Spam killer run.
The O Club version 3.3 0 spam hits today.

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20181112 12:33 AlopeSok ***SPAM? 1***
20181110 19:04 trailing wife swksvFF: TWIB is ready to roll for tomorrow, when it will be fully appreciated by all and sundry. :-) I’m glad you have the time and energy for such endeavours once again.
20181110 18:50 swksvolFF Book thread in.

So daughter's class is going to do a book report on some dang book featuring a character who looks different from everyone else. To which I replied to my wife, "Gosh, can't they just watch that movie Mask and call it good? I mean, seriously, after watching two hours of Cher's acting that should more than enough count."

Wife laughs, tells me I'm going to hell.
20181107 11:55 trailing wife Mr. Wife brings me such interesting people. This Hungarian gentleman won the International Blues Competition in Memphis as a soloist in 2013, and has been nominated for multiple industry awards.

Update: Pooh. I don’t know why the YouTube window didn’t pop up — I copied it directly from badanov’s post, below —but here is the link:
20181106 20:11 Frank G Liked Chris Cornell
20181105 22:03 badanov Some Monday evening Audioslave:

20181105 21:50 SteveS Tomorrow is Election Day. Remember: Vote early and vote often.
20181105 13:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Baby!
20181105 13:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Orange Man May Be Bad, But It's The Only Jib I got!
20181105 07:56 Deacon Blues No problem Glenmore. I quoted a line from a Monty Python skit about Spam.
20181104 23:54 trailing wife :-)
20181104 12:27 Frank G frequent mowings
20181104 01:17 trailing wife A smaller bunch, though whether that betokens less enthusiasm for the activity or shorter intervals between lawn mowings, I could not possibly say.
20181102 20:38 Frank G and another bunch. I hate spammers. A curse upon them
20181102 10:36 Glenmore Sorry, Deacon, screen shifted as I clicked. Your dislike of spam is noted.
20181102 10:31 Glenmore Spams still running at least a dozen per hour.
20181101 18:19 trailing wife Yes, they have been busy.
20181031 08:50 Glenmore 13 spams per hour since the last real post.
20181030 08:46 Skidmark
20181030 01:29 trailing wife Whew! Lots of spam today.
20181028 17:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain TW, I've gotten used to it. I guess. Everything is written on water, so I just try to remember where my towel is.