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20200703 18:47 Frank G by a friend
20200703 18:46 Frank G If it's too moist. If it dries out because you don't smoke it fast enough, add a piece of flour tortilla to the mason jar you keep it in.

I'm told
20200703 16:31 3dc Weed can mold or rot
20200702 19:51 Frank G Neither does Whiskey
20200702 10:54 Deacon Blues Ya'll know how when you buy a bag of salad and a week later it's all brown and icky? Cookies don't do that.
20200701 19:37 Skidmark Not an ounce of humor in that one.
20200701 19:03 Deacon Blues Actual headline. Award-winning Weed joins Ledger
20200701 19:01 Deacon Blues My niece's last name is Weed and she has a degree in journalism. She has won several awards in the state in which she lives and was just hired by a newspaper for their editorial board. The headline in the paper was "Award-winning Weed Hired for Editorial Staff". She said she is neveer changing her last name.
20200630 23:51 Clem 1 July: Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends and associates!
20200630 09:53 Skidmark Black Spots Matter
20200629 16:13 trailing wife The opening is promising, Dron dear. I suspect you have a good deal of experience writing in that mode — it flows smoothly from your keyboard. :-)

49 Pan: The thing of mine that you posted for your people in the break room — is comment #2 here it? I am going through an old laptop and found this saved Rantburg link.

Dave D: Also on that old laptop, I found a copy of your Options post. The google cache address of the 2006 Comcast post that worked for me in 2011, according to my notes, now yields a 404 error. :-( But If I can figure out how to print the thing, Mr. Wife can scan it for me, suitable for emailing if you would like it.
20200629 11:45 Dron Hiya, all.

I hope you're all safe and happy (as much as can be right now). But here's something to help with that. Another short. Sci-Fi ? Horror ? You decide. It's not done yet, but... here it is.
20200627 21:56 Frank G FARS News says so
20200627 16:29 Frank G Nope - it was clearly a LNG facility or Babby Milk Factory™"
20200625 19:18 Dave D. Whatever the mullahs have been hiding from the IAEA just went "BOOM"?
20200625 18:47 Frank G Explosion in Tehran
20200625 15:31 3dc There is a XXX story on literotica dot com from years ago that has a virus as nasty as CPP-Virus - "Carson Evolved".
20200624 21:57 Frank G NASCAR hysteria starts at the top. Overreaction = "We responded"
20200624 12:41 Alaska Paul So was this noosegate bruhaha an indignant ignorant reaction on the part of Bubba or taking advantage of a situation for BLM? Even the paint job on Bubba’s car costs thousands to do. I smell a setup.
20200623 20:19 Frank G It always was. Adjacent garages had the same loop handpull. All it took was to take your virtue-signalling head outta yer ass and look around. Shame on NASCAR and Bubba
20200623 18:09 Deacon Blues NASCAR just announced that the "noose" is a rope that is used to close the garage door. It apparently came off several months ago and has been there the whole time. It was just coincidence that garage was assigned to Bubba Wallace.
20200623 17:56 Deacon Blues What do you call a national story about a noose that weirdly includes no photo of the noose?

Fake noose.
20200623 17:54 Deacon Blues The "noose" found in the garage of NASCAR'a only black driver turns out to be the rope used to close the garage door. Every garage has one.
20200622 15:06 3dc Sounds tasty Deacon...
I did racks of ribs...
20200622 12:55 Skidmark Didn't think that was suitable for the GP non-contributors, but might be of local interest,
20200622 12:51 Skidmark The Tennessean newspaper launches investigation after printing 'horrific' full-page ad that claims there will be a 'nuclear attack by Islam detonated in Nashville on July 18th'
20200622 12:46 Skidmark "Race is a social construct to enforce the thought of white supremacy"

Empty little heads, echo.
20200622 11:01 Deacon Blues My Granddaughter and I have been having a discussion. Here is what she said to me, "Race is a social construct to enforce the thought of white supremacy". She couldn't give me a coherent explanation of what that actually means.
20200622 10:55 Deacon Blues P.S. I smoked some beef brisket, chicken, and beef ribs. Have corn on the cob, grilled okra, potato salad, and baked beans left over. Help yourself.
20200622 10:53 Deacon Blues Thanks, tw. I spent Father's Day mowing and trying out my new smoker. Father's Day is great!
20200621 22:48 trailing wife I made banana chocolate chip muffins this evening in honour of Father’s Day. so please help yourselves to a bit of healthy goodness. Tomorrow it will be zucchini bread muffins with chocolate chips and possibly almond or rum raisins. This is how Mr. Wife knows he is loved, and so should all who come here. :-)
20200617 13:30 trailing wife You’re welcome, Frank G.
20200616 17:55 Frank G TY TW
20200616 15:53 Frank G Request comment to roll this over to tomorrow
20200616 00:44 trailing wife They’re like jihadi groups, splitting, renaming, rejoining and renaming again as the mood takes or the need arises — all very Toad The Wet Sprocket of Monty Python fame. We could make a new category for Commie-Anarchists, but at this point Fifth Column will do. Also, there is some level of connection with the actual jihadis, like the NYC lawyer who trained with Hamas on a George Soros Open Society scholarship.
20200615 15:01 Glenmore Antifa, Occupy, IWW - all the same.
20200615 15:00 Glenmore Maybe even deserving of their own ID.
20200615 14:59 Glenmore I'm in agreement with the boss, Antifa is not crime but something deeper - 5th column, subversion, enemy action...
20200613 22:50 Frank G Stay safe, B and other GA residents (Chris?)
20200611 18:37 3dc I didn't bother posting it last night but twitter posted about a bee keeper in Janesville Wisconsin that cops stopped from releasing a trailer full of beehives on a protest...
20200608 17:02 Skidmark Ah'm going to look for impending asteroid collisions. Back soon.
20200607 12:17 trailing wife Skidmark, check and for riot news. Although today’s events are no doubt only now slowly getting started — Antifa starts later.
20200607 12:15 trailing wife Happy Sunday morning!
20200607 10:55 Skidmark Not a lot of riot news this morning.
20200604 23:32 Skidmark Ah, mutual respect from a fan.
20200604 11:10 Skidmark
20200604 00:01 Clem I think it's Skidmark who is slow.
20200603 10:46 Skidmark Slow news day today.
Media is tired.
Need a new human rights crisis.
20200603 00:54 trailing wife charger, I added it to the bottom of the roundup. Go ahead and add that he’s not dead as a comment in the thread — I have no doubt our readers will be as relieved as you and I. Thank you for the post and the update.
20200603 00:46 trailing wife then they are the hypocrites they accuse him of.

Absolutely right, Snowy Thing.

3dc, something to add to a comment in the Burg — a much better outlet for the natural high spirits of our people than getting in trouble by going hunting at this stage of the proceedings.
20200603 00:37 charger Just posted video of scumbags attacking a man in Portland.

I noted that I thought he was reported dead, but I was apparently mistaken about that.

So mods feel free to correct that part of the post.