:32 Skidmark Good thing I got an extra bottle of scotch.
20201107 13:39 Matt Godspeed, Dave.
20201107 12:32 Alaska Paul Pushing for you Dave D!
20201107 08:12 Deacon Blues Dave, I think you will be OK. It's great having you as a friend. Come back to Tennessee ifn ya get the chance.
20201106 20:24 SteveS We will be thinking good thoughts for you, Dave D.
20201106 15:48 Dave D. Just a heads-up to let you all know I'm headed over to the ER in a few minutes; my doctor says my liver is "shot" and I'm severely anemic.

I've no idea what the outcome will be. It's possible I'll be home tomorrow with a shitpile of prescriptions to get filled. It's also possible I might be back in a week or so with a brand-new liver, if they can find a transplant. It's also possible I may not make it back at all.

In case that comes to pass, know that I've enjoyed chatting/commenting/snarking with you all, and wish you all the very best in the future.

Live long and prosper.

20201106 10:13 Mercutio so what happened yesterday? R'Burg was down every time I looked.