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20230206 23:59 trailing wife Back when I was in high school in the late 1970s in one of the safest suburbs in the country at the time, one of my girlfriends was upset because her little brother — in 5th grade — came to her with stories of drug dealing on the playground. One of the boys in my circle, a gifted classical cellist, turned to dealing because he didn’t want to ask his parents to borrow to help pay for his college education. For two generations the stuff has been as available in the nice communities as in the inner city and the poor country towns.
20230206 22:51 Skidmark Never 3 on a match.
20230206 20:25 Frank G Cool story. Rich and compelling
20230206 13:11 Dale Confirmation today by several different people. pharmacy techs. Police, Joe average guy. Vietnam vet tried some Cambodian red or gold, I can't remember exactly while on guard duty in Vietnam. Friend took a hit near dusk and the red glow was enough for sniper to get him. Never touched the stuff after.
20230206 11:15 Skidmark
20230206 09:28 Deacon Blues Dale even here in rural East Tennessee kids in 6th and 7th grades are dealing drugs. Where are the parents?
20230206 04:11 Dale My post today didn't not take. My response to Skidmark's drug post. Today drugs are everywhere. The new normal. Marijuana truly is a gateway drug and its use is never ending.
20230205 19:19 badanov Part II
20230205 19:18 badanov Operations staff for 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade sent a task force north in Leskovets with inrtructions to attack and clear three enemy deployments.

The first objective was in Salash, where the task force attacked north through a forest belt, eventually penetrating the village and clearing it of enemy troops.

Owing to losses, both through combat and road accidents, the task force lost 2nd squad, one tank and the AA truck. The operation continued on to Granichak, where the task force remnants attacked from the west.

Granichak was cleared quickly but not without losses. Commander decided to end the offensive operation and return to base.

Two Su-25 ground interdiction pilots were recovered by Air Support 2 gunship, and escorted to the forward zone.

Casualties from combat were high with command squad losing seven and 2nd squad losing four.

Part I:

20230205 13:41 Deacon Blues Socialism in action: The only factory on the island that produces toilet paper for the entire country is sending all its production to regime-owned hotel and resorts. Cubans are left to continue wiping their behinds with state-run newspapers. Via CiberCuba
20230204 09:25 Deacon Blues What were electric eels called before electricity was discovered?
20230204 09:22 Deacon Blues A shipwreck leaked 50,000 gallons of whiskey into the ocean. It left no tern unstoned.
20230203 02:12 Dale Viking handshake. Goes back to days of Rome. Greeting to make certain you don't have a knife hidden up your sleeve. I understand in the thirties and forties it was more common to see. The open palm wave indicated you were not armed.
20230202 17:14 badanov On Tuesday during a winter storm near Mesia in Summa at the forward zone for 1stBn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Brigade was attacked by separatist troops.

The enemy fired an opening artillery barrage which lasted 14 minutes, and which destroyed command rifle squad and all of 2nd squad, save for one unit.

3rd squad commander took overall command, and for three hours held off numerous enemy attacks from infantry and technicals.

1st Bn, is a backwater of the war which doesn't get much in the way of resources. Brigade operations staff did scrape together one tank and one technical as relief forces.

1st Bn had an artillery section consisting of two 122mm towed howitzers. The artillery barrage destroyed the radios that enabled fire support. As it was, the fighting taking place was much too close to allow for artillery.

Casualties for the remaining forces were moderate, with a loss of three. Enemy casualties included five technicals, and many infantry.

20230202 10:49 badanov Later that same Sunday, 1st Bn, 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered back to Graslaben this time with instructions to clear Grasleben of separatist troops occupying it.

The tactical plan was for Scout 1 to cover the west side of town, while Scout 2 drives up the easternmost road. Tank 1 was to move to the main north-south road, while Tank 2 moves to the city center.

3rd squad covered a western arc of the city while 3rd squad covered the east. Command squad was to move to the northern outskirts to cover the north and northeast.

The operations to clear south Grasleben went quickly with minimal casualties. Commander located the dead bodies of the two criminal command operatives and separated intel material from them.

When the withdraw order was issued commander went to the location of three prisoners held by the separatists. Though they still were blindfolded, two of them, one male and one female, ran away.

The retreat from town continued. When it was almost complete commander became aware that Tank 1 had thrown a track. Commander sent for a repair truck, and reentered Grasleben, despite the fact most of the task force had left.

Commander never retrieved the tank, but instead ordered the crew to bail. A separatist tank appeared and blocked command squad, and steadily eliminated most of the squad.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost five. Scout 1 suffered a crew hit. Tank 1 was abandoned.

20230201 19:15 badanov
20230201 11:42 Skidmark Easier to 'tune' the moderators, I expect.
20230201 08:59 SCFI I'm reposting the following from in the hope that Fred will see this and maybe comment on it.

"Dear Fred,

Can you program an "undo" function for those mods with fat fingers mashing the wrong button please?

Just for mods only of course.

Thanks in advance."

20230131 17:06 badanov On Sunday, 1st Bn, 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was rushed to Grasleben after brigade operations staff issued a warning order that separatist forces would attempt to take over the town.

Soon after arriving, the task force was attacked in the east by infantry and from the north by technicals and scout cars. The enemy also attacked with Mi-8 gunships.

Before Graslaben could be secured, command ordered the task force to attack and clear a location about two kilometers to the northeast. Commander left 3d squad in Graslaben, and brought Tank 1 and 2nd Squad forward.

Advancing in the open, after defeating a Spanish speaking militia squad, command squad moved towards the new objective. Tank 1 was ordered forward to fight off an enemy BRDM. An enemy BTR-80A appeared, defeating the tank.

Commander ordered command squad BTR to withdraw slowly into cover, but before that could happen, the enemy BTR targeted the BTR and destroyed it, killing the commander.

Although losses, but for command squad, were light, commander called off the operation and withdrew back to the forward zone.

20230131 10:00 badanov 1st Bn, Chernarus 10th Separate Tank Brigade sent a task force to conduct wide area offensive operations in Rosche Saturday. Among the locales to be defended was Klein Pritzier and Wellendorf.

Separatists and affiliated forces were expected to make a stab for these locations, so commanded ordered the task force to meet them there.

At Klein Pritzier, even as command squad and the tanks were preparing a defense, 2nd BTR Squad fought off a group of enemy infantry on the east side of town.

The enemy made several infantry attacks on the east side, but several more attacks were made with vehicles including gunships. In the ensuing fighting, enemy vehicles never came closer than 500 meters before being destroyed.

Once Klein Pritzier was secured, command squad advanced along a road towards Wellendorf from the southeast. 2nd squad and one tank and one BRDM were left in Klein Pritzier as command squad marched forward.

In Wellendorf, command squad encountered a BRDM scout car. Tank 1 was sent forward to destroy the scout car. When command squad was about to enter town, a pair of heavy machine gun technicals appeared.

Before Tank 1 could destroy them, command squad lost eight. Commander ended the operation and returned to base.

Casualties were high. Command squad lost eight, while 2nd squad lost two. Field counts of enemy losses included five BRDMs, two MI-8 gunships, and two T-34/85 tanks.

20230130 18:45 badanov Parts of 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment was ordered to conduct a wide area offensive campaign in Zagorsk Friday.

The main objective was a walled compound at Manikhino, in the east. The task force deployed there in a semi circle. A set of supply trucks left by the enemy was deployed.

After several minutes, the compound was secured. As commander was preparing to go to the next object, Radizhiznoye, the offensive was called off.

Casualties were light. Command squad and 2nd squad each lost two.

20230130 18:11 badanov
20230130 16:25 Deacon Blues tw, I play bass, concertina, button accordian, banjo, harmonica, and bowed psaltery. Never did learn how to play a guitar.
20230130 00:28 trailing wife “Classified documents” !!! Every blessed time I do not expect the punchline!

Carry on, Deacon Blues — you are clearly a gentleman and a scholar.

Mr. Wife got back from the International Blues Competition in Memphis this afternoon, bringing with him a cigar box guitar made by Stacey Mitchard that he’d won in a charity raffle. It has a pretty sound, but nobody here plays guitar.
20230129 11:47 Deacon Blues I went to a diner and ordered a Sloppy Joe. The server brought me classified documents,
20230128 19:37 Dale Ev's are spontaneously bursting into flames. Small engine and farm equipment repairman mentioned to me today. Just sitting on display floor showroom. New equipment.

Motel convention today for Funeral home operators. Open Mike night tonight.
20230126 12:40 Deacon Blues I went to a bar named The Fiddle. It was really bad, a very vile inn.
20230126 08:40 badanov In Armavir, after successful conclusion of an attack and clear operation, a Chernarus Naval Forces task force commander finds himself isolated, alone and facing Wagner operators, who are in pursuit of the task force.

20230126 00:14 trailing wife My darling father-in-law used to have an endless repertoire of jokes and riddles, too. I miss him — and them — dreadfully. I don’t have a mind for such things, so he could have told me the same few over and over without me remembering, but he had such fun with them.

Also, he would tell all of his four granddaughters, “Pink stinks!” just to tease them.
20230125 19:35 Deacon Blues What would you get if the sunrise bent over?
The crack of dawn.
20230125 19:26 Deacon Blues I once bought a dog from a blacksmith. As soon as I got him home he made a bolt for the door.
20230125 19:01 Deacon Blues Where do Dad's keep their Dad jokes?
In their Dadabase.
20230125 13:58 Dale Deacon man you are on a roll.
20230125 12:30 Deacon Blues I found classified adds in my newspaper. Should I notify the FBI?
20230125 10:52 badanov A few hours later a second task force from 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to attack and clear the locale of Udarnyy.

Udarnyy sits on the coast, so a decision was made to land a few hundred meters to the west where the units could take advantage of adaquete cover.

Command squad, being the lead element, encountered a PK machine gun technical. The task force commander, after requesting several naval artillery missions and failing to destroy the technical, was himself killed by the technical.

The attack continued. The new commander approached a western wall, and breached it using explosives. The search for the hideout of the enemy command operatives began, and ended when the commander found the female minder.

By this time enemy reinforcements coming from the north started to arrive. Command, 2nd and 3rd squad were being hit by a heavy machine gun technical. 4th squad was ordered to the north to delay the enemy reinforcements.

Naval artillery by this time was unavailable, and despite numerous attempts to destroy the heavy machine gun technical, the commander ordered a retreat back to the boats.

The retreat was very chaotic. Command and 2nds quad made it back to the boats in relative safety. 3rd squad lost about half its squad in their fighting retreat.

Casualties were heavy. Command squad lost seven, while 2nd squad lost five. 3rd squad lost eight. 4th squad was wiped out.

20230125 10:42 badanov A Chernarus Naval Forces task force from assembled from parts of 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade landed on the southern coast of Armavir with the task of clearing an inland area of separatist affiliated troops.

The task force after landing, formed a solid line heading north northeast until it made contact with enemy patrols. The firefights ensuing were very intense, as it seemed the entire enemy deployment was converging on the task force.

After several minutes the enemy was driven back. Commander found two criminal operatives dead, and stripped them of intelligence matter, before ordering the retreat.

The task force reached the coast a few minutes later as 2nd squad acted as rear guard before retreating with the rest of the task force.

Casualties were moderate, with 2nd squad losing eight, and 4th squad losing two. Command squad lost two.

20230124 16:37 Dale Today it seems this testing compromise is more extensive than I realized. Even Hospital workers. Unfortunate adaptation.
20230124 04:13 Dale Seems everyone is sick of something. Nursing Home did covid tests on Nurses and results were positive but they told them they were negative. Help shortage. New highly contagious vax variety 100% infecting vaxed and booster people. Just a cold. Next variety who knows.
20230123 17:25 badanov A separate task force from 3rd Bn, 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade, received warning orders from battalion operations staff about an impending enemy attack on Eschenrode in Werferlingen.

Eschenrode is about half a kilometer south of a river and is relatively easy to defend. Commander arranged his forces on a semi circle facing north, 3rd squad and Scout 1 on the east side, and 3rd squad with both tanks on the west.

A Wagner operated gunship attacked the deployment in town, killing the commander and one other.

Some infantry attacks from the north took place, but they fell into the area of 3rd squad. As night was falling, battalion command issued new orders for the task force to advance to the river bank from the south.

Then, for nearly 45 minutes, command squad and 2nd squad fought off enemy infantry attacks from across the river to the north, while the tanks fought off enemy armor coming from the west.

When friendly reinforcements arrive, commander was forced to strip the eastern deployment of Reinforcing Tank 1, and move it west to bolster the armor line.

Similarly, Reinforcing Squad 1 was moved from its position from the east side of Eschenrode to the west side, after Tank 1 was destroyed in a tank gunfight. When orders to withdraw were issued, commander already was drawing his infantry back from the river line.

Losses were high. Three of four BTRs were destroyed by tank gunfire. Second squad lost eight, plus its BTR, while Reinforcing Squad 1 lost five, plus its BTR. Command squad lost four and its BTR.

Field counts of enemy losses included one T-34/85 and two T-55s.

20230123 16:47 Deacon Blues Whiskey Mike it's neutrinos.
20230123 14:21 Deacon Blues Gretta Thunberg is 20 years old.
20230123 14:01 Whiskey Mike More stray gamma I presume.
20230123 14:01 Whiskey Mike I have so noted, and thanks all.
20230123 12:54 badanov A task force assembled from elements of 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received orders to launch an attack on Ribbenstedt in Werferlingen Sunday night.

Included in their instructions were orders to eliminate a pair of criminal command operatives who led the takeover of town, Zoran Todorovic and Olesa Nura. Local agents also arranged for a dead drop of stolen documents.

Ribbenstedt sits astride a river, so the tactical plan was for the entire task force to attack from the south on the east side of town while Tank 1 would attack north frm the west side.

Led by Tank 2 the attacking infantry closed in on the southern edge of town quickly, sweeping resistance aside. Command squad took the north side of town and swept across town until the commander came to the house where the operatives were.

Commander eliminated Nura and took documents and a phone from her. Todorovic already was dead, so commander seized documents from his person as well.

By the time commander located the dead drop documents, enemy counterattacks were in full swing. The enemy was trying to cut its way into town from the north, as command squad and second squad defended.

At one point an enemy T-34/85 tank entered town, but was destroyed by infantry RPG gunners. While even more attacks were coming, commander ordered the retreat.

Losses were moderate with 2nd squad losing seven, and command squad losing two. The BRDM scout car suffered a total crew hit.

Field counts of enemy losses included a T-34/85 tank and a technical.

20230122 20:18 Frank G I like that, Deacon
20230122 15:49 Deacon Blues I made a playlist for hiking. It has music from Peanuts, the Cranberries, and Eminem. I call it my Trail Mix.
20230122 09:39 badanov Parts of 4th Bn, Chernarus 7th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade launched a wide area operation in Leskovets, with the task of clearing three locales of separatist troops.

The tactical plan was for Scout 1 BRDM scout car, Scout 2 and Tank 1 to attack from the southeast, in coordination with command squad with Tank 2 and Tank 3, attacking from the south.

Initial contact included Russian naval infantry specops and local militia. Losses began to mount as command squad penetrated the defensive zone set up by the separatists.

Counterattacks were nearly constant as command squad drove from south to north. Once the town was cleared, 2nd squad was ordered to set up a defense against incoming enemy reinforcements.

Command squad was down to eight as their attack on the second objective, the town of Slatina, began. Command squad attacked from the southwest with support of tanks.

Enemy counterfire was very heavy as command squad drove into town, clearing it of enemy forces. The task force commander was killed.

After Slatina fell, commander launched a separate mission to recover the two Su-25 pilots shot down. The pilots received medical attention before climbing aboard a BRDM.

Losses infantry were heavy, forcing the commander to call off the remainder of the operation. 2nd squad was wiped out, command squad lost four. Both gunships were shot down, as well as the Su-25s.

20230121 21:12 badanov The non-stick baking pan I bought made a tremendous difference with my latkes. Made about 11 of them.

Next time, I must make preparations earlier than I did. Save a lot of problems.
20230121 20:39 Skidmark Note the worm is not here today WM.
Unless someone other than I is scrubbing him.
20230121 09:43 trailing wife Stray gamma rays, Whiskey Mike. ;-)

TW is indeed getting peeved.
20230121 07:24 Whiskey Mike Sorry for the multiple posts. No idea why.
20230121 07:23 Whiskey Mike Do we have to put up with this shit-stirrer : Herman Hapsburg8987? I gave him time to clarify his positions thinking that maybe he would settle down.
Nope. It is only getting worse.
Other opinions solicited. I think Tw is getting peeved. I value TW far mor that Herman.
20230121 03:39 badanov The following day, on Thursday, another task force dropped in to Malden with new orders to recapture the town of Sainte Louis, just two kilometers north of La Trinitie.

This new operation was similar to the previous day's operation, except that while command squad was maneuvering to attack from the southeast, weapons squad and 2nd squad exchanged gunfire with enemy patrols in town.

Command squad began its attack along with main north-south road. Command squad quickly reached the southern edge of town. As clearing operations began, 2nd squad ran into a heavy weapons technical.

Enemy reinforcements began to pour into town as clearing operations continued. Both of the criminal command operatives were reported eliminated, but command could only find the leader.

Except for 2nd squad losses were light, even with enemy vehicles coming into town. Commander found and seized some documents left in a dead drop. Command squad held a position in the southern edge of town as the remaining two squads retreated.

When withdraw orders came down, command squad became pinned down by rifle troops on the north and east, and a T-34/85 tank on the south. Command squad eventually managed to withdraw, but not without losses.

Casualties were catastrophic with 2nd squad being wiped out and weapons squad cut down to three. Command squad was cut down to three.

20230120 18:19 Deacon Blues Food has gotten so expensive that the slot machines in Las Vegas are paying out in steaks and eggs.
20230120 18:18 Deacon Blues What do you get when you cross the phone company with a rabbit?
A bell hop.
20230120 14:40 badanov A task force from Chernarus 48th Separate Air Assault Battalion parachuted into Malden with orders to attack and clear the town of La Trinitie.

Separatist troops entered the town only days before, bringing with them vehicles, and detaining three locals. The locals were a husband and wife team of aid workers, plus one other.

The tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads, along with the weapon squad to attack into town from the southeast, while command squad attacked from the southeast.

However, command broke down, and only command squad made its attack, with the other three squad refusing to attack. Command squad became swamped with counterattacking enemy. Losses began to mount.

After the task force commander was eliminated, 2nd squad commander took command, leading his squad in to try to spring a pinned down command squad. Both squads became pinned down as enemy attacking vehicles cut down both squads.

When commander was killed, 3rd squad commander took over and called a retreat.

Losses were catastrophic with command squad and and 2nd squad wiped out, and weapons squad cut down to three total.

Intelligence materials gathered by the task force commander were lost.

20230119 03:57 Dale My recently retired Virologist pumped gas in his PJ's. How you doing. Just staying home. Fully vaxed and 100% contagious to vaxed and booster-d. New variant just a bad cold they say. What's next.

20230118 20:15 badanov On Tuesday, 2nd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade ordered a task force to be sent to Borek in Livonia. Battalion recon staff learned that the area had been taken over by a separatist force.

On the march to Borek, 2nd squad ran into a separatist patrol, which it engaged in a brief but intense firefight. The enemy patrol was run off, and the march continued.

The original tactical plan was for 2nd and 3rd squads to attack north along the western road, supported by Tank 2. Command squad and Tank 1 were to attack north along the eastern road.

3rd Squad failed to make its starting point before local enemy patrols discovered friendly forces. The attack commenced immediately thereafter. In the attack, an advancing BRDM scout car was destroyed by an enemy recoilless rifle.

Command squad made good headway in its assault, reaching the first crossroads on the eastern side, eliminating local militia gunners and an enemy technical mounting a recoilless rifle.

Commander assaulted the location of the two enemy criminal command operatives, eliminating both, and seizing intelligence materials on their persons.

In the called retreat, 2nd squad ran into no fewer than three heavy machine gun technicals, which cut the squad down by five. A counterattack by Tank 2 sprung 2nd squad loose to continue their retreat.

The rally point at Lembork was attacked by a pair of enemy vehicles. 3rd squad, which had failed to appear in the original attack, fought off the two vehicles, with the help oi Tank 1 and Tank 2.

Casualties were high. 2nd squad lost seven, while 3rd squad lost three. One BRDM scout car was destroyed.

20230118 17:31 badanov On Sunday, elements of 2nd Bn, Chernarus 33rd Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade were ordered to attack and clear three enemy held locations in Cham.

The tactical plan for taking Rannersdorf, the first town, was for the task force's tanks to lead from the southeast, as command squad dismounted and attacked through a forest belt.

The tanks engaged and destroyed two armored vehicles, but one tank suffered a total crew hit. The task force, passing through the town, defended against enemy counterattacks as it massed for the second attack on Albernhof.

During the attack on Albernhof, commander was informed that both ground interdiction aircraft had been shot down, and both pilots survived and bailed out.

The task force attacked and cleared the last objective, Hirschhof, with commander seizing intelligence matter from one of the deceased criminal command operatives.

Both pilots were evacuated to the forward zone by two scout cars, as the last operation.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad and 2nd squad each lost four. Six armored crew were killed in action. Field counts of enemy losses included three T-55, three BMPs and one BRDM scout car.

20230118 04:12 Dale Yep, hears another oops today. Getting old or too many hours. OK, lazy.
20230118 04:10 Dale Sorry to hears that, shingles is occurring in my area in a big way. One fellow had them near his right eye. No loss of sight but so slow to go away. I'll see him today and ask. I've started telling stories that go back to the depression. The old timers like them. Something like your quips. I was around fellows 80-90 years old fifty years ago and they told their stories for many years. Nickname crackers. Why?, couldn't afford candy but got crackers from the cracker barrel.
20230117 08:58 Skidmark A bunch of guys waiting for some trim?
20230117 08:47 Deacon Blues Not doing a whole lot, Dale. Still working from home. Still fighting shingles neuropathy pain. What do you call a group of men waiting for a haircut? A barber que.
20230117 03:53 Dale Well Deconman "what cha doin" as my daughter would say. Since September you must have gotten into something or underfoot.
20230115 19:46 badanov Part III
20230114 21:42 badanov A task force element from 1st Bn, Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade launched a nocturnal offensive with the goal of capturing three towns, Rassau, Molbath and Klein Macau.

At Rassau, the task force lined up in a broad front from the south and advanced against enemy forces in town. Enemy rifle fire was very intense, and there were heavy losses.

Task force commander found that the enemy had deployed an AA gun battery, which did severe damage to several vehicles, including gunships.

After Rassau was cleared, the task force marched on Molbath from the west, but was stopped after a lengthy gunfight with both Wagner operators and Russian speaking militia.

Commander called off the offensive and returned to base.

Losses were heavy. Tank 1 was destroyed. Air Support 1 and Air support 2 were both shot down. 2nd squad's BTR was destroyed, as was AA1 AA gun truck.

Command squad was wiped out, and despite reinforcements, 2nd squad was cut down to four.

20230114 21:36 badanov I completed yet another batch of baked chicken, this time with them turning out very well.

I did a few things differently.

One of them I bought a non stick baking tray, a very inexpensive one from one of those overstock stores.

Every recipe for baking chicken thighs said to remove the water/moisture by patting them down with paper towels, which I did. Coating the meat in cooking oil, then topping the meat with certain spices.

For simplicity's sake I used onion powder, garlic powder, nu-salt and black pepper.

The thighs were very tender and juicy, making for a pleasurable repast.
20230114 10:15 badanov Ain't complainin'
20230114 06:47 Skidmark Sorry.
I didn't stay up all night to read that idiot JOE.
20230113 19:57 badanov From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group

Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from January 6th, 2023, to January 12th, 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in seven operations in four regions.
20230113 00:06 badanov A special operations team for Chernarus Naval Forces landed on the northern coast of Altis by powered Zodiac boat with orders to extract a pair of friendly operatives in hiding in the village of Frini.

The team marched inland to a point to the west of town, and waited as a pair of Hellenic Air Force fighter bombers destroyed two heavy weapon technicals before beginning their assault.

The team quickly penetrated the enemy defensive perimeter. Commander made contact with the two operatives and led them back west, even when enemy riflemen discovered their presence.

The team escorted the two operatives to a rendezvous with a naval transport boat waiting on the coast before seeing them off.

The team returned to ship by boat safely.

20230111 18:26 Frank G Darth - I carried over your post on Biden's second batch of "Oops" til tomorrow
20230109 13:55 Frank G *Groan*
20230109 11:43 Deacon Blues The first time I saw a universal remote control I thought, " wow, this changes everything!".
20230109 09:26 badanov On Sunday, a task force assembled from elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to march on Graslaben in Werferlingen with orders to clear the town and to recover a trio of prisoners.

The tactical plan was for the tanks to lead followed by the BTR infantry, establishing a line running east to west. The advances of the rifle/tank groups went very quickly, with contact being made as soon as the BTRs arrived.

Command squad, following by Scout 2, advanced to the position where two criminal command operatives were holed up. Commander led the assault, eliminating the two, and seizing intel documents including a cell from from the operatives.

The three prisoners being held by the separatists were recovered and transported aboard command squad's BTR. They originally were wounded through mistreatment. First aid was administered.

As the task force was withdrawing, they were hit by a Wagner operated gunship. The task force drove the vehicle off, with Scout 1 finally shooting it down. The task force continued to retreat.

Losses were very heavy with 2nd squad losing 10 including its BTR, and 3rd squad losing four, plus its BTR. Command squad lost four. Tank 1 was destroyed covering the retreat.

Field counts of enemy losses included one T-55, one T-34/85 and one MI-8 gunship.

20230108 16:04 badanov From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from December 30th, 2022, to January 5th, 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a increased tempo.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in five regions.
20230108 13:55 Deacon Blues Status Quo: Latin for "the mess we're in".