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20180224 22:39 trailing wife Mr. Wife is my husband, badanov. That is from a quote of a comment I posted in the Burg the other day.

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I did lock the kids under the stairs and recreated as best I could this post, but it has already been turned it. However, it is late by central time standards, so I posted it for Monday to allow review. I'm cool with any edits necessary so if it gets posted Sunday that is fine too.

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20180224 21:44 badanov WTF is Mr. Wife?
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At some point one of these volunteer defenders will shoot back and accidentally hit an innocent bystander. How are they, the school district, and the county to be protected from the inevitable lawsuits that will follow?

Seriously. I had to listen to Mr. Wife go on about that this morning.

Good question, because he is absolutely right. No waivers or signed consent will prevent this.

So, for review, last night's campfire:

Have a pre-signed and ratified declaration that at the very instant a firearm is used by a bad guy on school grounds, pre-selected and approved teachers and staff are instantly deputized pro temp, and remain county sheriff deputies until relieved by an on-scene ranking member of the sheriff's department and/or the incident commander. This will afford the responding teacher/staff legal protections (and responsibilities) of a law enforcement member.

Now being a county measure we override any of the local mayor, city council, homeowner association, city police quagmire of committees and petitions. Teacher/staff will have available legal advice, medical coverage, and stress counseling.

But the Sheriff department is not going to like being exposed to potential lawsuits and increased insurance, so the teacher/staff are going to need an acceptable level of training and preparedness. Teacher/staff will need to complete and pass at least the basic requirement conceal carry class. I would suggest also a marksmanship class, a first aid class with an emphasis on gunshot wounds, and some time in one of those training rooms where they give you a light gun and run scenarios at you.

I would also suggest the handgun and kit be approved by the sheriff's department, especially the holster. This all costs money, so who pays for that "if we can't even provide the classrooms with crayons!" (a bs argument; out here the parents buy the supplies, anyways) and is a legit concern. Example: a 1911 or a dirty harry cannon are probably not a good idea, and the holster should have way to keep the firearm from just falling out or grabbed by student. Cost, it could be appealing to the firearm community, one of the tightest communities I have ever come across, and I think a good chunk of the financial burden can get covered. We have seen already from the thread you posted on that there are those will to train pro bono, and I would suspect there are many who will offer free or reduced cost classes to teachers and staff. 1 handgun, two magazines, and 200 rounds one time business expense write-off was brought up. Philanthropy was another. A third was, "They will get paid more, so they can afford it."

I'm not completely sold on that one. This should be a volunteer only program to keep out those who just see a paycheck, but with the added responsibilities, cost of training, etc. a pay raise is definitely appropriate and would increase the number of participants which increases deterrence. If those expenses can't be written off as business related, that money will have to be found in the employees' budget. Could have some bake sales. Could have the insurance company reduce premiums as it is now a safer work environment.

To round up the project, the sheriff department and all involved are going to have to put together a list of standard operating procedures, and it will have to be comprehensive as when that lawsuit comes, and you know there will be any number of Bloomberg sponsored lawyers picking through this, we need that extra bit of armor. Tough questions, like 'can the teacher fire first? if so what exact circumstances must be met?', 'which comes first evacuation or engagement? can the teacher actively search for shooter?', 'does the teacher have to announce them self? if so, what commands or attire are necessary?', 'are bodycams required? If so, must they be conspicuous?' to infinity and beyond. All incidents are reviewed just like any other LEO shooting or incident. Random drug tests. Refresher and requalification courses. Very doable.
20180224 19:35 swksvolFF Was going to work on and add to that piece as an opinion entry; looks like something happened. I can try to recreate it, but probably not in time for tomorrow.
20180224 13:41 badanov Some Saturday afternoon Jamey Johnson:

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