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20180920 21:49 ZF Didn't want to keep cluttering over yonder. I skimmed through again and got it: one or more of you think I may have posted the original "49Pan" post. I didn't. Not that I can prove a negative any better than the next person. FWIW, I was reacting mostly to Abu.
20180920 21:25 3dc bravo Glenmore
20180920 21:03 3dc On the VDH thread there was a non-typical response by 49Pan. AP mentioned 49Pan's phone was getting repaired so was it him or an impostor? I'm emailing him this question.
20180920 14:16 Glenmore Written by a friend of mine:
"Dear Sons, You have studied and worked hard for what you have accomplished. You are true professionals and I pray it will remain so. But you are going to be living in dangerous times and I am not talking about terrorism. The workplace poses the most danger to you and I must, I feel, advise you to be careful in your daily encounters with people, especially women. First, never be alone with a women in the work place. Always try to work around other people so they could be witnesses if you need them. Second, always be respectful to everyone, even if they don't deserve it. Use your acting and survival skills to get you through the day. Third, never trust anyone in the work place. They are co-workings, not organ donors. Trust begets betrayal and one who smiles and dips her head today, will hire a lawyer tomorrow and sue you. Protect and guard your reputation at all cost. Fourth, if off-color jokes are being exchanged in the work place, LEAVE THE ROOM. Even passive participation will be viewed by some scorned soul as active participation. Never add to a joke which contains political, sexual or religious content. Learn to just walk away. Fifth, keep your own counsel. Never, never, never express your opinion which is outside the scope of your employment or duties. It the work place and not a playground. Manage your thoughts and actions carefully and never emote until you get home. Sixth, even if your employer has a party, don't let your guard down. There are those who will seek out relaxed inhibitions and prey upon them and then use your responses and behavior against you in court. Seventh, NEVER touch a woman while at work, other than shaking her hand. Any sign of affection--no matter how slight--may be interpreted as an unwanted overture and one that creates a "hostile working" environment for her. It's a short distance from the work place to the courthouse. Eighth, be polite and civil, but NEVER inviting. Never go to lunch alone with a female co-worker. Others might read something into it that isn't there, or she might do the same. Protect yourself from unwarranted and unfounded interpretations of your behavior. Ninth, keep a daily, contemporaneous journal of all contacts you have with co-workers. It will be admissible evidence in court if, God forbid, you need it. And tenth, I am sorry I have to tell you this,but it's the times we live in or you will live in. Some people will use anything to get ahead and are more than willing to use your back as a stepping stone. You must protect yourself everyday. I wish I could leave you more, but as an attorney, I can only give you sound advice so you will never find yourself in a courtroom or before the Human Resources manager defending actions you are innocent of. I love you and will not be around to witness all your professional accomplishments. But if there's a legacy I can leave you, it is this. Be careful. Those who smile at you are displaying the same teeth they will bite you with. Love, Dad."
20180920 13:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain Today's Tesla-q Twitter Update:

How the trick is done.
20180920 13:50 Bright Pebbles

HY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking and Promiscuity

It's news because someone doesn't want you to know it.
20180920 11:34 Dave D. *groan*
20180920 07:49 Deacon Blues What do you call a herd of sheep tumbling down a hill? A lambslide. What do you call a herd of sheep tumbling down a snow-covered hill? A lambalanche.
20180919 21:34 Glenmore That’s funny, Snowy.
20180919 14:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Way back thirty five years ago my mom had a possum problem with them getting in the trash cans. Once we had some people visiting, including a small kid. They were eating out in the back yard, at the picnic tables, I think having crawfish or something... and there was a possum that got in the trash again. Mom laid the trash can down, it hopped out, and started hopping across the lawn towards the bayou in back.

A little kid saw this and said, "Hey, Lady, Your Possum's Getting Away..."
20180919 10:58 Glenmore Portland grand family is doing well, all (mostly) settled in to new (old) house - $500 k for 1250 soft. Last trip I was packing and moving stuff out of old house, cleaning, fixing, watching pros fix (roof) for sale. This trip all I did was move mulch & cut down ivy. Son-in-law has resigned from his job and will be opening a new restaurant in a few weeks - I tried their food at their pop-up last spring & it was very good but I am nervous, because it is such a risky venture. Still, if anyone finds themselves in Portland after a few weeks, try BHUNA for some ‘Indian soul food’, Kashmiri based.
20180919 08:53 trailing wife The company that dealt with my little racoon problem,last year used a scent bait on a cotton ball that smelt like bananas in their live trap.

20180919 08:11 Deacon Blues A long time ago I was working at a paper mill near Mobile, Alabama. Engineering work. The bar we went to after work was on one of the byous near Mobile. It had a deck on the back overlooking the water. There was a large gater who lived there and we would throw marshmallows and he would catch and eat them. We named him Izod. One day we went after work and the owner told us we would have to stop feeding Izod marshmallows because when the owner got out of his car that morning with a brand-new pair of white tennis shoes on Izod chased him across the parking lot. I've always wondered what happened to Izod.
20180919 04:00 Skidmark How did that roof turn out?
20180919 04:00 Skidmark The fun thing about live traps is you can relocate the contents, anywhere, like downtown. I've heard.
20180918 23:23 Glenmore Marshmallows worked for some of our opossum problem in Louisiana but had to switch to sardines for the rest. The raccoons are in Portland Oregon so I don’t know where to find any crawfish ponds. Or gators.
20180918 22:47 Skidmark Live trap
Big marshmallows
Throw it in the pond
Feed the crawdads.
20180918 12:13 Glenmore Raccoon got one of daughter’s chickens last night.
20180917 14:14 Deacon Blues “She admits she doesn’t remember key details like exactly when the incident occurred or where specifically, and she says the first time she told anyone about it was when she was in couples counseling with her husband in 2012 — 30-some years after the night in question.”
20180916 15:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain Old Milneburg is, according to wikipedia, about where the old Pontchartrain Beach amusement park used to be before the land got taken over eventually by the U. of New Orleans.
20180916 13:14 3dc Regarding the times front page from a few days ago. Adah Isaacs Menken - Ed James, a journalist friend, wrote after her death: "Her real name was Adelaide McCord, and she was born at Milneburg, near New Orleans, on June 15, 1835."

Dr John on Milneburg and it's "joys"

20180916 11:58 Thing From Snowy Mountain Today's Tesla Update:

Tesla appears to have a large number of poorly-documented (for a public company) storage areas for unsold inventory (which they're not really supposed to have, because they supposedly have a couple hundred thousand presold cars, but that's a separate mystery than this one).
20180915 21:11 Thing From Snowy Mountain I don't care if California launches its own satellite so long as the launcher is completely electric.
20180915 17:24 Deacon Blues If Florence continues on projected track it will go a couple of miles west of me. Big deal.
20180915 14:49 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: do you still have my number?
20180915 12:42 trailing wife Project Veritas: We are unmasking the Deep State

We are finishing the search for every rotten, crooked, law-breaking individual in the Deep State. We and others are going to find you.

We’re going to unmask you.

We’re going to make you famous.

Posted on YouTube yesterday. Ths is going to be so much fun, especially on the heels of the Google video and the Twitter CEO saying in an interview that conservative employees “don’t feel safe to express their opinions.”
20180915 11:19 Skidmark Following my Boring Musk remark, here is a new supportive reference:
Elon Musk's The Boring Company wants to tunnel into your garage
20180915 08:30 Deacon Blues I'd go to Mars. I'm a Martian. Marvin is my cousin.
20180914 23:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain Seen @ AoSHQ:

"They found bits of an unidentifiable metal with strange markings, and a few tattered pieces of an Adibas track suit."
20180914 19:31 Skidmark In my fantasy world...

The Boring Company mines for polar ice AND builds underground habitat.

20180914 19:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: now that I've thought about it... changing to the BFR because of the helium issue is kinda like changing from a subcompact to a semi because the fuel pump doesn't work.
20180914 17:18 Thing From Snowy Mountain The whole LGBTQRTY thing is so they can pretend they're good little leftists while they screw over the proletariat like crazy.
20180914 17:03 Deacon Blues There is no law that says you have to look for your kids immediately after they go hide in hide-and-seek.
20180914 16:33 3dc What's a more important union demand of a boss, 40 hour work weeks with limited overtime or LGBT special privileges?
Same for benefits or no borders?
20180914 16:31 3dc The answer to SI and leftism on the left coast is unions in Hi-Tech. Think about it.
Also are not H1-Bs scabs in the union sense?
20180914 15:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain This is what my version of the SpaceX BFR Upper Stage would look like. More or less. It's done already...

20180914 15:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh, and about the whole self-driving-applied-to-space thing... the AI problems with self-driving cars compared to AI applied to problems of space exploration are basically, IMHO, comparing apples to tiger sharks.
20180914 13:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain I think there's a serious problem with the Silicon Valley/West Coast types in that they think they're the only ones who have the right to be capitalist while everyone else needs to be nickle-and-dimed to death for the familial sin of partaking in combustion.

All their companies are basically pay-no-dividend, pay-shareholders-by-increasing-in-share-value which makes it easier to use the company as a pyramid scheme if things go screwy.

Re: The helium: SpaceX could have used the same engine pattern on the Raptor fueled rocket as they are with the Falcon 9, in which case they'd have a rocket about 1 1/2 times the gross lift off weight of the Falcon 9. OR they could have just come up with a multistage turbine for the Merlin engine. They prob. have the margin for that.

I gotta go to lucnh, BBL.
20180914 13:33 3dc Thing, since the design is majorly different each time it comes up, I think they are far from "bending iron" so it's a virtual trip on a virtual rocket and I don't care who it's for.
20180914 13:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain I wonder if the "Japanese Zillionaire" is Satoshi...
20180914 11:22 3dc Heh!
20180914 08:44 Skidmark Glad it's not the Mercurians!
20180913 22:51 3dc Might explain why it is also the left coast. It might really need new unions.
20180913 22:50 3dc Actually its a west coast high tech disease. Amazon has it, google has it, the others to a degree.
20180913 22:48 3dc Thing - spacex has many of the same issues of working folk to death. I stay away from all religions involving employment of me.
20180913 22:05 3dc Note it now looks different to.
More shuttle like and 1 more engine plus canards at front.
20180913 22:04 3dc Chaos at spacex too.
Japanese billionaire to fly BFS around the moon.
20180913 21:27 Thing From Snowy Mountain I should really put up some sort of blog somewhere I could use to keep track of all this stuff.
20180913 21:26 Thing From Snowy Mountain Running tally of interesting links:

* Zero Hedge on chaos at Tesla.

* AFTER A COUPLE HOURS OF SEARCHING... here's the bit I was really looking for:

They're experiencing a production shortfall because of inability to get silicon carbide mosfets for their power inverters.
20180913 19:58 Thing From Snowy Mountain

"British cave rescue hero Vernon Unsworth's girlfriend today reacted with fury over claims by billionaire Elon Musk that he is a child rapist.

Woranan Ratrawiphukkun, 40, who has been with Unsworth, 63, for seven years and runs her own nail salon, said Musk's claims that he married a 12-year-old child were 'laughable'.

The Tesla CEO, 47, originally called Mr Unsworth a 'pedo guy' after he criticised the submarine he provided to save the 12 boys and their teacher from being crushed in a cave.

In his latest slur, Musk then called him a child rapist, leaving Ms Ratrawiphukkun furious."
20180913 19:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain I interrupt this to put up a video link about stuff we can all agree on.

20180913 19:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain As I go along... here's something:

Same vehicle, rejected by putative buyer twice, still in storage lot.
20180913 19:12 Thing From Snowy Mountain On closer examination... I'm reading the reports of the NTSB reports of the crash, and it may be that I heard an incorrect report about the crash. I'll have to look into it further.

I am getting curious though, how well the "flight data recorder" on a Tesla works while the vehicle itself is apparently crashed at high speed and ignited into flames. They're always able to report what exactly the driver and the autopilot was doing just before the car hits the wall and the lithium battery ignites?
20180913 19:07 3dc Skid makes sense.
20180913 18:46 Skidmark As I remarked much earlier, in my fantasy world:

the autodriver electric car is a prototype platform for unmanned orbital space vehicles.

The powerwall and associated automated battery manufacturing is a design for colonization.

Solar City was/is a plan to power interplanet habitats.

Launching a Tesla into Mars orbit is not a publicity stunt. It was a utility patent demonstration.

Sometime late this year we should be hearing of a successful rendezvous.
20180913 18:25 3dc As to rockets - They needed to switch to a Raptor engine. Otherwise, they could end up using most of the helium on the planet with the F9 series.
20180913 18:23 3dc I don't get self driving with any car. As a human I don't trust self-driving.
20180913 18:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain Here's another news report from Twitter:

Railroad freight companies are holding shipments of Tesla vehicles in holding lots pending payment. If Tesla were doing as well as Musk was saying stuff like that wouldn't be happening. Please note this is separate from the cars-piling-up-in-off-grid-distribution centers like the one in Lathrop or in Burbank. I'll find links about those as well, I'm going through some of the major shortie Tesla accounts.
20180913 17:08 Thing From Snowy Mountain they can't even keep the car from locking down and trapping its passengers in case of an accident BUT they're going to do full self-driving car automation and revolutionize the world?
20180913 17:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Just clocked out. As I was saying...
20180913 14:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Yah, part of the thing that irritates me is that SpaceX with its Falcon 9 and H have actually accomplished something, and it's being jeopardized by Musk's feelings of grandiosity with his subsequent decisions:

* I think the Big Falcon Rocket is a big mistake. I think they'd be better off making more reusable rockets in the Falcon 9 size design space, with each subsequent design being more and more reusable without the sort of massive maintenance the space shuttle needed.

* I think the overemphasis on the self-driving car at Tesla is a big mistake. Even if Tesla were an ICE car company, I'd be yelling at them "You realize you've destroyed your company's future with this shit, you can't rely on the anti-liability fairy to keep you safe forever..." they can't even keep the car from locking down and trapping its passengers in case of an accident and they're going to ||||||||| time's up, be back tonight.
20180913 14:20 3dc
20180913 14:18 3dc Thing, Mars might be the "squirrel" call so it's not noticed as he slowly OWNS all space lift.
This year over %50 of all world launches, public, private and military were on Musk's rockets. More then Ariane, more than China, more than Russia more than Iran, more than Inida, more than NKor more than ULA more than.... Just more.
20180913 08:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain And I'm off to the races....
20180913 08:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain One of the ways NASA has continued to fuck itself and us over for the last thirty years is scale. They've spent twenty years using a soyuz that's going to be a strain to safely carry the crew of the station back down even if they have two of them docked because when it comes time to have their usual contractors develop their own it has to be really large and carry eight people safely over a lower g reentry profile. Similarly, the artisan crafting of large payloads that can't be carried on smaller launchers and then the creation of launcher _programs_ that can be the Only Vehicle That Can Carry The Webb Telescope...

Back in the 90's I argued that the shuttle/space telescope combo was such a waste of money that we'd have been better off building more Kecks instead.

Of course, this was back in the 90's before the keck telescopes became offenses before the goddess Pele.

20180913 05:44 3dc Thing, NASA is perplexing in many ways. They have set all sorts of almost impossible standards for SpaceX and Boeing to meet for their commercial manned craft. They have set no standards at all for the Soyuz they keep using to ferry astronauts. Soyuz has horrible quality control and is scary as hell. NASA has no problem with that. This tells me they don't really give a flying fck for the astronauts lives only the blame game if some of them die.
20180912 17:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I'm not sure Musk really wants to go to Mars. Or that _anyone_ really wants to go to Mars.

Consider this: Robert Zubrin has calculated that he could do his current notional Mars Direct mission architecture design with three Falcon 9-H launches.

Let's argue, for the sake of argument, that he's wrong and it will take nine Falcon 9H launches.

That's 150 million dollars x 9 = 1,350,000,000 dollars. One billion and three hundred fifty million dollars.

(Please note, that's assuming no reusability and assuming it's a lot heavier than Robert Zubrin said it would be.)

That's well within the capability of NASA if they decided their job was exploration instead of hand-crafting artisan heavy lift launchers. It's less than 10% of NASA's annual budget.

I take this as an existance proof that noone with significant resources really wants to go or send someone.
20180912 16:27 Thing From Snowy Mountain Skid: Pretty much, but I'm trying.

20180912 15:37 3dc An E-Pickup or semi cab on mars?
20180912 15:34 3dc Maybe some N-Bombs too.
20180912 15:32 3dc That said he is going to need Nukes or Fusion to really do Mars.
20180912 15:31 3dc Thing... I didn't notice.
I figure Musk just needed e-cars for the tech to make for space and Mars etc...
So for Musk, bubbles are good!
Think about it.
The current prototype NASA moon rover is over a billion bucks.
A Tesla chassis from his assembly line? Maybe a couple of thousand.
Also, greenies will make launching reactors a total bi..h so Tesla's solar side gives an option.
Yeah I see him as thinking that way.
20180912 15:26 3dc Video in Arabic on unmanned bomb boat found of Yemen. Any arabic speakers?
20180912 15:01 Skidmark I can't control anyone else, I can't only control myself.
20180912 14:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain I started to try to talk to an old friend a couple weeks back about the electric-vehicle "bubble" (two different kinds of bubbles).

I now note three different kinds of bubbles.

There's the bubble-idea:

"We're all going to get rich building electric cars"

There's the instance of the bubble:

"Elon Musk is going to lead us to the promised land..."

and finally, there's the you're-not-gonna-convince-me-otherwise bubble:

"And besides, we should be building electric vehicles because the leaded gas the industry was selling forty years ago made all the po people criminals."

I don't know if the latter accusation is based on reasoning any valid than the global warming stuff that was basically the foundation of all the successful attempts to push physical industries out of the united states. I suspect not.

I decided that maybe I shouldn't say anything rather than blowing up the way I did here last month. I thought I'd wait a couple days and then I'd be able to explain in a nice matter how stupid what he was saying was. But that Monday I got occupied with yet another maintenance cycle on the hydrotest unit... I never got around to saying anything.

There were reports on Twitter that one of the main problems with Tesla's production rate is that they can't source enough rectifiers to maintain it at the level Musk was bragging about. There's a somewhat active Tesla Bear community on Twitter that keeps track of that and other things. I wonder if the problems are reaching the point where more active measures are going to be needed to maintain the company's illusion of solvency, and that's what the recent law passed by California is really for.

I'm thinking of joining or starting a 12 step program for recovering bossaholics. In the meantime, I'm trying to accept that:

* I can't control anyone else, I can only control myself.

* The Man Upstairs is in control, and I'm not.

Anyway, to 3dc: I'm sorry I let my emotions get the better of me.

And that's it for now.

20180912 00:07 ZF Rollover again, dammit.
TW, re reading the classics, more like "reading" (skimming and sampling, mostly, and not much of that) and shamefully little "again." Making big plans, though, which are sure to be a great improvement on the plans of yesteryear.
I just remembered Shipman quoting a line or two from Lepanto right after I'd made a big deal of (re?)discovering it, only to have me admire his turn of phrase, not recognizing it from the thing I'd "read" mere moments before. Wince.
20180911 22:23 badanov Some Tuesday night Brooks & Dunn:

20180911 22:14 3dc Frank: "Far Right" = Immigration slow down?
The way the stats were explained:
Right-center == exit EU
Far right == kick the muslims out of Sweden and exit EU.
So a deal could be simply exit EU == majority.
20180911 07:05 Skidmark Today's a personal violence day.
20180910 18:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain Just a reminder to everyone...

20180910 14:11 Deacon Blues I'm still laughing.
20180909 19:44 Frank G "Far Right" = Immigration slow down?
20180909 19:13 3dc Far right 17.8%, right 40.1% left 40.3%. Right and Far Right is enough to exit EU.
20180909 19:07 3dc bet on Sweden now leaving the EU?
20180909 01:18 badanov Interesting,a Russian blogger just admitted that FSB Alfa group is deployed in Donetsk.
20180907 08:00 Skidmark
20180905 11:08 Deacon Blues Watching the Kavanaugh drilling seems like a Monty Python sketch.
20180905 10:21 trailing wife Three cheers for Monty Python!
20180905 00:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain Sorry, no time for serious matters. Medical issues await.

20180904 20:27 trailing wife What is his company, 3dc?
20180904 15:33 3dc Through Altman and others in NY Bill Clinton,s friends are all trying to fuck with performers on the stock market. Altmans company comes out with draconian negative reviews of whole classes of business and wall street wimps out.
20180904 13:29 3dc Seen in a comment on foxnews:
Al Gore invented Egypt. Brian Williams was there when he did it. John Kerry drove a Swift Boat up the Nile to see Al's invention and got thirty-two Purple Hearts along the way. Hillary Clinton couldn't make it because she was pinned down by sniper fire.
20180904 10:13 Skidmark That's a great story, 3D.
Quite likely too.
20180904 09:49 3dc from the current serial of "More Magic": Sean turned to John and asked, "What are you doing this weekend?"

Before John had a chance to say a word, Patty answered, "We're going to a save the spotted yellow-billed panda rally."

"Spotted yellow-billed pandas?"

"That's right," John said.

"I didn't know they were in trouble," Sean said.

"They are," Patty answered.

Suzie said, "I've never heard of a spotted yellow-billed panda."

"They're so rare that Wikipedia doesn't even have an article about them," John said finding it difficult to say that with a straight face.

"That's telling," Sean said.

Suzie asked, "Doesn't that suggest that they don't exist?"

In her defense, it should be noted that Suzie was unaware of certain facts about animal rights activists and save the earth activities on campus. The most glaring fact she didn't know was that these protests were set up so that goofy looking guys could get dates with hot looking women by appearing to be sensitive to cute and cuddly animals without coming across as complete wimps. It was a strategy that worked extremely well.

In the beginning it was a relatively simple kind of mating ritual. People got out with signs, marched around in circles while shouting witty slogans such as 'Batter the Badgers.' At the end of the day, they'd all drop their signs and go home to congratulate themselves on being socially aware. A few even congratulated themselves on providing trash to keep public workers employed with the simple task of picking up abandoned signs, water bottles, and the occasional condom.

Then some brilliant young man convinced the female members of PETA, the Please Eat The Animals activists, to start posing nude in protest. Ever since then, young women on campuses across the country were dropping clothes to save this animal or that.

The only rules to the mating ritual were that the subject of the rally couldn't be ugly animals because cute coeds weren't really interested in saving ugly animals and that the girls in attendance had to be cute. It wasn't even important if the animals existed at all, although protests to save widely recognizable fantasy animals such as dragons were strongly discouraged. For that matter, the girl didn't need to be all that cute if she had either really big breasts or a spectacular butt.

"No. The guy who is organizing this was quite emphatic on that point," Patty said with the conviction that only the truly gullible can achieve. "They are so rare that there have been no known sightings."

Sean said, "That is rare."

Suzie looked at John and, in a tone of voice that didn't quite believe it was possible, asked, "So you're going to that rally?"


Sean asked, "Why?"

"Well, the guy organizing it said that the rally would make a greater impact if all of the women showed up topless," John answered sheepishly.

"Ah, maybe I should go with you," Sean said seeing that there was indeed a good reason for a young man to attend such an event.
20180903 14:26 badanov Jane and Arlene are outside their nursing home, having a drink and a smoke, when it starts to rain. Jane pulls out a condom, cuts off the end, puts it over her cigarette, and continues smoking.

Arlene: What in the hell is that?

Jane: A condom. This way my cigarette doesn't get wet.
Arlene: Where did you get it?

Jane: You can get them at any pharmacy.

The next day, Arlene hobbles herself into the local pharmacy and announces to the pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms.

The pharmacist, obviously embarrassed, looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years of age), but very delicately asks what size, texture, brand of condom she prefers.

'Doesn't matter Sonny, as long as it fits on a Camel.'

The pharmacist fainted.
20180903 14:08 Skidmark Snowy Thing, do you think the extra mental challenge of operating in a non-metric system kick-starts creativity? ;-)

Left brain vs. Right brain, TW.
Metric is analytical, 1:10:100:1000
Imperial requires spatially comparative abstraction: "1 inch is the length of the King's terminal thumb joint. 1 foot is equivalent to the distance from the King's elbow to his wrist"
20180903 13:46 trailing wife Love the map, 3dc.

Snowy Thing, do you think the extra mental challenge of operating in a non-metric system kick-starts creativity? ;-)

Some in China, following some in South Korea, have taken up studying Talmud in order to discover the secret to Jewish success, after all.
20180903 11:33 3dc Current strafor map of Syria.

20180902 19:58 badanov Thanks for all the nice words.
20180902 14:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thought for the day: we'll know China is serious about space and going to the Moon when they abandon the metric system.
20180902 00:37 trailing wife Badanov did all the hard work of gathering and presenting the information, Zenobia F. I came along afterward to catch typos, polish phrasing, and ask questions. Since badanov was covering subjects about which I was completely ignorant, my questions were useful in pointing him to areas he might want to explain in greater detail... or not, as the case may be. But he's been very generous in indulging my greed for deeper understanding. :-)
20180902 00:08 ZF Oh, and TW, too. Hadn't realized the extent to which it was a cooperative effort (said me, since childhood, in pretty much every possible context ;-)) Heartwarming to read.
20180902 00:03 ZF Fudge. Missed the cut-off. C&P: Thanks, badanov. I've enjoyed the column and at least skimmed the numbers, minus a week here and there, but always a little guiltily. Why? What WM said, but also because your work has overlapped neatly with a stretch during which I haven't owned even one firearm. Big influence anyway, as much for the model of how such a thing is done as for the info. And it's been fun, as with many things covered here, to be able to walk calmy and well-armed into conversations with mainstream folks... and leave their misconceptions lying in the dust. Thanks, bigtime.
20180901 05:58 3dc Is he still in Fwance?
20180831 19:31 Frank G JFnK says he's considering a 2020 run
20180831 18:29 SteveS Just heard an interview on NPR with John Kerry (or Former Secretary of State John Kerry, as they kept referring to him)
Amazingly, I think even less of him now than before. Wotta putz!
20180830 19:21 3dc
20180830 06:16 3dc 5:13 AM small leak in the orbital module of soyuz ms-09
20180829 17:56 badanov Recall that in late 2014, Putin called a snap mobilization involving every western military district. I am not certain just how far the mobilization, whether the Russians reconstituted their round out units, but it only lasted a few weeks.
20180829 17:53 badanov Watch the trains, Skid. When they are crowded, Russia has mobilized.

This is just a general staff exercise to check movement and deployment. The shooting is for the troops, but everything else is for the general staff.
20180829 16:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain One of my current co-workers is involved in a 12 step program. I sometimes medidate with him in the morning, so I guess I'm in the 12 step program for "Having once been running my own business, but now working for someone else."

Maybe there needs to be a 12 step program for being an employee of my current employer.
20180829 13:54 Skidmark So it's an immobilization?
Russia announces its largest war games since the Cold War, involving 300,000 troops and every airborne unit
20180828 17:48 Glenmore My old boss pointed me here not long after 9-11. From time to time the company internet filters would catch us but they never did anything more than block/warn us for a month.
20180828 13:58 Skidmark Good way to lose an ankle or fall into a ravine and break a leg. Marketing video is all of smooth terrain.

Need to carry less and make it last longer.
20180828 13:52 Mullah Richard Don't know if I'd like that shifting around on my back and re-distributing weight, Skid.
20180828 03:39 Skidmark
20180827 22:12 Frank G The LA Times/SD Union Tribune is mad that the east county isn't supporting the Dem candidate (Paleo Grandson of the Munich Massacre masterrmind/Mexican-American Mother Ammar Campa-Najjar). The vitriol and abuse of the deplorables will be coming hard and fast
20180827 20:22 trailing wife Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos as well? It seems a waste of effort.
20180827 14:04 3dc Okay, there are now noises that the FBI has listened to Trump's phone calls for over 20 years. This brings up a Nanny State fear of mine that seemed reasonable to me with some events in my life about 20 years ago. What if the Deep State is spying on all money players, all inventors all business for Competitive Advantage, IP (Intellectual Property) profit and control of the economy by Deep State players. Consider the $400,000,000 in the Clinton Foundation or the millions that even players many leave government service (low paying) with. Can we say much worse than just one person corruption?
20180827 13:02 trailing wife Oh dear — thank you, Deacon Blues. Have I forgotten, or did I not know?
20180827 07:56 Deacon Blues I would put Jackel in there, too, tw. Miss his insight.
20180827 00:39 trailing wife #36 I could have gone all year, no, years without hearing about Pappy and Joe. I had no idea. None. McCain I could just blow off, waste of skin that he was. And someone said Fred was not well? Not happy here.

Posted by Whiskey Mike 2018-08-26 17:26

Fred had some severe health issues a few years ago, Whiskey Mike, but he is fine now. He didn't want anyone to worry, so we didn’t say anything at the time.

I think Lucky was the first of us to join the choir eternal. JosephMendiola faded in and out a few years ago, then stayed silent, so we assume that angels don’t get WiFi. went before him, loved by his beautiful choreogrqpher to the end, I understand. Most recently we lost Shipman, and then a few months later Pappy, to cancer.
20180825 20:36 Frank G McCain dead. AZ unrepresented still
20180824 22:37 badanov Some Friday night INXS: