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20170926 02:12 Skidmark Wildman Harry!
I seem to remember that as 'The Butterfly'.
20170926 01:42 Skidmark Thanks for the update TfSM.
Happy for you and your's TW.
20170926 01:40 Skidmark I knew a hospital like that Pappy.
Room next to the helipad. The only entertainment of the day aside from listening to the Tamil in the hallway was speculating on the condition of the incoming patients. That came to bother me later as something of a karma stain.
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20170925 23:34 Davidfiern ***SPAM?*** Последние новости здесь www.planetoday.ru
20170925 21:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain Can someone tell these assholes it's better to live on your feet than your knees?
20170925 21:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain With the surgery.
20170925 20:45 Skidmark Uhm...with the surgery?
Not the dump bucket.
20170925 18:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain I just talked to tw on the phone. It appears that everything went well.
20170925 17:16 swksvolFF Goodness, TW, that is it. Even has the jumbo diaper bags.

All my virtual sales reps were directing me to the very nice, very expensive camping sections.
20170925 12:50 Pappy Ship, from the hospital.
20170925 10:53 Skidmark TW, best wishes to Mr. Wife!
Any that I've known underwent ACDF say they wish they had done it sooner.
20170925 10:34 Shipman Pappy, at home or at sea?

Also while looking up MOUT the other day I found out that FISH is squaddy

Fighting In Someone's House

Chips is raising hell on someone's street.

20170925 08:46 Pappy I suspect it began with a live-in.

If you count me as a 'live-in'. it was more like a walking limit and 'recipe testing'.
20170925 03:41 trailing wife Remind me some time to talk about how I learned to cook 'Chinese'.

Consider yourself reminded, please, Pappy. It sounds absolutely fascinating, the kind of thing both our Hemingway and the real one would have wished to experience; I will be spending some hours this morning waiting to be told that Mr. Wife survived the ACDF surgery with flying colours, in desperate need of being fascinated.
20170925 03:17 trailing wife Let it be proclaimed, Amwzon carries all that can be imagined! In this case, to be precise, swksvolFF's five gallon bucket with a toilet seat upon it for emegencies: link.
20170925 00:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain I suspect, for whatever reason, she decided to try to monetize one of her diaries, and it was easier for the paid transcriber to just search and replace Nathan with 'N.'

But, ya gotta admit, "...and I think we most fully understood each other when once I tried to kill him with a kitchen knife" beats our Hemingway by a mile.
20170924 23:37 Skidmark how I learned to cook 'Chinese'
As cooking lessons so often do,
I suspect it began with a live-in.
20170924 20:36 Pappy N.? Quite a prevalent act during 'the day', though an author-given pseudonym was often applied.

Remind me some time to talk about how I learned to cook 'Chinese'. Not as laden with Didion's verbal lard, though.

20170924 19:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain Huh? (Scrolls down, rereads passage)...

I think 'N' must be the first letter of the person's name, used for the sake of privacy. For example, "I almost sent that passage to my former secretary, N, but I didn't want to give her any ideas about kitchen knives..." can thus be written safely, without any chance that someone's gonna find her own unique first name in a goolag search and start getting an idea about me and a kitchen knife. I'm only 8' tall and 600 pounds; my only hope of staying out the wok is being clever or being good.
20170924 18:00 Skidmark You used the N word!
20170924 17:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain That's the best Bad Hemingway I've read in a LONG while.
20170924 17:12 Thing From Snowy Mountain As it happens I was taught to cook by someone from Louisiana, where an avid preoccupation with recipes and food among men was not unfamiliar to me. We lived together for some years, and I think we most fully understood each other when once I tried to kill him with a kitchen knife. I remember spending whole days cooking with N., perhaps the most pleasant days we spent together. He taught me to fry chicken and to make a brown rice stuffing for fowl and to chop endive with garlic and lemon juice and to lace everything I did with Tabasco and Worcestershire and black pepper. The first present he ever gave me was a garlic press, and also the second, because I broke the first. One day on the Eastern Shore we spent hours making shrimp bisque and then had an argument about how much salt it needed, and because he had been drinking Sazeracs for several hours he poured salt in to make his point. It was like brine, but we pretended it was fine. Throwing the chicken on the floor, or the artichoke. Buying crab boil. Discussing endlessly the possibilities of an artichoke-and-oyster casserole. After I married he still called me up occasionally for recipes. - Slouching towards Biloxi: Joan Didion on life in America's south
20170924 12:23 Pappy Skid, it's perfectly fine to watch, except when one is not expecting the noise. Rather an uncomfortable thing to do these days, especially when the sound of an aircraft engine means incoming medevac.

Just a courtesy that I would appreciate.
20170924 12:20 Pappy Probably, Snowman.

Pity that one can't block IPs.

Nuking them is also a pity...
20170924 12:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain I wonder if the Book of Life is beset by spam written in Cyrillic.
20170924 00:26 Skidmark I am afraid there are misspellings in The Book Of Life.
20170924 00:23 Skidmark Happy you made it back.
20170924 00:22 Skidmark TW, I'm very happy you 'engaged the scene'.
I once found myself at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO at a Iron Butterfly session in a reverse scenario. 'Fans' from 40 years ago crowed the stage in their wheelchairs.

I thought 'no new bands...'
20170924 00:15 Skidmark Thing, as you may see I've found there is tension everywhere.
20170924 00:12 Skidmark I sometimes wonder if the extended research and entertainment videos are worth the effort. For personal edification, I have found that they are. I often also like to share my bemusement and some parties are receptive. The is elective. You may set your browser to not. Until, I hope you can enjoy or appreciate the content.
20170923 23:08 Thing From Snowy Mountain I have a history of bad hyphentension.
20170923 22:40 Pappy Skid- next time, would you kindly leave out the autoplay when you post a video?
20170923 17:49 trailing wife Belated response to earlier comments:

Mr. Skidmark, the four days of Blues in Las Vegas was amazing and exhausting. I think the musicians had as much fun sitting in on each other's sets as the fans did watching it all. But the audience also skewed well into the Baby Boom generation, considerably older than the performers, in fact, which leads to concerns about future audiences.

Deacon Blues, may you, yours, and all Rantburgers and their loved ones be written in the Book of Life for a year of health, happiness, and success.
20170923 17:00 Pappy The latter quickly supplants the former. But that is just me as well.
20170923 15:32 Skidmark In my case I rather think "self-interest" becomes a noun whereas "self interest" is more verbish. But that's just me.
20170923 13:49 Pappy wretchard never did punctuation correctly.
20170923 12:45 Shipman Unbridled Hyphenation

No Hyphens in the Type Tray
Out of Crazed Comma
20170923 12:22 trailing wife It looks like the hyphens are winning.

To me it looks like how we are driven to more Trump, ie. hyphens losing.
20170923 10:52 Pappy morning. wretchard:

Several strange incidents occurred in recent weeks. Nancy Pelosi was shouted down by immigration activists for "trying to strike a DACA deal with Trump". Hillary Clinton's book received disappointing reviews from the Left. Former FBI director James Comey was heckled at Howard University. Tony Abbott was shocked when a man wearing a 'Vote Yes' to same-sex marriage badge assaulted him after requesting the former Australian prime minister a handshake in a 'sign of trust and peace.' Headbutts and Antifa riots are now par for the course. If the global order lost its hard power with Hillary's defeat, it eroded its cultural influence further through absurd virtue signaling that seems to have lost all sense of proportion.

Though 2016 may be remembered as the year Hillary lost the presidential election, the Guardian soberly noted it was also the moment the once-expanding EU contracted for the first time in its history by Brexit. Trump's UN speech about the resurgence of nations may not be as foolish as the media says. Vox wrote that "Trump painted a dark vision of a world where every nation stands alone and cooperation is transactional and motivated by self-interest rather than shared values." But that seemed exactly the sentiment activists at Howard University intended to convey.

Identity politics and other Left-wing causes once used to clear the way for globalism have, like Frankenstein's Monster, have escaped their chains. The unintended consequences of unbridled hyphenation, coupled with a failure to account for human nature has caught up with the End of History and threatens to continue it. It looks like the hyphens are winning.
20170923 10:01 badanov Some Saturday morning Sublime:

20170922 23:34 3dc In addition to the cost savings, there's another upside to launching reusable rockets. Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander of the 45th Space Wing, noted in an interview Tuesday that engineers can actually look at the hardware after it's flown.

For instance, a Falcon rocket had a problem with its GPS systems that likely wouldn't have been discernible from the telemetry data alone, he said. Crews looked at the rocket when it came down and discovered that there wan't enough silicon around a screw.
20170922 20:45 badanov It's in. Thanks.
20170922 18:37 swksvolFF TWIB in early for Sunday, I hope. Computer did a funny hiccup. If it didn't make it, let me know.
20170922 18:34 Skidmark Perceived strength in numbers.
20170921 20:21 badanov Some Thursday evening Buddy Whittington:

20170921 19:52 Pappy The Chinese will smile sadly and say contrite things.

And will keep doing what they've been doing.
20170921 15:11 Skidmark So china's gonna buckle.
20170921 09:01 Deacon Blues Happy New Year TW.