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20190323 21:01 Fred Ripped from the pages of Rantburg

Assuming yo've got a couple hours to watch a movie.
20190323 17:39 swksvolFF Haven't seen badanov in a while; hope all is well.
20190323 17:38 swksvolFF TWIB in. Been a while.
20190323 12:54 Skidmark Nice metaphor.
The Democrats have been fertilizing them now the Republicans have something to squirt against.
20190323 09:22 Glenmore "Think of Robert Mueller like Johnny Appleseed: he planted a bunch of trees, and now he has finished his planting, so watch trees grow across the landscape, and fruit be harvested." - Matthew Dowd
20190322 21:45 Frank G Yep - no further indictments, secret or otherwise
20190322 17:54 Bright Pebbles Mueller dropped report.

Friday night, so must be absolute wash out.
20190320 18:26 Skidmark Ah'm sensing a synergy in the making of GM tanks:

Trump blasts GM, UAW over Lordstown plant during Ohio visit
20190320 17:23 Skidmark Pate' po-ta-toe
20190320 17:20 Skidmark What am I, chopped liver?
20190320 12:43 3dc prison-for-you in the roll
20190320 12:36 3dc Actually, I think I am going to shrink that and upload it to the burg photos
20190320 12:34 3dc
20190320 10:59 49 Pan Thanks TW
20190320 01:09 trailing wife Here is the search for “Christchurch” on Instapundit, 49 Pan. I recommend the Rod Dreher piece.

Doing a second search there using “New Zealand” gets a somewhat different assortment of articles. Hope this helps!
20190320 00:57 trailing wife The Christchurch killer’s manifesto was quickly removed from the internet, 49 Pan. Check the last few days — some of the comments in Rantburg had links to discussions of the thing, as I recall. Instapundit also linked to some, so try searching there under Christchurch.

Glenmore, Rantburg’s search page is here. Please let me know if that does or does not work for you.

As for the college admissions thing, we’re anti-snob snobs in the Wife household, and preferred to send the trailing daughters where they’d be better educated. ;-) Name schools are for grad school, if they have the desired program... But really, five years after graduation it’s all about what one has actually accomplished with the training anyway. Underachieve, and having a Hahvahd diploma makes one look worse, not better. We flushed an awful lot of those in their first five years at Mr. Wife’s company for exactly that reason, even after hiring only from the top decile or so of the class.
20190319 22:59 Skidmark Pan, Some references to downloads on

I expect some tagger/tracker malware in the subject files.

Use prophylactic measures.
20190319 22:21 Skidmark Ah, the reborn Knights Templar manifesto.
20190319 21:46 49 Pan The pentagon has $13billion available to divert for the wall out of construction funds. From CA and HI no less, imagine that. I can see the memo. To Mr. Trump Commander in chief. President Trump, We have your back. From: Department of defense.
20190319 09:08 Glenmore How does one search the archives for articles on church slayings, like Boko haram etc.
20190318 23:40 49 Pan Does anyone have a link to the NZ killers manifesto? I cant seem to find it on line...
20190318 07:19 Skidmark Nice history of the F117
20190315 17:17 Alaska Paul Skidmark -- Cheating depends upon your point of view. If you are outside looking in it is cheating. If you are looking from the inside out it is not. Like Pakistani passports. Most are counterfeit, but they work for a lot of Pakistanis.
20190313 09:45 Skidmark Exclusive: Pentagon Investigating Army Two-Star General for Retaliation Against Green Berets
20190312 23:50 Skidmark Guess Obamas didn't make The List, yet.
20190312 23:23 Skidmark Is it cheating if everybody is paying off college admissions?
20190307 09:32 Deacon Blues The Llama song
20190307 08:01 Deacon Blues Similar to "Llama, Llama, Duck".
20190306 17:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain AoSHQ Comments section. I think it was Pookysgirl who found it.
20190306 10:39 Zenobia Floger6220 Was gonna report that spamstorm (and say, "Wudn't me!" -- thought I broke something for a sec) but I see y'all are on it. Thanks! Jeez, that shark thing... completely unaware of the vast international Baby Shark subculture.
20190305 22:32 trailing wife I need all new teeth after watching that, Snowy Thing. Where did you find it?
20190305 17:09 Thing From Snowy Mountain Once More... In Japanese...

20190303 20:52 Skidmark You playing 'Twister' B?
20190303 19:57 Deacon Blues Been watching "Space-1999" Loved it back in the day. Still not bad.
20190302 02:08 Glenmore If you need to reset cookie from an i-phone it seems you have to put something - just a letter or number - in the comment box. Or at least I do.
20190302 00:40 trailing wife Visitor, just type your nym in the Posted by box, and click Add — that should do it.
20190301 19:13 Frank G Post your nym with a blank comment works for me
20190301 19:06 Visitor "trailing wife Besoeker, it seems to need you setting your cookie here."

TW: Please tell me how I must do that.
Thanks !
20190301 12:41 3dc Hm.. can't post this photo so:
20190301 10:29 trailing wife Besoeker, it seems to need you setting your cookie here.
20190301 03:18 Visitor My access to Hoover still blocked by 'Roadside'.

Anyone have suggestions ?
20190228 09:01 trailing wife !!!!!!! :-)
20190228 06:42 Besoeker Unbelievable! Now it's working again via a click on the burg link you provided.
20190228 06:40 Besoeker It's killing me again. Appears to be linked to my IP address. I can use the box at World Gym and have no difficulty. Of course I have no posting or Hoover capability there.
20190228 06:30 Besoeker Resetting nym
20190228 02:14 trailing wife I am determined that we will get everything straightened out, my dear.

20190228 02:09 Besoeker I see the '1500 Rockets' article I sent in got posted, so my submissions are making it to the Hoover. Good news !

Thanks TW.
20190228 02:06 trailing wife I added visuals and published, Besoeker. Good choices — I particularly appreciate the analysis of the Gaza riots, as I haven’t got to the Jeruslame Post recently.

20190228 01:35 Besoeker I have sent a couple of articles in. One from The American Thinker. The other from Hot Air. Don't know if they're in the system/hopper thing or not. I've not been able to access it yet.
20190228 01:33 Besoeker Testing a nym reset
20190228 00:12 newc Rammer - World Events Live is the server I'm on with discord
20190227 19:11 Thing From Snowy Mountain MARA!

Make Apocalypse-of-St.-John Religion Again.
20190227 09:40 trailing wife I appreciate you pointing me in that direction, my dear, and was glad to have an answer.
20190226 21:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ah. I see. I was thinking "this looks interesting" and it was off to the races today.
20190226 20:44 trailing wife You didn’t ask, Snowy Thing — commenters asked at your link.
20190226 20:28 Jan OS good news stay strong and quick recovery
20190226 19:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain I didn't ask, I was pointing out the link at FR in case one of y'all decided it was worth posting or if something better came along. (I guess it did.)
20190226 19:07 trailing wife Yes, they did, Snowy Thing. I’ve got the Times of Israel article set up for tomorrow. But since the question was asked, see here.
20190226 13:30 Thing From Snowy Mountain Link at FR about the Indian Strike and the Israeli SPICE munition.
20190226 08:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain OldSpook: I'd talk about mine, but sometimes it's hard to talk about mine. I gotta focus and get to work now.
20190226 07:59 Deacon Blues Very good news OS!
20190226 01:08 Alaska Paul Very glad for your successful heart surgery OS!
Keep up the good recovery process.
20190225 23:52 trailing wife Wonderful news, OldSpook! I’m glad you went straight to the ER with the chest pains.

After four bypasses you’ll be better than new once you’ve healed, so there’s that. May you heal well and quickly, with minimal pain... and may this be the last excitement you give Mrs. Spook for quite some time to come.
20190225 21:23 Fred Good news indeed.

The grass is always greener on the upper side of the roots. Get well soon.

Plastic Jesus will help.
20190225 20:05 Frank G Good news OS
20190225 19:17 OldSpook I guess God aint ready for me to take up a post with him just yet.

Chest Pain: Emergency Room
EKG: Admit
Cath Lab: too much to stent.
Chest cracked: 4 bypasses.
Recovery/Rehab: Sucks.
Yee: Haw.
20190225 09:52 Things From Snowy Mountain I just screwed up a link on page 2. I was in too big a hurry I guess. I'm sorry. Could someone please fix it?
20190224 22:33 Alaska Paul OK, Fred, this one is for you. A get well song, don't yeh know. Had a shot of Paddy Whiskey for me birthday, and remembered Ted MacCormack at O'Conner's Pub in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland, 2014.

Took M'Lady down to the pub for a bit of Irish music. Ted started singing his version of the Plastic Jesus song. So naturally I sang the chorus in the best tradition of old time gospel harmony. Ted motioned me up front and we had a grand olde time!

20190224 12:29 3dc And yes photos show them at the bottom of the ocean.
20190224 12:28 3dc The story about the ship load of S-400s sent to China by sea from Russia and then falling off the ship into the ocean in a storm off NKor is looking stranger and stranger
20190224 10:13 BrerRabbit Get some pictures DB. I'd like to see. I've never seen so much flooding around here (Knoxville TN area) since we moved here in '85.
20190223 21:39 3dc
20190223 15:59 trailing wife Congratulations on your car progress, O singular Snowy Thing. Interesting that once you fixed the typo, both singular and plural variants are acceptable to Fred’s algorithm.

20190223 12:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ack, I just realized I misspelled my name.
20190223 12:38 Things From Snowy Mountain And it thinks that message was spam. I wonder what keywords it was.
20190223 12:38 Things From Snowy Mountain Well, things are still horrible for me, but I'm making progress in getting the Subaru fixed. Fixed the exhaust gaskets and the exhaust manifold. And the problem with the gas tank. Now all I need to fix are the exhaust sensor, the engine mounts, and the suspension. Which is a lot of progress, believe it or not.
20190221 19:24 Deacon Blues Thanks, Jan, I'm good. Back at home.
20190221 18:09 Jan Deacon stay safe
20190221 17:12 Deacon Blues They really have to repair it. There are only 2 other routes over Clinch Mountain.
20190221 07:22 Glenmore Second one in a few years. Are they going to end up closing down your road rather than maintaining it?
20190221 04:48 Deacon Blues Dogs woke me up around 2 this morning because of thunder. It wasnt thunder, it was a landslide as I found out when I was wakened at 3 and was strongly suggested I leave. It stopped about 200 yards from my house. I'll know more after daylight. 2 cars caught in it. 1 person rescued so far.