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20170227 20:58 49 Pan A comment on the dumbasses in the press that think they control our agenda.
20170227 20:58 49 Pan So this is all very interesting, here is my two cents worth.  For the last 20 years our presidents, left and right, checked the polls before they made tough decisions.  The polls were supposed to be honest and have integrity.  The press realized this and through slandering the polls they have been able to influence the presidents, our national agendas.  Trump has called them out on it.  He is not at war with the press, he is at war with the press trying to manipulate the US government.  This is far worse than any Russian attempt to manipulate an election and, by the way, the Russians had nothing on the press with their false polls showing Trump losing by a landslide!  Who is investigating the press's attempt at manipulating our election?   What we have here is a fight for the control of the national agenda, for the hearts and minds of our nation.  You can like or hate Trump, I really don't fucking care, but he is fighting for our political leaders, the ones we voted into office, to be able to control the agenda.  Plain and simple
20170227 20:31 Pappy Congrats, Ship.
20170227 20:28 3dc on Wretchard: @Wikileaks :
"Close Hillary Clinton friend
Lynn Forester de Rothschild
(Economist publisher)
is a trustee of the Saudi-funded
John McCain Institute."
20170227 19:43 3dc Got to agree with you Snowy.
20170227 18:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain After shutting up for eight years during his term in office and shutting up for eight years during Obama's term in office,... I don't see any reason in the world for George W Bush to NOT continue to keep his damn mouth shut.
20170227 17:28 Shipman Gut decompression tube removed!
Hagen Daz inbound.
Maybe out soon?
Joint was designed to hold such as I.

Happy Dance!
Maybe meat in a few days. I have been dreaming of raw hamburger salt and onions. Heh but not to worry, going to start with applesauce mixed with fruit loops with sliced banana.
20170227 16:39 3dc Some rich folk bought a trip around the moon next year from spacex on a FH and dragon.
20170224 21:04 badanov Some Friday night King Harvest:

20170223 14:36 3dc http://thehill.com/homenews/320794-fox-news-contributor-alan-colmes-dies-at-66
20170223 10:05 trailing wife I think you're right, Skidmark -- thanks. :-)
20170223 03:57 Skidmark I think I heard it the other way around...Baptists don't have s3x standing up because their neighbors might think they're dancing.
20170223 00:57 trailing wife Fun indeed, Dale. Who is it said of, that they don't dance lest it be thought they're having s3x standing up?
20170222 19:20 Dale Looks like fun;
20170222 19:09 Dale
20170222 19:06 Dale From my Psychologist friend in Spain. She really likes to dance. https://youtu.be/7qkKwDDSwus
20170222 10:52 trailing wife Would that it were tomorrow! Seen on Drudge:

Is James O'Keefe About To Smoke CNN? Tells Hannity He's Set To Release "Hundreds of Hours" Of Newsroom Footage "Wikileaks Style"
20170222 00:32 badanov Some late, late Tuesday night Hank Sr: