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20161208 14:32 Deacon Blues I found out one is supposed to wear clothes at a flash mob.
20161208 11:57 Skidmark Add to tasteful trivia: "Couplings you didn't know"
20161207 21:59 badanov Did you know that Brasil 66 singer Lani Hall was married to Herb Alpert? I didn't.

20161207 21:08 Glenmore I don't think that's going to buff out, Skidmark.
20161207 13:35 Skidmark S-300s Russia sold to Iran
20161207 07:46 Shipman The Woad Song
This didn't make the cut in Zulu.

What’s the use of wearing braces?
Vests and pants and boots with laces?
Spats and hats you buy in places
Down the Brompton Road?
What’s the use of shirts of cotton?
Studs that always get forgotten?
These affairs are simply rotten,
Better far is woad.
Woad’s the stuff to show men.
Woad to scare your foemen.
Boil it to a brilliant hue
And rub it on your back and your abdomen.
Ancient Briton ne’er did hit on
Anything as good as woad to fit on
Neck or knees or where you sit on.
Tailors you be blowed!

Romans came across the channel
All dressed up in tin and flannel.
Half a pint of woad per man’ll
Dress us more than these.
Saxons you can waste your stitches
Building beds for bugs in britches
We have woad to clothe us which is
Not a nest for fleas.
Romans keep your armours,
Saxons your pyjamas!
Hairy coats were made for goats,
Gorillas, yaks, retriever dogs and llamas
Tramp up Snowdon with your woad on,
Never mind if you get rained or snowed on
Never want a button sewed on.
Go it Ancient B’s!
20161207 02:54 Skidmark And punched Boeing.
20161206 23:54 49 Pan So its no mistake Trump picked on Carrier. He went to a union company, union state, a traditionally Democratic group and told them he would fix their nightmare in progress. Then another union state and company, Ford, he goes after. He was talking to the unions, the democratic base. Then he appoints Ben Carson to HUD. The left is exploding. A black man that grew up in the hood. Trump is attacking the lefts race baiting charter. If successful he will swing them to the right for next election. And now he said he will work with and support Israel at all costs. He is going after the NYC Jews votes. This is not by mistake. He is going to build the republican party into a beast, in spite of the left. Next he needs to go after the Blue dogs and seal up the south.
20161206 21:21 Pappy wretchard:

The election of Donald Trump, rather than providing closure, has opened the curtain on a new act that many are still struggling to understand. Doors are shutting and windows are being bricked up to what would have been regarded as an absurd degree. People's writings are disappeared due to obscurely motivated but powerfully backed plots to shut them down. Tech giants have implemented a standard technology and have partnered with government to identify persons whose content should be banned from social media. Fifty-three progressive organizations have publicly denounced Trump nominee Michael Flynn as an "unfit" and "frightening" choice for National Security Advisor. LeBron James announced he is not going to stay at a Trump-owned hotel together with his teammates. Some people are so uncomfortable around individuals who hold opposing political or cultural views that it has shut down their romantic life.

Though the evidence is anecdotal, there's a kind of internal secession taking place, albeit to a limited degree, and pundits are beginning to suspect it means the end of something. Little by little the Left is starting to realize that a global reaction to it is not a freak confluence of rogue waves but driven by systemic factors -- and an awareness that it has not been seen for a long time. It is that self-awareness that is so frightening to the Left. It does not mind fighting foes that have no mind. What was formerly described as conservatism was as a nuisance but never a real a threat to the Left. The Left held the Western monopoly on ideological direction-giving. The only time it was challenged, it left them so shaken they never forgot Hitler's fascist heresy and have feared its return ever since WW2.

What is emerging may not be the Left's foe in the way the Left would be its own foe. But it is conscious and therefore they are afraid: because the Left knows what they would do and they do not want done to them what they would do others. The new challenge to the Left may be based on the realization that becoming like Progressives is a recipe for failure. If the answer to "you can't beat City Hall" is "City Hall ain't what it used to be," then the bets are truly off. The Left expects a rival like itself. What they do not expect is an ideology of non-ideology; something which far from regarding history as the fulfillment of some human plan, want to set people free to explore the next valley, to create an environment whose primary occupation is the solution of problems, the enjoyment of picnic and recreation, which leaves us ever alone with wonder and reminds us we are small things trying to make sense of a big universe.
20161206 01:26 newc Whenever you see a dogpile happening, steer away to the real news TW.
20161206 00:10 trailing wife Yesterday we had a bunch of submissions of the Fidel Castro dead car story, today it's the idiot who was sentenced to 30 years for talking about planning to shoot up the 2015 State of the Union in the name of Allan. In both cases better articles than the one I found were submitted, so I have no complaints.
20161205 21:29 newc Fidel Castros last car...
20161205 20:37 badanov An Automotive Trip Down Memory Lane
Your first car:1969 Volkswagen Bug
Last car you sold:1998 Chevrolet S-10 pickup
Last car you bought: 2002 Chevrolet S-10 pickup
Favorite car you ever owned: 1969 Chevrolet C-10 pickup
Longest you've ever owned a car: 1969 Chevrolet C-10 pickup
The car you wish you never sold: 1969 Chevrolet C-10 pickup
Most fun car you've owned: 1972 Karmann Ghia
Worst car you've ever owned: 1986 Yugo
You've got 30 grand...what car would you buy: Need another 30 grand 2016 Audi
Favorite manufacturer: Should be obvious
Least favorite manufacturer: Yugo
Favorite car in the world: Audi
The car you hate most in the entire world: Yugo
The last thing you purchased for a car? Oil change
Copy and paste and add your own answers
20161204 23:34 badanov Someone beat you to it, Sherry.
20161204 23:27 Sherry Just posted Fidel article but think I put it in the wrong place...
20161204 03:44 newc I send that everywhere, Bad. Thank you
20161204 00:36 badanov