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20200929 02:50 Henryicolf ***SPAM? 1*** Launch the financial Bot now to start earning.
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20200928 16:35 Deacon Blues When you think about it egg salad is really just another form of chicken salad.
20200928 16:34 Deacon Blues A group of archeologists were uncovering a skeleton but were missing one leg. They continued searching for the leg. It was quite a shindig.
20200928 14:02 SteveS Over at the People's Cube:
Now we’re going to have to explain “income” versus “net worth” to the people who think women have a penis #TrumpTaxReturns
20200927 17:07 trailing wife Fascinating video, BrerRabbit. Interesting that Antifa/BLM are following the Soviet plan so closely, given that Russia — while no doubt enjoying watching the American nose being bloodied — likely does not want the dubious pleasures of actually winning this war.
20200927 16:47 trailing wife Setting cookie.
20200927 15:48 BrerRabbit Sorry...trigger finger must be trained for double tap...
20200927 15:47 BrerRabbit I received this link in a text. Interesting 8 minutes from 1969 describing the techniques communists would use to overthrow the USA.

Victor Marx - A Message From The Past For Today | Facebook

Oddly enough when I tried to forward this link in a text it would not go thru to the recipient. I got censored by some entity. Strange days we live in.
20200927 15:47 BrerRabbit I received this link in a text. Interesting 8 minutes from 1969 describing the techniques communists would use to overthrow the USA.

Victor Marx - A Message From The Past For Today | Facebook

Oddly enough when I tried to forward this link in a text it would not go thru to the recipient. I got censored by some entity. Strange days we live in.
20200927 10:07 Skidmark Hope it's not coming back, AP.
20200926 22:49 Alaska Paul Visitor,
Got a few health issues to deal with first.
20200926 19:52 Visitor Hey AP, run for Senator.
20200926 18:59 Skidmark Yeah, ah'm still rootin for the Latino lady. Chose a practicing jurist over the academic evangelo.
20200926 18:54 Glenmore Well, it's official. A former neighbor of mine just got nominated to the US Supreme Court.
20200926 18:03 Frank G I have a Mammoth Lakes condo rental reservation mid-October, we're still waiting to see if that's even tenable
20200925 12:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, Glenmore, I'm glad to hear that about the vacation house, but sad to hear that about the cruise.

BTW, how did the house repairs go?
20200925 10:37 Glenmore Snowy, it was rented by my sister for a family gathering, but I am pretty sure she will get her money back, or at least all but booking fee. Still waiting on a refund from the cruise line for my last vacation attempt, which got shut down in May.
20200924 22:27 Skidmark Watched 'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix.
Makes me think this election will be bogus.
20200924 15:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I hope you got your money back at least.
20200923 11:47 Skidmark For anyone so inclined...
Joe Biden, Jr.'s Voting Records
20200920 23:47 3dc
20200920 17:05 Glenmore Hurricane Sally took the roof off the house we had rented on the beach for next week, so that vacation is history.
20200919 16:09 Dale My goodness. Such a busy place.
20200919 15:04 Deacon Blues After months of mask wearing I think I finally understand what Charlie Brown's teacher was saying.
20200918 23:47 Skidmark Was a time when RGB was all about presentation, not intention.
20200918 09:21 Skidmark but her voice sounds like muffle, muffle, muffle.

That's new?
20200917 16:30 Frank G AOSHQ: Princeton University Declared That It Was Thoroughly "Embedded" With Racism and White Supremacism.
So the DOJ Has Taken Them At Their Word and Opened a Civil Rights Investigation.
20200917 11:45 Dale "While Norway is arguing about 50 or 500 refugees from Moria, the EU is about to adopt a new policy that will completely change Norwegian asylum policy". Family troubles.

Hello All.

3dc I have a new invention. A his and her mask. His is basically the same but hers looks the same but her voice sounds like muffle, muffle, muffle. Men like it but so far women not so much.
20200916 21:43 Frank G thank goodness for the back and copy functions
20200915 13:30 Frank G Sorry Oldspook - spam deletion run and it didn't refresh quick enough. I popped your comment, my bad
20200915 00:30 OldSpook Smoking Gun. President Trump: Go get China.

[T]he theory that the virus may have come from a research laboratory is, however, strictly censored on peer-reviewed scientific journals. Nonetheless, SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus. In this report, we describe the genomic, structural, medical, and literature evidence, which, when considered together, strongly contradicts the natural origin theory. The evidence shows that SARS-CoV-2 should be a laboratory product created by using bat coronaviruses ZC45 and/or ZXC21 as a template and/or backbone. Building upon the evidence, we further postulate a synthetic route for SARS-CoV-2, demonstrating that the laboratory-creation of this coronavirus is convenient and can be accomplished in approximately six months.
20200914 15:12 Deacon Blues What do you call a cow in an igloo? An esquimoo.
20200913 11:35 trailing wife Spam here is the cost for less control of what we might post. Fred tried the other way, and ended up with huge Forbidden lists as the spammers started deliberately misspelling the names of their wares to get around it — and the variants ended up incorporating a great many normal words.

Cute, Deacon Blues. Your store of jokes is nigh on endless, a feat of memory that will certainly prevent you developing Alzheimers as well as bring pleasure and endless female admirers in the nursing home when you get there. ;-)
20200913 03:17 3dc
20200912 16:45 Frank G Cleaning spam is like the Augean Stables
20200912 16:43 Frank G Tl; DR :-)
20200912 16:37 Deacon Blues A man named Nathan Hale owned a car dealership. An elderly lady came in and wanted to buy a car and when asked what kind she said one just like my late husbaned owned years ago. When asked to describe it she said it had an angry name. Fury? Nathan asked. That's it she replied. Hale said he had several on the lot. What color? She said yellow. He said there were never any Furys that were yellow. She became indignant and pulled out an ear of corn, peeled back the shusk, and said it was the same color as this ear of corn. Hale again said there were never any yellow Furys. She became enraged and started throwing things from her grocery bag at him while chasing him around the showroom. An employe rushed out of his office and asked what was going on. Another employee said, "Hale hath no Fury like a woman's corn".
20200912 12:48 Alaska Paul Another pile of spam cleaned. Anti spam not working.
20200912 02:34 SteveS Jeez, Spam-o-rama! So much that Google is offering to translate the O-club into Turkish. I suspect Gulenists.

Thanks to whoever is doing the house-cleaning!
20200911 20:42 Alaska Paul I cleaned up the leavings. We need a better anti spam algorithm.
20200911 18:55 Frank G I did a share = it's even worse
20200911 18:53 Dave D. That was me-- I cleaned up what was there when I arrived, about 50 or so, although there could have been more that were removed before I showed up.

Just did another 17 spam. This is getting tedious...
20200911 11:05 Skidmark Respect to whomever cleaned the spam this morning.
20200909 09:56 Deacon Blues Glenmore I got the same Windoz updates. Several hours worth. Had to go back and reset some of my preferences.
20200908 23:21 Glenmore Skid. No VPN. No wifi telephony. Same basic activity as always, but it's using 50 times more data per hour. Suspect Bill Gates just sent me a big pile of crap without telling me - system did a multi-hour Windoze update install this evening. If the update download was about 4 GB, in three sessions, it would explain things.
20200908 19:18 Skidmark I don't use FB, but I imagine the client has two modes. Watch and load everything or wait until you request an update.
20200908 18:57 Skidmark Sat uplinks use a fixed packet size whether you need it or not. That's a big eater.
If you moved to a VPN any encryption compression is lost.
Many ad blockers take the webpage, strip it and pass it back. Thats 3 trips for 1 page.
Are you using wifi telephony?
20200908 16:37 Glenmore For some reason my satellite internet connection has started burning through my data allotment at an alarming rate - about 4 GB per hour (about 5 times the rate I use streaming a movie) and the only device turned on is my laptop and all I was doing is looking at mail and FB - normally use less that 0.1 GB per hour to do that. Antivirus is current and everything acts ok. Any ideas for me?
20200908 10:44 Skidmark Sympathies.
Not a good road trip.
20200908 08:17 trailing wife Final daughter’s father died this morning. We are taking her to the hospital in Indiana to make arrangements. I may or may not be around the next few days — this is all new to me, so I have no idea how to estimate it. Thank goodness Mr. Wife announced he is taking us — arranging this kind of thing is his wheelhouse.
20200908 06:40 Skidmark Millenial Millie seems to still be off the air.
20200901 18:17 3dc so did this public post
20200901 18:14 3dc that private post got the CVE 2012 virus.
20200901 00:31 Skidmark Well, not so much elective time travelers. There's a proposed timehole in Oslo bay. Cute how they try to deal with the whole immigrant colonist problem(s). Audio is entirely in Norwegian, Icelandic and Old Norse. Good subtitles though.
20200831 17:41 3dc SO tor goes to roadside am for poster....
20200831 17:40 3dc SO tor goes to roadside am for poster....
20200831 17:39 3dc Via Tor
20200831 13:25 Visitor temporal immigrants in Oslo

You mean time travellers, Skidmark?
20200831 12:07 Alaska Paul Don't know how long YT will leave this up....
20200831 00:30 Skidmark On Hulu.
20200831 00:29 Skidmark Watched a fun one today.
Story from Norway about temporal immigrants in Oslo.

20200831 00:10 trailing wife That’s one way to quickly build herd immunity and weed out the susceptible, Jan.