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20180122 01:09 3dc SpaceX #FalconHeavy updates: No test fire until government shutdown is resolved
20180122 01:05 3dc Saw a link that vaporized on FB (saw on my ipad but battery was low and couldn't find on PC) - claim was that billionaire couple dead in Canada were also connected to Clinton Foundation funds disbursement. So no link to story or credibility verification.
20180121 23:34 Thing From Snowy Mountain The humidity has been heck-ish here. Fog warming in the morning.
20180121 23:08 3dc
20180121 22:40 3dc
20180121 21:59 badanov Next week's news is gonna be all Turkey all the time.
20180121 20:25 Alaska Paul Oh, the humidity! I take vitamin D supplements in the winter as the sun is still low on the horizon.

TFSM---That is the problem with gerbal warming. Even if it is cold, its warming. Watch your wallet! ;<)
20180121 18:58 Thing From Snowy Mountain So... Paul... your temperature at sunrise in the Bering Straights was a full 20 degrees colder than the temperature here last week at Sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico.
20180121 18:54 Frank G the actual downside: I have an annual Derm Dr. visit to get stuff cut, frozen, or Efudex'd off.. lifetime of sun, most long before sunscreen was invented. Still...

not -2F
20180121 18:50 Frank G -2F. Bahhhh! We drill in San Diego. I have to wear sunscreen. Oh! The humanity
20180121 17:02 Alaska Paul Geotechnical drilling in Western Alaska near the Bering Sea. -2F
We mounted the drill rig and all the related equipment on a steel go-devil (skid) and towed it around with our excavator. Drillers never had it so good in the field.
20180121 16:56 Alaska Paul Got back yesterday from geotechnical work in western Alaska. Here is a sunrise picture at -2F.
20180120 10:11 Glenmore So the government is shut down. Does that mean they won't open and deposit my quarterly anticipated tax payment check they received late last night? Hah!
20180120 10:10 Glenmore Skid, insurance now explicitly excludes mold damage, regardless of source - which we suspect may be (metal) roof leakage from degrading fasteners. Proving very difficult to find anyone willing to work on metal roofs, and it seems the few that do will only repair ones they installed. Replacing is a little easier, especially if she goes back with asphalt.
20180120 09:03 Skidmark Glad the long dry spell is coming to an end Thing.
20180120 09:02 Skidmark Dig deep into the homeowners insurance Glenmore. I used Service Master.
20180120 00:12 3dc
20180119 21:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I'd offer to help but a) I think doing flood damage remediation contributed to my problems over the past year, and b) we're getting the plant up and running again, so I'm, like, actually needed here.
20180119 01:55 Glenmore Indeed I could, Skidmark, but Texas has enough immigrating progressives...
20180119 01:42 Skidmark Glenmore, for that princely sum you could set her up with a new (appreciating) abode on your estate here in TX.
20180118 22:05 Glenmore Yes, TFSM, the one in Portland
20180118 19:13 swksvolFF TFSM, absolutely, especially spring time if the humidity from the gulf wicks up over the TX panhandle we can get some toad floaters; I watch the Lubbock and Amarillo weather during storm seasons. If stuff starts blowing up in Amarillo moving north/northeast but the front is moving east across west Kansas things get interesting fast.

Inch a minute is believable, though frog drowners usually localized events. Was storm spotting many moons ago and partner and I watched a toddler supercell just collapse. This microburst was illuminated by the setting sun, and was black and epic, partner remarked "Glad we're not under that."

Then there was one night I was driving home and came across a front of cells like this. Nighttime, yet so much lightning I had my sunglasses on. Black columns of water were falling in some sort of sci-fy Bishop flying Ripley to the elevator to rescue Newt pattern. To my horror I saw one coming down just off starboard, brushed me, about knocked me off the road. Just pure water.
20180118 03:05 Skidmark Well founded rumors 3D.
Leaky fuel tanks on the cold SR71 sealed in flight due to heat of friction.
20180118 00:11 3dc For those wondering about the Falcon Heavy testing - if any. I've heard scuttle-butt that with three liquid rockets strapped together when the super cooled lox is poured in the width of the bundle shrinks 6". It might not sound like much but stress, and hold down clamping strategies are getting interesting issues.
20180117 23:54 badanov Seen on Facebook

If I were a rapper, my rap name would be Gershwin. I would distribute my songs on CDs with blue cover art.


Because then they'd be Gershwin's rap CDs in blue.
20180117 21:40 TFSM who had a B-Wing and named it Brad ***SPAM?*** The daughter in Oregon, Glenmore?
20180117 19:54 badanov Some Wednesday evening Imagine Dragons:

20180117 16:29 Glenmore #2 daughter just informed us she has a serious moisture & mold problem in her house - doubt she has enough equity in rising interest rate environment to refinance for the remediation money (WAG $50k), so I suspect old Dad's retirement account may take a hit.
20180117 00:09 badanov Some late Tuesday night Mountain: